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THIS IS A PARODY...nothing mean spirited towards alt-J

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Shelby Staneart
I saw them at outside lands and the whole time I was hoping they'd sing this is that bad :/
Get Nutty
Still my favourite video ever
Özge Solmaz
they kill it so effortlessly
Found new ringtone
Nora Mosimann
how fucking high were u guys
I return to this video so often just to laugh and enjoy the genuinely good job they did
Dayana Muir
Alt-J is amazing
But this is freaking good, and probably just right.
I dig it
Maddy Piper
Jen Kerner
I. Literally. Laughed. Out. Loud. Multiple. Times. Oh. My God.
Fernanda Luísa
These kids are high as shit 😂
Byron Story
i love how they're just eating crackers at the same time..
How stoned were they xDD seriously.
re: alyx
Fuck I still love this
What Zit Tooya
I'm strangely attracted to the guy on right with the jean jacket. Why are you so beautiful?
Tim Duyck
Someone should teach these guys how to eat with their mouths closed --'
Need alt-j to make a cover of this. Lmao
Izzy Ramos-gunn
Put it in my butt
Andy Herrejon
Super funny though
Andy Herrejon
This is disrespectful
Aaliyah Skye
Andrew Pressley
Which Alt J song sounds most similar to this?
Aland Mustafa
Honest to god I'd buy this song! (if you guys were to release it)
Aiden Spencer
I'm the one in the red shirt

this is amazing
Cyborg Supreme
They will put rice cake in each other butt after dis
malek and ben who
blueLSPD •
red shirt guy is so chill
Denn Green III
The best part is that you know these guys are blown away by how popular this got when all they wanted to do was make a stupid video, get high, and eat rice cakes at 3am
ben hollywood
Someone please put it in his butt and maybe he shut the fuck up
Roma Lopes
I have watched this video at least once a month for the past two years
Luke Skywalker
this is just how all loops sound
chaotic good
Frank Mackenzie
harry potter grew up weird
Heath Ladner
The rice cakes make me want to punch them in the throat
is he saying "put it in my butt"?
Aisha Burgess
This is ridiculously good
Catherine Woods
Why did I actually liked the song...
beth wright
sugar kysley
i want lyrics
Eclectic Mami
lmaooooo tessellate in my butt haha
Dalla Johnson
I read through some comments laughing lol!
these guys are freakin funny hahaha and I couldn't believe I listened to the entire song lol the lyrics are horrible LMFAO lol - ya know, I LOVE Alt-J
I love their music I love them - these guys must like and listen to Alt-J a heck of a lot to have been able to do this. HAHAHA it's great. (I LOVE Alt-J) you guys are hilarious lol
Cora Downey
I love this so much
Pretty much...
morgan gisi
Madeline White
I need friends like this
Evie Laurent
Came for the parody. Stayed for the rice cakes
Eliza Paulsen
fuck i love this never fails to bring a smile to my face
nicole 'niccicola' owens
I mean, you're not wrong.
So i showed this to a friend and told her that this is a new alt-j song. she fuckin believed and liked it. holy shit boys
Up put it in my butt put it
May I say you do a good impersonation of Joe's voice. Lol
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