The Train Colors Song


It's a colors song and trains video for children. It's designed to help children learn the names of the colors in English.
Written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123.
Copyright 2011 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved.
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Kids songs song for children

Chords - Capo 5th fret



Jumia bdap
this isnt hard
Jayden Duodu
blue train, green train, yellow train, purple train, pink train, orange train, CHOOWOOOOO,CHOOWOOOO
michael w
me singing the fast bit for kids
blue train green train orange train green train red train black train choo ooo choo ooo
Bon Bon
I like trains
Timothy Day
Great song, are there guitar chords for this one? I would love to play this song for my kids! Keep up the awseome song making for kids!
my little brother like it but its to fast!
Thabiso Letsatsi
wow this song
Jackie Forget
sounds like an excellent adaptation of gershwin for kids thanks !
Jackie Sanders
my sister love this song like lliterly love it
Emily Mcintosh
bit fast but good
Anirak Zednanreh
LOL we have tons of fun with this one, my kids and I. Especially with the choooooooo chooooo hahahaha
Kay C
my autistic son looooves this video. He watches it 15 times back to back to back. I actually caught myself enjoying the song. Its amazing how people have no clue when they are so beautifully affecting another persons life... Thank you for the time taken to create this. Trust me, you've made a difference 😊
Christofer Johnson
This is a catchy one.
julie brtek
This nice video great song. Kids learn.
sorry - typo- They go all the way..
Trains are runnin down the tracks. The go all the way, one way -all the way back - clackity clack, clackity clack
Jasmine Diva
Could we get the lyrics? I'm actualy not a native speaker, so.... I usually get a bit lost in the part: trains are running down the xxx all the way......, can't really understand that part. BTW, Love the song too! :P My kids love it too, it's super funny
Baby Keys and Melodies
Love The Train Colors Song. I find myself singing it randomly sometimes throughout the day. Good for Kids and Adults.
Madison Gonzalez
My cousin Sophia is a few months old and when ever I put this song up to her face she stops what ever she is doing and watches it. It's so cute!!! Great work on the video
Tarun Kumar Bera
nice work...
Michael Perez
My 3 yrs old son is always playing this video since he was 2 yrs old.
Mani Nambiar
my brother loves it
Annie Rues
This video and song are awesome. My 2-year old loves it!
Marco Rivas
I know huh
Kara Boo
Why was this so funny?!
I'm literally crying
very nice
My kids dig this one.
ajay chennamsetti
my little sister loves this so much CHWOOOOOO!
maaz majeed
my little brother loves this. I also do and so does my sister.
ady duffy
Brandon Snipes
Dude, I was in a dark place in my life... a very dark place. Everything looked like dark tunnels. It was sad. THEN, i randomly came across your train colors song on youtube. And... it made me want to jump on the train colors song of LIFE! And I've been choo choo'in along ever since!!!! Thank you. THANK YOU.
Laura Haywood
I watch a 4 year old girl and a 2 1/2 year old boy and the little boy loves loves Rainbows. While i was babysitting them today we came across this video... We love it.... the little girl and i sing along the best we can.... we like the Clackity Clack part the best. We have a hard time with naming all the colors because it is so fast and then we start laughing. Thank you for this song. Very cute :)
Koula Kotsonia
Thumbs up.
quintiple million...
Maryanne Rappaport
My 11 m.o. loves your music -- will actually cry at other artist versions of similar songs!! Your voice is really soothing, and your pronunciation (especially in this train song!) is excellent for proper language development. This song is such a challenge to sing, so I keep coming back to it!
Was just thinking of turning this song into a gypsy jazz groove ;O Sure I can blow of some roofs with that :)
Great learning concept using trains. Great video
May be older than most but still sang along to this
m lona
this got stuck in my head
this song is awesome i love your video's but this has to be my favourite one :D
lizi's voice
i am a 32 year old adult.. and i love your songs. i dont know what that's sayin about me but it certainly is sayin somethin gud about your songs!! :) xoxo
Kim Meyer
My little brother is 2 years old and love this song so much ! :))
Haha, I'm gonna go on a solo rail trip next summer and this sooo goes in my playlist :D
Cadie Sun
i like it my 2year old loves it she likes all of your songs
Shirley Ocasio
perfect for my ESL students (Kindergarteners)
Nick Schwindt
i was on the i liek trains song...
Wyatt Dore
???? i was on minecraft
My 2 year old cousin loves this song
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