Catching Catfish Underwater with Bare Hands! (Noodling)

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In this video I noodle for flathead catfish underwater at river! Two giant catfish at 1:03
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Hey guys! I got a few comments requesting me to noodle for catfish! I thought I'd give it a try! Let's see how this goes!

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Found a Working iPhone in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner)

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Location: Columbus, Georgia

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Cameras used: GoPro Hero 4

Max Fagerström
He is taking so fast sometimes I just can't hear what his saying🤓
Peridot The Crystal Gem
Cash me underwatuh how bou dah?
Jye Guest
how deep do you dive ?
Cajun plays
how deep was that water
Elise M Hiljus
what lake r u on/in
Minty Milo
400,000 subscribers or 600,000 subs lol now passed 1.3 milion
Sinan Sarı
Do you really think that this is catching fish with bare hands? after 3:50, yes it is, but before that its just making video about swimming man who is just scaring fishes. I love your "treasure" videos. But after that video, you've lost 1 subscriber...
Michela MichelaMichela
ohh my god i love your videos from the start i really wish you could do more of catching catfish and other animals to set them free
David Slater
This is a great way to show people how to catch fish from the bank also, shows how the flathead catfish like to lay in cracks and on top of rocks. You should do a video pointing out the different species of fish in different types of cover... I feel like you would make a great video out of that 👌🏼👍🏼
Derek Patton
3:22 why are you taking fish off other people's lines?
Amina Itekova
Love it
Bryan Mosheim
Do another noodling video
Byonic Nebulous&More
im also not about that
Froys - Vloggar & Annat Kul
Can you tell me where you shop the gear?
George Shiner
love it!
702 Profound Fitness
"They just chill be all fat and shit all day"
Haley Roberson
Keep going your awesome nice
Jacob Sundberg
wheres the part 2 maan??
Trenton Johnson
DALLMYD move your hand slow
Clayton Brown
can you do a video of scaring people
Sam Pearce
What's with the Chinese music?
Btw I'm not trying to be racist
take a pole down with you with some cut bait on it an see if you can get them too eat it an catch some lol an great vids man keep it up!!
2:27 "ohh herroww buddy"
мσηтүεs_ᖇᐯᎶ ᖇᐯᎶ MEMBER
aw do more underwater pranks there funny asf..
Bass Aholics
"im not about that hell no, dallmyd has a limit and that's too far" lmao foreal
Online Gamer
How do you breath under water for so long
Daniel B.
Bad ass.
adam bowden
do more plz
Chloe Morgan
what does a snorckle do
King og madla Delux
Bare is a Norwegian word
Bubbles 2007
How do you breathe under water SNORKEL you are supposed to use it at the surface?
Andrew Rickett
I highly recommend wearing glove them catfish Cary a lot of bacteria in there mouth
Savage_warrio o
u suck try again
GoBedo Tube
2 no
all fun til you see a flathead bigger than you smacking his lips lol
Jake Whittaker
how long can you hold your breath for?
Jay Thomas
Macie loves66
Pls do that again that really fun to watch
Gussy's Vidz
Who was that other dude
s2000 Rk
do this again!
fuckin awsome
great video
Love the videos, just watched like 10 in a row.
Screaming Drag TV
This is so sick
Ari L
So many fish! Too bad they are full of mercury
Saylor S
One time, I was scuba diving for Megaladon teeth in the upper Cooper river in Charleston, SC and I saw something out of the corner of my eye glint like two light bulbs spaced out by about 2 and a half feet apart. So, I shined my flashlight on it and here was a catfish just sitting under a tree that had a mouth as wide as a car tire. The thing must have been 5 feet long and weighed at least 100 pounds. I did not want to stick my arm in that thing's mouth lol
Josh Jankey
Your goin at it all wrong.
you have to grab them by the gills
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