'SNL' under fire for Kellyanne Conway sketch


The late-night comedy show is facing criticisms it went too far in a sketch comparing Conway, counselor to President Trump, to Glenn Closes's character in "Fatal Attraction."

Too much talking, criticizing, getting annoyed....well, SNL is doing one hell of a job, I'd say! They're the proof you can be both funny and politically critical of something you don't like. Way to go, SNL!
Marcy C
boo hoo. poor snowflake
Annie Mulvihill
Where on the world is Kelly Ann Conway?
ReachingBeyond Skies
looks like this years administration got pretty THIN skin
Casey Daniels
fuck you ABC
Daniel Kirwan
"Streak of meanness," coming from a guy like Sean Spicer! Kinda like the Scientologist calling the Hare Krishna a weirdo.
Ginger Pops
Sean Spicer ACTUALLY says SNL has become cruel? Hypocrisy. Trump and his administration started any type of “cruelty”. As said in the video, people need to be able to laugh.
Could somebody please tell me why we should feel sorry for these treasonous pigs?
Gregory Phillips
I love SNL"s portrayal of this current administration and only a close minded highly biased individual cannot see the humor. How anybody can call themselves a Christian or a conservative and then vote for someone who behaves like him is just beyond me. Perhaps they've not read the book they proclaim to follow and in particular Isaiah 5:20.
Paul Henri
Oakleys Donald Trump and his whole Administration to kiss my Real Canadian ass I said you go to her give it to Donald Trump big time because the truth is is that his whole Administration is like SNL it's hard to tell the truth lyrics SNL ends in the Trump Administration begins.
Net User
SNL finally bringing US TV back on high levels - kudos! The only good thing to have come out of this presidency so far!
Welcome to politics Trump!
Just to say, Kate McKinnon is Mint !!
Right now, today, the N.S.A should stealthily substitute Alec Baldwin for Donald Trump ! All the bad press would subside instantly and it would be business as usual for the U.S Government !!
Tony Tune
Streak of meanness on SNL ? What do you call kicking 24 million off health insurance , killing meals on wheels and cutting medicade ? Just to mention a few of the highlights. Republicans hate the disabled , the sick , the elderly , women , the indigent , the poor , the middle class , anyone who isn't white and anyone who isn't a gun toting , evangelical born again Christian. There has to be a mean streak in there somewhere.
T Manners
Some comedy is not
the white-house is now in need of an exorcism.
lets not sink lower than them.
ryan cler
this reminds me of Good Morning, Vietnam. snl being Robin Williams, and Trump and friends the moronic military staff.
Pat Stidman
We love SNL, Kellyanne not so much.
Char Lybrand
we used to watch SNL but we are worn out on the political and gay skits. Seems as if they have lost the touch to make the show funny now and just repetive. Much better out there now. Enjoy yourselves SNL
the only way SNL didn't nail it was Kelly Anne is way more ugly
Trish TV
SNL is filled with mostly no talents who are living off of the reputation of the actual comedians that used to be on it. Without Trump, they have nothing. They should be kissing his ass.
Monster Universe
Keep it coming SNL!! We have to find a way to laugh during these dismal moments!! And Donald Trump is a nice guy?? Please!! If they can't handle this, how are they supposed to handle North Korea! Seriously!
CJ Kelly
SNL used to be funny, now they're out for blood. I can laugh at good Trump jokes but SNL is severely biased (never were that mean about any other political figure), i stopped watching after being a fan for 35 years.
Ellen Spear
Cruel? Very much warranted. Trump and co. couldn't be worse, so anyone satirizing them has free rein.
Jake G
the "comedian" dean literally can't pronounce words
stacy b
shut up its funny it's not cruel
Emily Kiedaisch
what's a "hit job"
SNL is funny because they are telling the truth.
Terri Jacobsen
no they haven't went far enough. love them. love Alex and melisa. terri
Matthew McKay
I prefer the skit that used to be on youtube when the Obama's were played by Gorilla's and their chimpanzee daughters came out and were jumping on all the furniture. That was way funnier.
Krystal Lai
SNL is funny than ever!
Jo smith
funny how trump being pres. has up the ratings on comedy!
Jo smith
Not too far we need to laugh at a sad situation!
Guillermo Torres
Not a Trump follower.
But this is HORRIBLE SEXIST skit. Sad.
charles vitale
Welcome to the propaganda machine.
Alix Dickson
I'm a republican and even I think its funny. Its only comedy.
Brock Neilon
I thought it was a funny skit.
Kat Justice
It's an effort to bash the POTUS.. I want to see them bash Hillary and Obama, and Waters and Lynch and warren and Chucky Schumer.. All the crazy ass hypocritical dems..
Barney Close
Is this for real................the show is crap.....................only funny in parts but without Trump the show would be dead
Steven Zack
Kellyanne Conway is a bigger joke in real life politics than anything SNL could satirize.
TheKiller Kellyn89
It the funny on abc the anything funny thing on abc and he any 3 more then he out of the White House and the rock is in and the best in
The only thing cruel is that these people are in office.
fuck you abc. trying to make an issue out of comedy. go suck republican cock.
Richard Henderson
They spoofed "Fatal Attraction" AND "Death Becomes Her."
Much ado about nothing.
kenneth cloward
Kelly Ann Cuntway
kenneth cloward
poor little bitches eat shit trump trash
jerry lawson
There's a reason people people think SNL is funny and have tuned in as they have. To me it is only an exaggeration of what things look like from our perspective. The truth is so bad right now (the Trump Presidency and the new Washington DC swamp) all a person can do is find a reason to laugh at it.
TRUM, SPICER, KELYANNE, are the type of people who stare into a 'stagnant pool' and say: "Don't we look clean'. Hence, their failure to understand and accept that ONLY SATIRE can expose their 'naive' and 'cartoon' characters.
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