Catching Catfish Underwater with Bare Hands! (Noodling)

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In this video I noodle for flathead catfish underwater at river! Two giant catfish at 1:03
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Hey guys! I got a few comments requesting me to noodle for catfish! I thought I'd give it a try! Let's see how this goes!

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Location: Columbus, Georgia

Music Provided by Monstercat:
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Music Provided by Jeff Kaale
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Cameras used: GoPro Hero 4

GoBedo Tube
2 no
all fun til you see a flathead bigger than you smacking his lips lol
Jake Whittaker
how long can you hold your breath for?
Jay Thomas
Macie loves66
Pls do that again that really fun to watch
Gussy's Vidz
Who was that other dude
s2000 Rk
do this again!
fuckin awsome
great video
Love the videos, just watched like 10 in a row.
DinkersBassing TV
This is so sick
Ari L
So many fish! Too bad they are full of mercury
Saylor S
One time, I was scuba diving for Megaladon teeth in the upper Cooper river in Charleston, SC and I saw something out of the corner of my eye glint like two light bulbs spaced out by about 2 and a half feet apart. So, I shined my flashlight on it and here was a catfish just sitting under a tree that had a mouth as wide as a car tire. The thing must have been 5 feet long and weighed at least 100 pounds. I did not want to stick my arm in that thing's mouth lol
Josh Jankey
Your goin at it all wrong.
you have to grab them by the gills
Ayden Rogers
Try spear fishing
Pug lel/pltcl
i love your channel so much!!!!!!! its so satisfing
Caleb Karsten
dall if you ever catch a catfish watch for the barbs on the side fins and adorable fin too
Alpha Penguin
He said bare and had gloves lol
how do you hold your breath for so long
Bill Rogers
You got 32k likes man go for another video?
Afeeq Aqasha
you should have worn the gloves in the first place dude
you missed a lure
cjk 867
Dude that rivers deep
honestly i'm not digging the music. would rather listen to the water
Alexander Villarroel
Dude you are a real fuckin god person
Creolus Content
Dude ive been subribed for like a week now.. Uve been getting so much subscriber its crazy.. It was 800,000 like moments ago, now ur on 1.2m tf
Sean Playz
Dude what's the rebreather you use
Matt Robinson
I love this lol make more!!!!
Lit Nick
my man almost joined faze i wouldve rather watched this then cod
Maximilian Ahxner
Next touch Killer whales with bare hand. jk
Kyle Lewis
How long is your breath hold????
Dawson Broadhead
What does he have in his ears
Luis E Wendling
How does he hold his breath for so long?
Azhar Maxamuud
I used to have catfish but they died I was crying 😭 a lot
Thade Di Minn Lwin
I think
Thade Di Minn Lwin
His real name is Jake
Caleb Williams
That's actually so dangerous it's almost stupid catfish have dibs that sting when they are in danger so good luck to anyone with the balls to do this
David Bolletto
I'd love to see some one pule a 45 pound flathead out
Jack Smith
Dude this is awesome
Cola12345 12345Cola
How do you hold your breathe that long?
Dustin Castillo
having finished the video so good luck bro lol you can do it. good sound track too
Carlie Sheets
Lol he screamed when he put his hand in the wooden tube
Nathaniel Moore
How do you stay under water with a snorkel
Cyera Davidson
Cyera Davidson
While people r fishing DOING under water and pull on it well first take the bait is and tug AS HARD AS U CAN
Daniel Estrella
Dan Bilzerian?
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