Dana White’s Video Blog | MAY/MAC WORLD TOUR | Ep. 4

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Day two of the worldwide press tour finds the crew in Toronto, Canada, where UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor electrifies the 16,000 fans gathered at Budweiser stage to witness history. After a lengthy faceoff between the headlining superstars, UFC President Dana White pries McGregor away in order to start the press conference. And once it does, “The Notorious” one is on fire, leading the crowd in an anti-Mayweather chant, roasting the iconic boxer and rifling through his backpack. Later that night in New York, White gets an up-close look at McGregor’s Rolls-Royce with an exec from the luxury car company. Dana White’s Video Blog from the Mayweather vs. McGregor World Tour is a behind-the-scenes look at the unprecedented press conferences being held around the globe in anticipation of the blockbuster Mayweather vs. McGregor event, taking place August 26th on SHOWTIME PPV.

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Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor is a 12-round super welterweight matchup that pits the legendary boxer Mayweather against the all-time MMA great McGregor in an unprecedented event that takes place Saturday, August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The event telecast is produced and distributed by SHOWTIME PPV.

Justin Sideu
Dana “let’s get it started” White
This was fun i dont care what people said about it.
Man X Dhesi
50-0 ! King Mayweather
Leti Iuli
Mayweather was right.. fans couldn't fight for him
Leti Iuli
Conor McGregor is the man who gives inspiration and im from Sweden by the way. I can´t find any kind of inspiration in this country in this day and age. I wish i was an Irishman. All Conor McGregor! All Conor McGregor! - Swedish hopeseeker
Viacheslav Iurasov
Greate show, greate actors, thanks.
Rene Arauz
lets wrap it
Cyprus Football Players-CFP MEDIA
hahaahaah this is soooooo entertaining
Aboy Iszham
damn i love that random moment when conor punch the freaking ball...hahah
toto wolf
Mayweather won everyone when he dared the conman to bet his purse...Dana stepped in real quick when he heard that every time cuz he knows the game and mayweather was trying to set him up
MRX 999
Какие же деньги на этих орущих идиотов зарабатывают.
Dexter Haven
Floyd was dumb to wear the flag. It made no sense.
you got a army in this motherfucker lmaooo , floyd and mg prlly kick it this all acting
Kazuto Kirichamaruin
Kill Mayweather Mcgregor
Juan Fernandez
I'd like to know who the KKK is cheering for?
Heavy Metal Heretic
I would love to hear the faceoff at the end instead of "Lets wrap it. Lets wrap it."
Bonniville Black Cherry
Fuck Conner is just 155 lbs... I'd fight that loud mouth cunt for 10k and make it more entertaining than any of the fights he's been in ffs that cost the UFC 100k or more. All about ratings and not actual skill....ffs anderson silva is a panzie ass and forrest crippled? Really this sport is not rigged but yet forrest proved time and time again he is hard as nails? Silva has the much more power than other fighters??? REALLY DANA WHITE? Bisgotbanged in the ass holds a title yet he swings like a 3rd grade school girl? The ufc has become noting more than a trash talk hype and bs sport. Use to know the names and the general record of all the top guys but now its a shit show and become a marketing game with brain washed millennials watching fake fights. We all need a new sport that is not rigged. BB is rigged. Fb is rigged. Hockey is rigged. Boxing has been rigged since the late 70's/80's Sad when its about money and not who is better.
Nate Diaz
I love Dana White #nohomo
This world we live in is so fukin ridiculous. But I love it...
Chris Pearce
Hilarious how sensitive and bitch made this era is Connor said dance for me not to Brazilian and Caucasian and a few other fighters and no one said shit people are reaching on that cuz Connor got an army there
Dana body bag ellerbe in intros
Crazy the Connor is bigger than boxing they could never do this for cannello vs maywhether 2 or ggg vs Canello
pay your taxes lmao!
Dana was clearly having the best day of his life Ha Ha
Ismail Khan
Dana White's a BITCH
Josh Harwood
I would fight any man any team any place any time.

If Conor McGregor was in front of me..
Scarlett Reynolds
Award rank divine mandate quest title correct.
Leo Da Lyon
Ok lets avoid money talk lol Floyd has multiple cars in each of his house in different color ways.
Ohhh Yeahh
Lets wrap it
Ohhh Yeahh
Lets get started
Dino Beriša
On 2 52 ....before "fuck showtime too"
What did conor said i cant understand..please someone😊😊
They should charge for these vids, there gonna be better then the fight.
Slimmer Elk
6:22 Wtf? Showtime is in control of all these edits, they trying to make Mayweather look good with timed jumpcuts.
Dana " Lets get it started" White
Connor destroyed Mayweather on the mic!
Alex Leclerc
Do what you're told BITCH !!! i died
Mega Rome
Dana seems like a pretty humble dude...
Jeth Massi
Dana u going to die from all this yelling LOL
Shahzad Ahmad
dana shut the fuck up saying "lets wrap it" couldn't hear what they were saying to each other
Wow, so many Boxing/Ufc experts in the comments calling this a hoax and a moneyfight. Wich in some sense is true, but do you think these 2 would risk losing cause of money!!? Idiots, their pride for the sport is what matters!

Enjoy the press conference and the fight instead of make it all in to bullshit!

Aspiring Dictator
6:20 "Do what you're told bitch" the bitch's face was too perfect
Juan Pablo G
Danna is so charismatic, he's loved by everyone. Also, he has more money than all of them and never talks about it. Real MVP!!! Fook the Mayweathers!!!!
William Forero
Dana's laugh is contagious lol
jo vi
hard work..pay taxes jajaja
McGregor could freakin' kill Mayweather in a street fight. I can't freaking wait for this fight
Enzo Alicante
Ant Boogie
This shit isn't fake, they sure are selling these pres-conferences but that fight is legit. This is about money and pride, two of the best at their weight to do it.
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