'SNL' under fire for Kellyanne Conway sketch


The late-night comedy show is facing criticisms it went too far in a sketch comparing Conway, counselor to President Trump, to Glenn Closes's character in "Fatal Attraction."

The Puds
SNL IS funny
Amanda B
Leinas Selkcim
they didn't push anything to far
y'all just don't have a sense of humor
Brock Mcg
Upset why because its so on point?? SNL is funnier last year then it has been in 25+ years lol.
Brittany Ruggiero
Hahaha. Trump is fucking sexist.
Learning To Fly
Every POTUS has had SNL skits....since the very beginning....but this administration is like a gift from God, to SNL, and Loren Michaels....it is hilarious, everybody loves it...the characters could not be more perfect. It's comedy.
Viper CRB
Trump has only himself to blame for giving snl so much material to work with. Many presidents have been featured on snl but trump is the first to bitch about it. And women playing men is triggering them, oh boy that's good, they want snl to be politically correct that's golden.
Chris Lupe
Those actors do it on tv. But trump and kellyann do it in the white house! Lol
Jack McD
robert scott
but it was o.k. to poke fun at jimmy ron bill george1 dubya an barack? donald begs more material the all 6 combined.
Jeff Duncan
SNL is funny, entertaining, and spot on to how unprofessional the real Washington gang is.
Tin Man
Trump and the unhinged Left's reaction to him are far more funny and entertaining than SNL or any recent comedy productions these days.
Stanley Keith
SNL, Hit's the Nail on the Head ! Very, Very, Funny...........Can't wait for the next show ! See the new one with Kelly ann as the CLOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dakingltroy Productofdade
Dat shit was funny lmao!!!
Mark Merrill
SNL used to be funny. Go back to being funny and stop being political.
Arbay Chivala
Really ... He acting like a big baby ... SNL is the funniest show
Philip Sunday
SNL died since 2000
Poor Kellyanne "mother of two children"...by night. Propaganda spokesperson by day. Perhaps the news perverse symbiotic relationship is being parodied.
Jamie Willis
Thank you Trump never actually watched SNL apart from Operaman Adam Sandler till now, we need more comedy as the world is most depressing enough , we as the allies to America are laughing at Trump but embarrassed for non Trump supporters
Mikayla Bansie
Nuckin Futs
Truth hurts.
Georgia Fain
Trump has NEVER care about anyone feelings. Bullying and name calling. He disparages everyone who does not kowtow to him or disagrees with him. When he was boasting about grabbing women did he care if she has small children. Sorry Kellyanne ( really don't like that you spread his lies) when you get too near the fire you will get burned.
fuck off ABC Zionist puppet channel.
Cristo D
are you trumpies mad? best show ever
I thought the skit was hilarious.
Pssh right wing snowflakes are triggered I guess . . . . Get over yourselves, these skits are not going to stop because they write themselves.
It's funny how desperately these frauds scramble to call anything that might question their integrity "fake". Anybody with common sense recognizes that as lying, you have to lie to yourself a whole fucking bunch to support this shitshow. The Kellyanne Conway/Fatal Attraction sketch was HILARIOUS! That pathetic pussy that's condemning it and says, "she has children!" should be fired. EXACTLY, she HAS CHILDREN, and she is a heartless sociopath who diligently lies for psychopathic plutocrats whose agenda is to fuck almost every American citizen and THEIR children in the worst of ways, in the name of greed. Fucking hypocritical, narcissistic pussies. SNL is exposing a major weakness in this administration!!! Competition better be taking notes!!!!
Wahhhh wahhhh, we can't take what we dish out! It's not fair to fight fire with fire! That's meeeeeeaaan!
Bullsbettas Browne
Hey ABC pull the stick outta your ass already!
Arun Matrep
Spicer: 'Streak of meanness'? Yes, that's coming from Trump's WH though. Boo-hoo, sniff.
Sandy Armstrong
You only lie for the drug and the man bannon. Whoa!!!! Teaching kids to lie exactly
Sandy Armstrong
Kelly you appear so on crack howd you face your kids on Cocaine.
Sandy Armstrong
She Conway is disgusting she lies out her ears between her toes.
Sandy Armstrong
Truth is best.
truth seeker 502
Ardiva Chambers
Love it!! lol
Wendy Capps
Get real!! If you can't figure out for as long as we've had TV political figures sign on with the good and the bad and they know they're probably going to be the butt of some jokes before it's over and as far as kellyanne having kids put them to bed this is just nutty what is wrong with people how does kellyanne explain alternative facts to her children
Andreas Georgiou
SNL are a bunch of morons who can only get ratings by taking the piss out of President Trump , a group of idiots clutching at straws to be funny because they are not capable of doing anything else, the below libtard mutants (poor bastards have my sympathy) making negative comments shows how seriously dumb they are, never mind my friends I hope you get better, by the 2020 election so you wont cry too much when President Trump is voted in again, and he will be because the non- mutants in America will vote for him again because they have a full complement of brain cells.
Joe Jones
why didn't SNL fuck with Obama when he was destroying america? I hate liberals, especially that fat chic who thinks she can play Spicer
Beautiful Dreamer
"RESPECT"??? these days people don't have any!
Beautiful Dreamer
I watch SNL because of the funny skits.. but.. it does cross the line at times as. "mean"!
Ms Bobbie Mcgavin
Was a day when Saturday night live WAS a good and funny show....Now S and L SUCKS BIG TIME..NEVER TO WHACH. SMILES ALLWAYS⚘
When the President is more genuinely angry about SNL than white supremacists...
Peter Palmer
For those who are offended; piss off.
Josh Stakey
It's been along time that I laugh this much.
Richard Parker
Liking particles at rest
Charles de Gaulle
Fake News. Wow ABC has nothing news worthy.
The Professional Pleb
Freedom o speech mutha fuqas!
Anita Roth
Aww Boo Hoo Trump Administration. They are whining about the SNL sketches making fun of the many ridiculous topics that really do come up with this administration. Suck it up Buttercups.
I love SNL
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