Nerf Gun War Kids vs Joker Goes to Jail GIANT LEGO FORT PAW PATROL videos Family Fun Playtime Nerf

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Nerf Gun War Kids vs Joker Goes to Jail GIANT LEGO FORT PAW PATROL videos Family Fun Playtime Protect the Fort GIANT NERF WAR GUN BATTLE by Awesome Toys Collectors! Paw Patrol family in real kids Ryder and Marshall had pretend play and they protect the fort from Joker trying to blast them with Nerf Blaster!  Nerf gun blaster toys shown were Nerf Terrascout with RC Drone, Nerf Rhino Fire and more nerf toys! The kids built a giant lego fort to defend themselves but Joker also had a giant lego fort of his own! Paw Patrol marshall got Joker with the Nerf N-strike rhino fire blaster and joker fell to the ground! Then Joker steals the nerf gun rhino blaster and the kids run away! It was scary! They got their Nerf Terrascout drone and got joker before calling Spiderman to take joker to jail! It was a fun Nerf gun war battle with Paw Patrol in real life kids battling Joker! The Paw Patrol kids Ryder and Marshall then hide and call Spiderman after getting joker with the nerf guns! Spiderman came and took JOKER TO JAIL with Paw Patrol kids! It was a happy ending for Spiderman and the kids who put the bad guy joker in jail! Yay! We make lots of kids videos so please subscribe to our family friendly channel for more toys and giant surprise eggs!

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PAW PATROL TOYS Giant Egg Surprise Opening Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Kids Video GIANT EGG Surprise Toys by Awesome Toys Collectors

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