how to write an Alt-J song

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THIS IS A PARODY...nothing mean spirited towards alt-J

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Juan Tamad
im eating rice cake rn
is it weird that i kinda like this song?
Ali Sivan
I'm literally all the views
Bradley Appleby
You guys forgot the part where they spell it out with each letter...
They do that in 90% of their songs. Lol!!!!
Cam Tyto
this has so much rewatch value... every time is like the first time...
Ori Hagi
Sometimes you're the guy on the right, sometimes you're the guy on the left and that's Ok.
These guys were f*cked up while making this.
these two are baked as shit I swear to god
Adelaide Matheson
this song gets stuck in my head more often than it should
Matheus Santos
slaps and stares at the end, that killed me
gorillaZ fAn
Llamas Are Shining
When you see your crush
is it weird that Im always playing this video? like, it makes me happy
Please tell me this is available for download.
They eat those rice cakes like its their daily rations
This will forever be my favorite youtube video
Possibly Dell Honne
i want some fucking rice cakes now assholes
Well done!
I guess it's a good thing I don't listen to Alt-J
WTF??? Who eats rice cakes anymore?????
Warren Kent
I hate that you are so on point hahahaha
Brenton King
This is where pitchfork got their review from
Alt-J "Let's create a unique and distinct new sound that no one's heard before"
These Guys: "Let's take the piss"... :,)
Banane Gelbe
im sure that they were high
did you see how much they were eating?
Leah Topping
I have watched this about 10 times and I'm not ashamed. Best video ever
I come here every time I feel sad and it makes me laugh EVERY TIME❤😍
Alt-j should play a cover of this song.
bridget cato
can i please marry you?
Diego Espinosa
Selena Lamothe
they seem like the type of guys to never wear chapstick and everything is fine
Fuck this is actually good xD
Simmy Sehmi
top 10 songs to lose your virginity to
Simon Meyers
How can I record and loop records like that? How is called that device to do it?
Elizabeth D
I love the jews
Install a Friend
These dudes look like they came out of the 70s
Anna Kauppi
Am I the only one who would actually buy this song if they released it. I"ve been listening to it on repeat.
please release this
Kyra Hughes
LITERALLY such a banger
superpenguicorn poop
I'm obsessed with this I have stopped listening to this
Hannah Lawrencium
I smashed my friends phone by accident, they called me a cu*nt and walked off. I'm so sad but, like, I keep coming to this video and I'm actually laughing. Jfc the amount of times I've commented on this video. Anyway thanks for the laugh love x
m m
jokes aside, Fleece sounds really good though! really REALLY good
Free Cake Films
This is my favorite video on all of Youtube.
Matt McAlister
put it up put it up put it up put it in my butt?
Hey Can you kill me?
Marie Estelle
I die at 1:23. Like I cried tears. The guys face on the left when the guy on the right starts singing. I was crying laughing.
Flesh Coffin
Marijuana is a hell of a substance man
Feel Good Inc
It's not bad
put it up in my butt if you want to do everything good
Maz Marie Z
this is the most iconic video of all time an no one can tell me otherwise
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