how to write an Alt-J song

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THIS IS A PARODY...nothing mean spirited towards alt-J

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LeBunneh Hunneh
How EVERY Troye Sivan song is written
Every now and then I have to rewatch this and I still lose my shit every time, this is still Legendary and Genius
Lucía Cañizares
y'all thinking it's random and funny he's saying "put it in my butt"
and then you find out he's gay
for real
I love Matt
neurotictingilings nahui
i had this stuck in my head for entire day yesterday. fuvk you
Szabolcs Denes
Captain Leo
the sad part is that the first time i heard this i actually thought it's an alt-j
how high do you have to be to make something like this????
Jan Geiger
ive never seen someone that stoned LOL
Lauren Burke
Dude the new alt j song sounds just like this like they watched this video and made a song based on it.
Imagine AMV
this is ridiculously good
Guy on left is just asshole?
i like how the reverb starts feeding back near the end
couchpotato fromsaturn
i love alt-j and this made me laugh so hard
what are they using to record the audio and make the song?
unDead_ Artist34
lyrics plz
Afériia Itiá
This is freaking awesome I wish this was a official song 😂
Carole Beaulieu
I just fucking love this song, it's pure gold
Fuggin jam!
zeta reticuli
i fucking hate people that eat with their mouth open like that douche on the left
Obi Gaming
These guys got the munchies... baked as fuck.
Alt-J : We're about to release a totally new revolutionary sound.

These two: Hold my rice cake
Mike Lewis
I watch this video way more then I should :)
Hiro Ikah
You dont know how often i watch this 😅
Mr. Torment
Replayed that intro voice crack too many times... Love it.
Aisha Hurtch
best thing I've seen
Selena Lamothe
they alternate between the music and eating rice cakes. they are so laid back i love it.
2:03 I love his sudden reality check of how good this actually is
Julie Abraham
I'm here for the guy in the red t-shirt ... he fascinates me
It's nice to see you spending quality time with your autistic brother.
What's in those rice cakes 😂
Probably London
I watch this video all the time it's my favorite😂
ThatUnicorn :3
They are selling Ethan's shirt now, so hurry up guys!
theyre baked af
Adam Greene
And you accept people buying your new album after you make fun of Alt-J...sad
frey frahm
If you listen closely then it sounds a bit like 'in cold blood' by the way he starts the song
Angus Chen
Can someone give me the lyrics?
Yitzchak Epstein
Why do I like this?
Jack Quick
So high that rice-cakes are treats. Thats pretty fucking high.
Shea Pierson
Late night ideas at art school.
Duling Musician
If anyone was wondering what a true friendship looks like here you go
Trevor Clark
I love how they are eating well making this
Kara Guitard
i want to be your friend plz
A high Alt J song 😅
Who's watching this on 4/20
Moomie Issa
David Walker
Haha, I love it. I came here from a John Fassold video.
Git Wilma
New single, Stalagtite of the Sphincter available on iTunes now.
Geoff Dabner Productions
How high were you when you filmed this haha
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