Ed Sheeran - Drunk - Live Session

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Ed Sheeran performs New Single Drunk for InDemand with Alex James @thisisalexjames

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Produced by @CumbrianJames

Emma Kniess
OMG I love him
Tessa Kohnhorst
when he says "all by myself, I'm here again" it really gets to me🙁
False Villains
Watch our cover :)
Anderson Aguiar
Alguém em 2018 ?
alejandro lopez
I`ll be Drunk again to feel a little love!!!!!
alejandro lopez
I love you eeeed! I`m form argentina and i speak so so english but you`r my idol maaan!!!!!!!!!!
Wishing I was sober too, drunk! Need to change
Karoll Vii
nunca conseguirei cantar rápido assim. mds
Max W
Oh wow. I forgot Ed Sheeran used to be talented and genuine and unique.
Lisa Messenger
I kind of wish he'd be less adult and go back to fluffy hair
Lisa Messenger
I love his fluffy hair
Daniela Avendaño
Sheila Rubenstie
GREAT.. 👍Lovely voice ! THANK YOU Ed Sheeran.✌💛💋
Jisselle Alvarado
omg!! this is memorable !!
Jarimya Raymond
Sheila Rubenstie
Not me . . its July. ha ha . 👍💖💛💞💘💝
Makiko Matsuda
I love all the lyrics and song!
Kushank singh
he sound same live
I remember this song. It was a Top 10 Hit in the UK in 2011.
Fire Storm
hey ed its me from the future ....ur goin to wembley after 5 years
febrey john Ronolo
Isabel Hubert
I know every word of this song I relate so much
such a beautifull and perfect fetus❤💕
Lance Garcia
wtf he looks like 16
Ed War
He is son jouuuung 😒☺☺
tita gomez
I Loving Sheeran♡!!
El Bauche
fetus Ed <3
Chase Nuckolls
fuck hes perfect
alice hummus
Hayley Menton
Din Mirate
He's my angel without wings <3
Allison McCaslin
You know you don't have to be young to love Ed. I am 55, I love him. His lyrics are very deep for a 24 yr old. Look how young he is in this video! I really love that it is always just Ed, his guitar and his loop pedal. Rock on Ed my little orange sherbert
Brenda Rico nuñez
Ed 😍😘😍😉😭
Catalina Bravo
He was so young and fetus and omg
Marcela Salas
EL culiao hermoso las cagó, canta tan bieeeen 0
i didn't realize he's as thin as that before......
more flashback videos of him:))
I love ur music ed 
Moppie Lover
All by my self i am here again,
Uhu thats why you can see feet in the window/glas or whatever c:
Ashar Siddiqui
Tryout my cover of drunk.
Blue peter badge?
Phy aunna
He's like the only artist I know who sounds perfect live👌
Janina White
Ma fcking jesus. This guy is so wunderful! BEST SINGER EVER! :)) <3
jazzy “xxicheinfachnurichxx” blahblah
I love to listen the song in the morning *-*♡
Fucking mic stand in the way of his fingers
Alexander Preston
I wish I could get drunk full stop! 
Sofia Pagarin
One of my fav songs :)
This fetus him is so cute
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