Oscars Mistake: Moonlight Wins Best Picture after La La Land Mistakenly Announced | ABC News

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The climax of Hollywood's biggest night ended in what will surely be a long-remembered snafu, as the initial announcement that the best picture award went to "La La Land" had to be retracted on stage and corrected to the real winner, "Moonlight." The announcement of "La La Land" was followed by several moments of apparent chaos on stage that ended with a producer of "La La Land" announcing that it was not really his picture that won. For more: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/moonlight-wins-best-picture-mistake-presenter-warren-beatty/story?id=45769592

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akanksha singh
jimmy Kimmel face was priceless. he was so. embarrassed. its okay jimmy. it happens
You could see the face of the director that he is really upset about it.
Lolavie Blog
They did it on purpose to humiliate lala land and then to prove that the Harvey mistakes do happen... BULLSHIT!
Oh mein gott
Sean Bolden
Who the fuck are all these conspiracy theorists saying this was faked for publicity? Go back to Alex Jones' channel you tinfoil hat-wearing fucks...
Denise Spurlock
Next year have Amazon Echo announce all the winners.
Raymond Sebastian
The Oscars is the "Mother of All Awkwards."
Those racist Motherfuckers!!
renegade runner
Did you see Warren Beatty's face when the guy snatched the envelope out of his hands? He looked like "I want to whip your ass!"
laco maco
oscar won a movie about black homosexual boxer from ghetto what a concurrence of circumstance to last year boycott :D - thats political timing
Orlando Guillermo
Matt Damon is always hot
star love
What better way to lighten the moment throw in jimmy kimmel
David Jones
Unprofessional or What?
wait who made the mistake in telling who won???
Just saw both movies. Sorry but Moonlight was a zillion times better. It was original and had raw human emotion and feelings and was done on a much smaller budget. La la land was full of cliches and tired old movie storylines, to the point of being annoying and boring. Yeah, struggling boy meets struggling girl in LA and they fall in love but as fate would have it she gets with someone else and even John Legend's character was annoying and fake. So corny and tired out, complete with a line about the girl's Toyota Prius. And that annoying opening scene with all the struggling actors dancing on top of their cars holding up traffic on the freeway. Yawn Moonlight FTW. Sorry.
Saeromy Bak
black excellence versus white mediocracy
Saeromy Bak
oscars still so white for making that mistake fuck yesssss for moonlight
Abigail McCormick
I hate things like this. Look, it's somewhat doable to look at a movie and see that it has a comprehensive and realistic plot, good acting, some kind of relatedness to us or something unique, was liked by audiences, etc. That is how they determine what the nominees are. If a movie is nominated, usually it is very high art form. But the best? The "best" movie is something that can only be "come to" by scrutinizing details, nitpicking, contrasting various innovative features of a movie and determining what is "better", and it's very subjective. It's impossible to decide what "should" have won. I loved Moonlight, and La La Land, The Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge. So now people are all fighting, saying "Team La La Land" or "Team Moonlight", Moonlight is not "better" than La La Land and La La Land is not "better" than Moonlight, stop it with these comments that can border on racist and homophobic. Stop being vicious. An all black cast making a movie about a black gay man shot on a low budget won best picture, and that is a thing to celebrate. But you know what? The teams of La La Land and Moonlight respect each other as artists trying to create something beautiful. They both soundly succeeded. Please, let's leave it at that.
Brenden Scott
First Hollywood embarrassed its self with Trump, then this. Just an entire pack of losers.
Jared Lowey
The mistake was having actors in their 80's announce the biggest award in the history of show business. Also why would they be holding 2 cards for 2 different awards? Why wouldn't they just have the card that says best picture?
Jared Lowey
I cannot believe how well the producers of La La Land handled that incident.
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie manager promotion scene in a nutshell.
its what happens when people are too busy talking bullshit issues like race and poking jabs at our president and being self important its ok though the peoples choice was la la land and we all know who the real winner was
Mateus Ribeiro
Laughing at these white people disgusted faces lol Even though we know it was planned by other white people.
Jacob Solis
Moon light was good but man La La Land should have won
Why not make the title even more smaller that even a young man with health eye sights need to use microscope to see the word "best actor" and "Best picture"
Paul Haggerty
Moonlight won just because they were black. I'm glad the Demoncrat-voting, white liberals in Hollywood f-ed this up.
Bruce Lee
heh heh, I can't blame that producer for being pissed, the way he yanked the card out of warren beatty's hand that was freaking priceless. this mishap was embarrassing for everyone involve especially for the LaLa crew but the moonlight group barely got in some words during the acceptance speech.
Jaxen Ross is b-a-c-k!
WTF! I wanted La La Land to win, and NOW THIS F**K UP?!

I thought La La Land was the GREATEST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN IN ALL OF 2016 and I personally wanted it to wipe out at the Oscars! When THAT MOVIE was first called out as Best Picture - I got all excited and then after the fun was over - I just left the living room to go to bed. Thought for sure the show would just end there, but BOY was I wrong. Mom yelled at me to come back down the stairs and realize the mistake. WHAT WERE THEY F**KING THINKING?! Yes, I was pissed off internally.

Now, I'm going on record to declare that I'm never watching the Oscars again. You wanna know why? This Steve Harvey moment, and THAT'S BULLS**T!!!
Karla Brunsen
All we get are trannies, f.. trannywood.
Bruce cooke
I would just run after they make the correct call and never come back
How about i dont know instead of just the name, fucking write what they won as well on the card is that so hard???
Ong Wan Yuan
how tf do you read that wrong
Grace Brooks
Patrick Brisebois
Moonlight best picture ? Lalaland deserve it by a mile
Crystal Clods
Natalie Perez
William Gardanis
William Gardanis
Looks good on you leftists
William Gardanis
Leftist Liberal Shits cannot do anything right Shameful and Disgusting liberal leftist turds cannot do anything right
look at all those rich jews
Martin Pascoe
Three people I know said MOONLIGHT is boring and fell asleep, not me, so no Haterz please.....
Martin Pascoe
Didn't like the way the guy from La La Land ripped the envelope from Warren....,Very ungracious
deanplayer69 metalplayer
What's the best way to prove the OSCARS aren't racist? By nominating a cheesy black movie with a bunch of no name actors nobody has ever seen!! LMFAO!!
Zulema Juarez
Moonlight deserved it
Sumi Jolie
The next steve harvey
Daisy C
La La Land is better anyway
the gay movement is STRONG in Hollywood.
Mahue Wi
What phenomenal movie! I 100% loved it and am very proud of Barry Jenkins for creating it and putting it out to the world. Well done guys! And don't let this be negative. I know there is a lot of you out there who think this mistake was on purpose and that it was made to look like Lala Land handed Moonlight the award but no. It's a mistake, let's leave it at that. The most important thing here is that they won. Be happy. Be proud.
Adam Islam
That piece of shit should of not just snatched the card out of Warren Betty.
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