the emerald
if the ppl say she runs like a girl and all that stuff she is a girl the bullys are retarded
Matthew Catulle
If they kill grimlock I'm done
wow this actually looks we actually get a transformers movie with robots pounching eachother? or maybe now we get another teeage crisis movie?
me video
wanna kill to say you wish the girl musts be die 👹
Joy Zafe Rodriguez
the dinobots had return
no head banging
#teammegatron ?
trailer ruined by the people.
Noob Saibot
Guess they thought a female protagonist should be here. I'm okay with that.
sex with me plz
transformers 5 the feminine uprising
Irvan Dadang
did anyone see megan fox there ?
the kid who plays games everyday
What's the matter with all of you you are judging this movie too much do any of you know what's going to happen no then just shut up Intel this movie comes and stops being idiots little children
Ford Fan01
Whoops! I accidentally hit Transformers: the last feminist, I thought it was Transformers: the last knight. My mistake...
dankass QuiksxopZ
feminist confirmed
p k
i feel like shitting on that girl's face!!
Igor Vukcevic
where is DRIFT?
Nicholas Simonin
So after looking into this character it appears that I was wrongAnd also I just realized that they are perhaps adaptin my favorite transformers story line, Armada
Carien Bouillon
I will not judge until I have watched it.
Шалтай Болтай
This little cunt is annoying like hell. This felm is already fucked.
Darren Reddy
well thats shit
Christian Rash
YOU THINK I'M AFRAID OF YOU!!!! they should've shot her with a torpedo rignt there and shut that stupid shit up. star wars understands feminism. it's easy really, just put a girl as the lead and make her a badass. Don't make her scream I'M A FEMINIST GIRL AND I'M A BADASS. That's annoying it's making the movie about something it's not even about. when will they just make a transformers movie on cybertron so no annoying humans can fuck the movie up.
True Jadoon
fucking hell transformers rise of puberty
Na Nguyễn
when will this film be released?
Michal Hruska
I bet that the little girl will go up to a Transformer and tell them to go check there metal privilege.
Transformers:the last feminist 300th comment
Wade Wilson
This trailer looks awful first off the girl looks like she trying WAY too hard to badass and secondly the jokes look corny and finally looks like it full of feminism.
Victor Abioye
who else saw hot rod
this trailer doesn't show enough of Cade (Mark Wahlberg)
I feel like the little girl is having her first period and has constant mood swings throughout the movie. Explaining why she nags at megatron like my girlfriend when I fall asleep before her during binge watching Netflix
Clash Of Gamer
can she die in 2min form the movie
sweet Jonhson
"ill fuck you like a girl"
answer the question
its amazing people are still going to fall for this movie
im going to be here laughing when it makes enough money at box office to warrant a sequel
Sarah Anderson
For my entire life everyone has been telling me, 'oh you can't watch Transformers because its for boys only', now here is a reason to show it is not
Pruthvi Rao
1:31 why do i feell like that transformer.....looks like Ultron
This movie is just a big fucking feminist video
Jon Readman
So...Transformers: The Last SJW?
Michael Avaliani
can this feminazi shit stop now
The Legend Himself
I just wish that this was april the 1st and the trailer was a prank
Everyone is whining about the little badass kid. I' just hoping to DEATH that Hot Rod's French accent isn't obnoxious
Rowan Cabahug-Almonte
Billy Josh Chew
Grimlock is so hungry that it need to munch some cars from junkyard
Kindo frappy
they should have seriously stopped it as the 3rd movie, this is just going from 100-0 really fast. This movie looks incredibly fucking dumb and im surprised they got the actors to come back since the last one was already absolute dog shit
Ali Kanso
no shia labeouf no like
Flash Gordon, Saviour of the Universe
Am I the only one who's excited for the showdown between Prime and Bumblebee? Screw the kids, I wanna see Optimus and BB fight
Terry vche
good movie trailer
Terry vche
good movie trailer
Terry vche
The Ragin' Asian
I've started to notice that films are forced to appeal to more people by just randomly making characters gay or making shit more feminine. Before you know it Transformers 6 will come out and Optimus Prime will be gay with Bumblebee. I FORSEE IT!
Kekistan Diplomat
y so much feminism?
The really funny part here is all the naysayers with their little asinine observations will probably go see it anyway. To be "ironic".
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