Catching Catfish Underwater with Bare Hands! (Noodling)

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In this video I noodle for flathead catfish underwater at river! Two giant catfish at 1:03
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Hey guys! I got a few comments requesting me to noodle for catfish! I thought I'd give it a try! Let's see how this goes!

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Location: Columbus, Georgia

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Cameras used: GoPro Hero 4

dragon fury
hahhahahah so hard to catch keep trying
Imagine If He Was Like In A Game The Game Would Say "YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT HACKING FISH"
Earl Andrei Luis Luis
Save Fish its gonna DROWN
Theresa Price
were do you live
Jake:Oh cool I found a net it will help
Fish:hell no boy bye
I sub
Cody Hatridge
Pretty cool
Erik w
Where is this? Ive never seen freshwater with such good visibility outside the great lakes.
Dawn Siegrist
Sab with kind
Omar Lopez Plays
Do u curse if this is a family friendly channel why did u say shit around 0:36 0:37
Alex Comire624
What snorkel and mask do u use
Dance star Emily
Bro respect the fish they mite not want to be bothered
The Kenan Army
He is half fish
Thomas Elliott
Just to let you know it is much safer if you dive without your snorkel in your mouth. Because if you block out with your snorkelling your mouth it tells your body that you can keep breathing so you start inhaling water
Luis Lopez
there's going to be that one comment "ohh this is animal cruelty". lol
s2000 Rk
How deep of water does he dive in, and why is it always so clear i wanna do this stuff diving
If I reach 30 subs I'll do an actual noodling video
Amylifi88 :D
Jonathan Goshorn
that was coooooooooooooooool
Edlyn Paquibot
do that again catching cat fish plssssdd
Jeff Skrzycki
Good job saving the catfish
Cheekymonkey332 luv making these vids
Stop the music
help get me to a 1000 subs with no videos please
You look like Tanner braungardt
1000000 views yet the top comment. Only has a couple likes.
Joshua Mahadeo
Click bate he's wearing gloves "bare handed"

Jk I wish I could catch fish๐Ÿ˜”
Shawne Owens
Guys let's be honest, when u think of grabbing fish it seems easy but it's really not
A Pac-Man's Little Bitch
dude i cant wait to get my certification for advanced so i can go noodling :)
Harrison Ressler
Your braver than i am. When i dive, I still get a bit nervous seeing a fish bigger than my head.
Christopher Murray
That was hilarious!
Brayden Russ
1:49 BIGGEST FISH EVER XD, nice vid btw
Jason Turley
that's not noodlin. Come to Oklahoma and get bit
Why the creepy song this scares the crap out of mr
ALYCIN flowers
I love your vids
I L0V YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mini Tr0lly
ha Dallmyd I have a Youtube channel its called Logan miller
Toomer's Oaks
I hate noodling! And i hate handling catfish. They taste good though...
Little gopro
Can please somebody explain me why he has an snorkel underwater in the mouth?
Templeviener 123
Did you know cat fish had stingers
Josh R36
Do you wear weight belts when doing this?
Ryan Sanchez
omg this is dope lol
Xanders Bassing
Hey does it hurt your ears when u dive really deep
Waylon Yohe
Bare hands with gloves on, sometimes. lol
philipp grueter
How can you hold your breath for so long?
Chris Crosby
His scream at 3:38 ๐Ÿ˜‚
Kevin Vlog Fray effects
1:26 lol blue gill
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