cant fool me, thats 16:9, it should be 8:7 or whatever aspect ratio the famicom is
Veselka Yordanova
first google blue then this
MarioStyles Itz
I am the 6666 comment
It was relaxed a day early
FGV Cosmic

31st march!?!?!? Are you sure!?!?!?!
Lorenzo Oritasculiadorad
Wish this was real
Mathieu L
Back in the day, when Google wasn't into identity politics
I love April fools eve videos from Google
Parallel GD
This would actually be pretty cool
Tarneisha Jack
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It'll Explain Everything From There 👈🏽
Supergaming Fun
Make this real. :)
More Zakrii
They actually went through the trouble to make a fake cartridge XD
Tom Docouto
Where is the battles?
gameboy 10k
Is this real
Gabe Deleon
How do google act so realistic on their april fools jokes?
Omar Nidal Soub
Professor David
Is this even true?
Dpl 195
April fools joke on March 31st...🤔
Yeah IM Totally Ginger
diane pritchard
diane pritchard
Kaka Dika
April Fools
Ink Plays
Too many colours to be Nes, but still cool
cinnamorollfan1995 sonicfan1998
Google hi
Kaizo Hook
I would get that
James Ward
So mario.... but you cant walk or kill gombas...

So Mario without the fun
ZdrytchX -{Reference
There is actually sitll people out there develooping software for the NES. One for example, is making a game called lizard.
The Fancy Lion
Is this a joke? Because I would normally know about this instantly. I like playing with google earth.
Hey. Battle Kid did it 2 years earlier...
Why I found it only today XDD
shelby coupar
,Blow on. the cartridge to fix bugs,
on google april 1st is march 31st
Playstation 5
0:52 It's just a prank bro
Zamgion -NEW-
This shall be a thing. Btw, we can make a religion out of this.
Jason K
i would love the maps icon with a dragon tho.
Adrian Duran
so this is what Terranigma would have looked like on the NES
Music of dragon quest?
Steve Minecraft
Fake, dial up isn't that fast.
Too bad this doesn't work anymore.
samuel tarrifa delfin
return the 8 bit version and pacman in google map
A Toad with a Mario cap on
i thought this was for the NES, not famicon
brandon caruso
Does anyone here want to know Jesus because Jesus loves you so much and wants to know you:) God bless your hearts!
Raian Pia
dragon quest lol
capitán_ camote_picante
I thought the prank was in 16bit...
alex ignatenko
Кто с Википедии?
AJ Jay
Damn I miss my Famicom!
You have to go through Maine to get to New York.
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