Oscars Mistake: Moonlight Wins Best Picture after La La Land Mistakenly Announced | ABC News

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The climax of Hollywood's biggest night ended in what will surely be a long-remembered snafu, as the initial announcement that the best picture award went to "La La Land" had to be retracted on stage and corrected to the real winner, "Moonlight." The announcement of "La La Land" was followed by several moments of apparent chaos on stage that ended with a producer of "La La Land" announcing that it was not really his picture that won. For more: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/moonlight-wins-best-picture-mistake-presenter-warren-beatty/story?id=45769592

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Crystal Clods
Natalie Perez
William Gardanis
William Gardanis
Looks good on you leftists
William Gardanis
Leftist Liberal Shits cannot do anything right Shameful and Disgusting liberal leftist turds cannot do anything right
look at all those rich jews
Martin Pascoe
Three people I know said MOONLIGHT is boring and fell asleep, not me, so no Haterz please.....
Martin Pascoe
Didn't like the way the guy from La La Land ripped the envelope from Warren....,Very ungracious
deanplayer69 metalplayer
What's the best way to prove the OSCARS aren't racist? By nominating a cheesy black movie with a bunch of no name actors nobody has ever seen!! LMFAO!!
Zulema Juarez
Moonlight deserved it
Sumi Jolie
The next steve harvey
Daisy C
La La Land is better anyway
the gay movement is STRONG in Hollywood.
Mahue Wi
What phenomenal movie! I 100% loved it and am very proud of Barry Jenkins for creating it and putting it out to the world. Well done guys! And don't let this be negative. I know there is a lot of you out there who think this mistake was on purpose and that it was made to look like Lala Land handed Moonlight the award but no. It's a mistake, let's leave it at that. The most important thing here is that they won. Be happy. Be proud.
Adam Islam
That piece of shit should of not just snatched the card out of Warren Betty.
ejni salihodzic
people say that director of la la land is youngest director to win oscar,but 2001 Danis Tanovic was younger.
Rob Blanco
This is how you promote a movie ppl think this is real smh before this only die hard movie fans knew about moonlight
daniel doria
Me: Déjà vu
Herbert The Pervert
Mandela Effect.
Charisma Bros
There's been a mistake: Manchester By the Sea won Best Picture
Mikki B
who else is here after Shane's video
Full moon my ass
Warrens in lala land !!
A second card should not have existed in the first place. There should be one card only, with the name of the winner. What exactly is the point of having a card with the name of the movie that lost? No point at all. It was obviously staged.
jason hockey
one question, who the fuck cares
Dean McLain
The mistake that was made is that in the wanting to make the blacks and gays happy the academy awards past of a truly great movie, Hacksaw Ridge, a movie about an American hero without a gun.
When did our country become so willing to appease gays, gender confused, and black that we would a second rate movie an award for being second rate.
What is wrong with this world when does it honors, drug dealer and people with an abnormal sex live.
If you want to be strange, keep it to yourself, normal people do not have to cheer for you keep it to yourself and marching do the street in assless chaps, we do not care and by trying force it on us just pisses most normal people off, why, because if we marched down the street in t-shirts that said " straight white and proud" it would piss off all the freaks and blacks.
Moonlight sucked as did La La Land, the only people that matter anymore are the those of abnormal behavior and people that cry about slavery that never were.
Sanket Palande
la la land deserves more
Ralph Castro
Haters are criticizing Jordan Horowitz (co-producer of La La Land and the guy who snatched the Best Picture card out of Warren Beatty's hand), but you know what at least he was humble to give the Oscar to the producers of Moonlight, just like Adele to Beyonce at the Grammys but unlike Miss Colombia to Miss Philippines during the Miss Universe 2015!
renegade runner
Did you see john Legend's face? LOL! Sad situation but I am glad they were good sports about it.
Novin Sadighi
Who cares? The Lobster was the best movie.
Rebeca Ibarra
just like miss universe
ciberpagano reategui
They are all fixed... Everything is fixed...Sad..
Vince Emerson Media
That must have been an awful feeling being on stage. Handled it well though but still oh my.
The Stonecutters did it! They even admit it in their lodge song!
anyone else come from ChrisMD???
pure coincidence
"We lost by the way." Salty as shit
Cam bam
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Buster Cherry
wtf is lala land or moonlight
Yikes that's awkward
Hidden King
Damn talk about aggressive, he snatched that paper out of his hand.
Affirmative action.
you had one job...
Dalibor Atlija
Moonlight is a very good film, but basically - the real card was a mistake....
Carry Huang
Hollywood wanted to let Trump be a joke,
but God let Hollywood become a joke first 😄
How can you explain to the fans of La La Land
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