how to write an Alt-J song

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THIS IS A PARODY...nothing mean spirited towards alt-J

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Guy Fieri
Daph Woop
Someone please tell me what loop machine they used pls and thank you
getting childish gambino - got this money acoustic videos vibes
Jordan H
Where can I find this on iTunes????
Pál István
awesome :))
Pedro Lino
Jesus, the guy on the left must be high as fuck lmao
Mari Mendoza
What are they using to record tracks and play them together?
bepis lo-fi
the fact that you were eating during this video and laying on the floor made me subscribe
this left guy is insanely annoying. Cut him out of this vid
Stephanie Harper
I have never seen two more stoned dudes eating rice cakes hitting a nail so square on the head.
Hmm, kinda lame really. Guess haters gon' hate!
AceLavia ™
this is actually good wtf
Nina Miller
Does anyone else thing that the guy without the glasses looks like an older version of Finn Wolfhard? Nope? Just me? Okay 🙃
Brea Casey
Guy on the right looks like the guy of El Dorado😂 or James Potter
I'm actually dying at the fact that they're eating rice cakes
rice cake
Mila Burgess-Conway
THAT. WAS. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unicorns like to PoopTM
I was singing along XD
Ekati Levto
Holy shit! I feel them
Jesus Diaz
I would buy this on itune!
it's not a case of whether they were high or not, it's a case of how high they were
Oliveira Oliveira
What device did you guys use to record that?
Tom Rump
Gringe and gay as fuck
Daph Woop
someone pls tell me what loop machine this
Michael Freeby
These two invented an entire genre of comedy I love them
RIP all the cannabis inhaled prior to making this video.
kaykay power
With what can you do this
CYSTWOTW gaming and film
I want alt-j to actually make this an official song
Johan Lizst
hey, sing about what you know :)
Two Mouse
This needs to be in a remix while Alt-J is doing a live performance, just to troll everyone!
i keep coming back to this damn video. thanks for getting this shit stuck in my soul
Is it just me or does this song actually sound really good? hah
A. Stery
amazing 😍😂😂
I've had this stuck in my head for a solid 3 days
i always come back to this video
This song. . .completes me somehow.
1 lives Gaming
imitation is the most sincere form of flattery
samantha Weinstein
it sounds like he is saying "u can put it in my butt if u want to"😂
Oshin Mahathir
why do I watch this everyday
you should create a band named Alt-Shift-del
Iva Mikulic
Brilliant 😄
Dana's Music Corner
They're such cute beans
funny xD
nutter butter
jeez even after 2 years this is solid gold. i wish I could like it more than one time
top 10 anime songs
Creative Cupcake 257
Tbh I'd unironically listen to this
Pare Productions
where to download?
Clash Productions
I think about this video at least twice a day. Help me.
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