Anne Hathaway Is Sure She Didn't Drown

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Anne tells the real story about a day at the beach that resulted in a misconstrued paparazzi photo making it look like she was drowning.

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Anne Hathaway Is Sure She Didn't Drown

Emma Mlp
Every time Anne Hathaway is on jimmy Fallon, she's wearing black
Dwye Chenby dela Rama
I love how much she give her husband credit.
Jama r u in kha pa don't Khan shen khalie tet fut
I'm not lie sning mo please
Elly Grace
I literally don't understand why every video involving Anne Hathaway has comments talking about people hating her... I have never seen a single comment bashing her, so... It all seems a tad redundant, no?
dude if i had a cut in the water i would be like fuck now i gotta deal with sharks!
Muzzee K
I don't mind Jimmy fallon and I watch him and I'm not hating but what annoys me about him is that he should let the guest speak and shouldn't speak over them thats how a talk show host should be.
Proudly South African
I'm addicted to Anne Hathaway's laugh
Kalss Kll
The only reason I'm a tad bit skeptical about her is a few years ago I heard she was a huge diva on set
She looks really sexy here.
Artsy Bean
Aww I love her I can't believe people don't like her she's an ANGEL
Killler Styles
I am a very recent fan of this beautiful lady...and how can everyone hate her?
Black Rose
I am surprised to learn (learnt today) that some people hate Anne Hatthaway!!! I think that' an impossible task!
500 yards? That wasn't even 500 feet
Opal K.
she is so cute 😂😂😂
aw she and her husband seem cute c:
lessamazing dan and phil
she looks like some sort of flower that can transform into many different types of flowers. damn
this dumb bitch said she was 400 or 500 yards out, the pic shows her 20 yards out there, no one swims waaaaay the fuck out there like she claimed
She seems cool
Xavier Alvarado
Would he ever let her finish the story? ugh....
jane monkey
Anyone can id the nail polish?
Jimmy that fake laugh was rather unnecessary 1:14
Mar ia
Jimmy is so annoying sometimes like shut up stop interrupting, let her talk
Music Lover
She is so funny! 😂
Emma Sacré
1:11 Magnifique Louboutin !!
I'm really happy she didn't drown. It could've been worse but thankfully it wasn't. But all it takes is one twist of fate to change things but clearly Anne had things under control and I'm happy she's ok.
Stinky Pete
That looks close to 500 yards.
Anthony Pelobello
Did anyone else picture her mom from princess diaries?
Prizz Cantu
She's an angel!!!
She's an amazing person😂 this is just hilarious
Thanh Nguyen
Man I rally like her hair long.
Cammie Sylvester
I want to hear her full story! How she got to shore and everything. Stop interrupting everyone during good stories Jimmy! Geeze!!
Lol she's adorable.
C Self
"Swimming and swimming and swimming."
First thought- Dory.
RhMoSh Al
I love this woman
Saneeya Khan
Tht i dont care ummmmmmuaahhhh was great
Annie U re the best
Jacob B
point in favor for addressing her husband on national TV. that's love. we all should love our partner so much we just can't stop talking and thinking about them
Sam B
i love this interview, watched it like 6 times already
Angela Rodrigues
Ashraf Anam
Man, this is hilarious!!!
Joelle V
Every experienced swimmer as she " claims " she is would know when your caught in a rip tide you have to swim parallel to the beach or land you are facing. No offense I love her but come on Ann its common sense!
Anne Hathaway is charming.
Johanna Magdalena
Love this story.. and her and her husband are so fantastic together <3
she was totally drowning. it woulda been a better story if she'd just admit it and laugh at herself instead of trying to defend her image.
Tatersalad19 Cars
where's Hasselhoff when you need him ?
ruthie messer
keep having flashbacks of the princess diaries
All fans are happy to hear that, especially that wishing other people death and suggesting threats is somewhat a popular practice now on social media. Cheerios, suicidal sheeple....
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