Catching Catfish Underwater with Bare Hands! (Noodling)

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In this video I noodle for flathead catfish underwater at river! Two giant catfish at 1:03
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Hey guys! I got a few comments requesting me to noodle for catfish! I thought I'd give it a try! Let's see how this goes!

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Location: Columbus, Georgia

Music Provided by Monstercat:
Varien - Gunmetal Black [Monstercat Release] Link:

Music Provided by Jeff Kaale
"For Love" Link:

Music Provided by Flarve

Cameras used: GoPro Hero 4

Adam Hassler
1:31, that's a big ass fish! You could feed a bear with all that meat
Gumby Kidz
Plz do more videos like this your awesome
Kristy's Kids
xD he said hell nah
Luisa Russi
First off you the man for this comment "He'll nah I ain't about that" literally like 20 seconds in! 🤣😂🤣
dews outdoors
you should try some more noodling
Dragonite Playz
Wait DALLMYD is actually The All Mighty
Gabriel Davis
what u scared of a catfish?
Music Lover
He missed a phone and a GoPro
Inked Skin Deep
great video. how long can you hold your breath for???
Petra Whalley
Is he wearing ear buds in the water
Taehyung's Stuffed Elephant
3:19 Aww, DALLMYD, that was heart warming. <3 We need more people like you in this world.
Bearded dragons,Venus fly traps And more!!!
tx hogkiller
wat kind of snorkel is he usen to hold his breath for that long
Ethan F.
Try to go for bass next time
Devon Owen
Next time go after gars
Is he holding his breath?
devin weber
When is the next video coming out over this it's been 8 months 😂😂
lord sylveon
no oxygen tank eh(man you're a savage)
Brian Anaya
Who was that guy at the end?😂
Cameron Mast
why does the description say "help me reach 500,000 subs" when you have over 1 mil?
Thunder Head
I tried doing this. it worked i caught a 32 inch long catfish but i had stiches ouchh
Cisneros Rodriguez Guadalupe
That scream made me laugh so much
Johnie Burton
Next time you do that put your hole hand in his mouth
Adam Bridges
no moosick
Texas Underwater Adventures
Do more like these!!
play& info
the music plz
Catfish Catfish
Don't be rude to my family
Kevin Ortiz
Inmortal fish at 3:36
Nicholas Hogate
Nicholas Hogate
How deep is the river in where is the river at is it in Arizona or no
That Scream 3:36
Matthew Kleinwachter
Grab them by the gills then take a rope and make a loop and put it around their tales
His out tro ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey
Annie Pettersen
I'm not about dat heell na
Kimber Mack
He shouldn't swear or he would have me as a subscriber and probably a lot more subscribes
Jin Aquino
he is strong wow :D
ur cool dude
Charlie Hanserkers
i like the musik
Gary Benningfield
really cool you you set that channel cat free that was still on the hook, no telling how long it been there was the swelling and redness. Props bro!
its called DALLMYD noodling (becuz u dont do noodling correct)
Parker Pritchard
What state and river is this in
fries focus
You are a ledgend
RedstoneForLife Gaming
just asking but does anyone have a sucker fish at home coz I do (sorry if that's not its name I not that familiar with fish)
Ronnie the best
shout me out
How can I get to where I can hold my breath longer
How does one hold it's breath for so long? I really want to try looking for stuff at the bottom of some lakes near where I live, but I'd have to go up every minute or so. Creds to you man
Plz don't add music
Bro the fish werent even scared!?
Solona Akua
That scream when you stuck your hand in the pipe 😭😭 I know I shouldn't laugh but I was laughing so hard! Noodling looks hard lol I thought it was easy!
Kathy Brown
Mermaid Sparkle
"These fish just chill and sit on a rock all day and be fat and shit" made me 😅😰
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