Ilham UVER
You eat krupuk without sambal?
Cole Mayas
It's actually good but fucked up lyrics 😂😂😂😂😂
sirius and james
Ju Mei
Fucking eating the rice crackers 😂😂😂
Lily Rouse
i've watched this every day for a solid month and i'm not even man
Siv Greyson
please do a Lorde version
This is stuck in my head
Danroll NZ
Release this song please!!!!!!!!
Paula Palomar
Does anyone know the boy on the right?
I want to marry him.
Salomé Bättig
Sympathetic and so talented
Richie 2122
Wow this is really good
Please never delete this video
Alyssa Lidman
Honestly this video was the one thing that made me laugh when I was going through a rough patch one semester.

I'm a fan.
Starryeyes Dustytears
what recorder/program you use?
Margita Brtosova
why is the left guy pissing me off so much with his pig eating? :(((
Twin Carrot
Это же блин охуенно
James Clark
oh my lord this is terrible. Definitly Alt J without question with shit in their pants
Adela Mikesh
val rsn
I hope alt j saw this
val rsn
goals in life: be as happy as the red guy at 2:16
dude on the left looks like Nat Wolf
how high are you...
how to smoke weed and be a jerk on internet
Gavin K.
Can they please add this to a fucking album?
Reaching pretty hard for that rice cake sponsorship...
i listen to this on a daily basis and unironically from how good it is
Tyler Aschen
The song's great. But the dude on the left is very annoying.
Emilie Rapport
This has inspired me to eat some rice cakes. I am eating some right now while watching.
Nick Bloom
How did they make this?
Alli Honchell
I want the guy in the t-shirt to be my personal hype man
How much shit did you guys take prior to this?????
Ofrion Brawlhalla
"If you want to be with me, tesselate in my butt now if you want to."

This is why I listen to Alt J; it just makes me feel like they know what's going on in my life.
Heathersaurus Rex
I have listened to this way too many times.
Tyler Philipps
So fried
Ada Gabor
please more of this
Nickos Moshovis
3:05 if you look close in his eyes you can see how much pot he did 10mins ago
Aziza Williams
Amazing!!!!! Hahaaaa
Raven Starkey
I love you guys so much💗
rebekah cohen
Why is this the chorus to Back Pocket by Vulfpeck???
Gabryel Lake
This is actually so perfect ahaha. How I dance.
Elizabeth Ovares
I come here to have a good time, but I honestly feel so attacked right now xD
Jordyn Bolton
Oh my god they look so fucking high. Who is the guy on the right tho damn 😫💦💦🌼
Cecelia Roderigues
Hahahahahahahahahahaha. But it actually does tho. O____o
Hannah Clifford
Guy on the left looks like Steve from stranger things
The Taco Algorithm
I really hope you guys vacuumed thoroughly after making this video. Because that's how you get ants.
Sarma Ćufta
This is genious. I mean,think about it.
Okay but it actually sounds like the lead singer of alt-j 😂😂😂 and this is actually really catchy (maybe because I'm an alt-j fan)
Mhysa Ma
Ricky Nidaleaf
Lok I'm drunk and theno like smthng u want to watch is this lol
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