Sushant Singh Rajput INSULTED at Raabta Trailer Launch | Kriti Sanon

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Sushant Singh Rajput's much talked about film Raabta with Kriti Sanon is all set to release soon but the actor was caught in a spot at the trailer launch of the film when a reporter asked him a question he did not wish to answer. 

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Abhishek Singh
very stupid media reaction if this was the Amitabh bachan saying no comments no media person would have dared to do this hypocrite
Pankaj Gupta
bhosdi ke title video ka sahi dala kar.........Sushant is defending himself in right manner.,so where is the insult ...Ek Bihari Saba Sau Crore pe bhaari..........
Rahul Rajput
well said sush bro
praful khante
pagala gayi ky re ye poottiii press vali
Naveen Nani
what Sushant said is correct , stupid media
Silu Hamal
Sushant is right
azim sayed
sushant u could hav just slapped her yaa... she is a stupid women... she herself dont know what she was talking.... as if it was a question regarding her bf whowas hanged to death....unethical media... a big shame
Sayali Indulkar
when a film promotion is gng on toh whts the connection between national interest. take his personal interview n ask this question to him bt on the time of promotion. If media wants breaking news so u will ask anything to a actor. Actually media should speak truth not show fake news. It's so simple if he does not know a topic toh he does not know
Kijuas Jasen
dude, drop the fake accent first of all. like seriously? people are laughing at kangana for absolutely no reason! she is learning and its her natural way of talking, she is not trying to imitate someone. dude just stick to ur indian accent. lol. and also you've done only a few films and 2 films were successes. and for ms dhoni the credit does not go to you. no matter whoever played his role people will watch it because of dhoni. kai po che or whatever shit that was, it sucked.
Breaker of chains
stupid lady............when she asked the question she ended it saying"aap kuch kehna chahenge?upto you"....
then later started lecturing him on national interest
Ravi Shankar
dude you should know and I think you know the gravity of the matter, don't you?
santoshi g
oh my god I pity for that woman's family who is screaming at sushant. she is not even getting the point. oh yeah to understand one should listen to what others r saying.
amit pandey
Such a big chutiya that reporter was..and this is called ek toh Chori uspe seenajori
Test Account
How come media be so stupid to ask question on national interest in a movie promotion. Such a stupid and foolish lady who asked this question with so much arrogance should be kicked out of her job. God knows how these stupid reporters get the pass to attend such event or even get the license to represent main stream media.. Shame..
Bollywood Trends
She really wanted some headlines from ssr so that she n the other media banners could earn some money ... sry lady u were badly ditched dis tym ... try ur trick the next tym when u get to interview the khans ... U'll surely get bigger headlines
Swapna Singh
she just wanted to make a big news...Ohhhh damm sushant has not condemned the issue related to pakistan and he is antinational so that they can sell there news like salman khan case...Sushant should have slapped that lady and should have said..."bhag yha se zaahil aurat".
Mihir Sharma
When everyone is aware of such a serious topic of national interest then who is Sushant? Does he not live in India? If he does,then is it not his responsibility to have an idea about the ongoing matters. Are actors only there for earning money?
please show the face of the reporter who is so rude. Dislike that channel/newspaper.
Rakesh Yadav
fuck u reporter
Rakesh Yadav
fuck u reporter
stupid reporter
Anmol Mehta
Stupid journalist. Shushant is right about not being informed.
Chetan Bhandari
Reporters need to understand their fucking job is to REPORT, its not to tell anyone what they should and shouldn't do.
ShALoNi RoUt
jisne b ye qstn pucha... she should be banged on head... bakwaas reporter...
Chinmayananda Senapati
susant superb
Mariam Khan
dese journalist saala koi kaam.mhi rehta.. khid ko adha pata hai.. nd kya galat hai kya sahi hai. kon janta..actors r bzy n deir wrk nd dey r dng deir best bt dese journalist have no kder wrk dan insultng ppl.. sab bikk gye hai.. paisa sa khareeda gya journalist
Akash Shah.
nice answer sushant Singh Rajput
Sadaf Khan
stupid reporter
Kamran Kazi
report this or this will also endup in trending
Maya Rai
wth how are media people allowed to talk to them like that? why didn't they kick that annoying woman out? she keeps buckking n like her point was made clear at her very first statement. She doesn't have the right to question why he did or did not answer the question the way she wanted it to be answered. even if either of them knew exactly what the matter was about, it doesn't mean he has to give his opinion. he can pass on the question. so many jaahil people its ridiculous. people like them are what makes the world think india n pakistan are full of shit. its the people that need to change themselves so their image will become less shit. why media even bothers asking abt politics is beyond me. no one's ever given their legitimate opinion EVER on politics so why bother asking. Dumbasses.
Shaik Kareem
funny bitch who raised this question
Anuradha Seth
Uff these reporters are damn irritating. Btw ye sushant singh ka fake accent kaha se paida hua. LOL
Rameez Qureshi
kriti sanon like "chup hoja Nhi to pakad kr maarungi"😂😂
Vinay Kumar
He is right but think of this. He condemned attack on Sanjay Leela Bhansali saying shame on Rajputs(I think he dont know the whole story of Padmavathi. but condemned to support his industry's person)Now is it not a Minimum responsibility to condemn the Hanging of Kulbhushan Jadhav as the GOI itself saying that he was not a Spy. i think there is no requirement of knowing every minute detail of case
Abinash Kumar
journalist insulted....... sushant is right
Indeed true quite irritating media having no sense regarding what should be asked and at what point of time #TRP ke liye kuch Bhi karega @ media #
Ashir Ahmed
bloody idiot reporter
Chill Pill Vibes
Sushant is right. The lady who is asking is stupid
Sanchit Bansal
bollywood hi sab kuch ho gya kya .. sare pagal ho rakhe h inke piche jaise bhagwan hi ye log ho.. sale acting krte h bss koi bada kaam ni karte.. pata na asa kya dikhta h logo ko actors mein ..
Stupid Reporter...Just because they are public figure doesn't mean they need to be forced to give their opinion on something that is completely unrelated.
Poulomi Hari
Why is politics and stuff asked from film actors? If they were that good in "national interest" they would have joined army, or politics. They are common people like us, some are not even 12th pass. May be Sushant is an engg but that doesn't mean his opinion about politics would make any difference. Why is his opinion even important... Aisa hi hai to humse puchho na! Dumb media!!!
Manas Arora
reporter acting smart in the name of public figure ! #reporter why don't you go to Pakistan and write the incident actually happened so Indians (not only public figures) will know about actually what happened.... !!
Lame move reporter 👎
lalatendu jena
How Sushant Singh Rajput INSULTED..... he was right..if he don't know about this particular​ topic how he can answar... and by the way it's not related to the promotion right.... This particular reporter don't have sense of humor ....
tonmoy sarker
fucking media....dick into motherchut,asking same qu again and again
Divyanshu Singh
1:42 so they are public figure so they should know everything...stupid media and misleading title of your should be media torturing actors in name of public figure
these reporters think that they are always right, if someone doesn't know the fact about something then how can they comment on it?
Random Entertainment
stroy kuch kuch south indian movie magdheera jaisi lag rhi , is.nt?
Krishnapal Kher
sushant was right if he is not knowing about this particular​ topic than why should he answer!!
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