Harman Fukiwal
Plz send me samsung s7 edge plz friend plz friend
Rohit Prasad
I would like to see 1000ft drop test of owner this channel and review also
Juega con SilexDavid Flores
Send me that phone:,(
Janjanitona 17
I dont have money to buy that phone thats my dream phone
Apple must be laughing rn
Mr. CoolManJr
Dang the samsung galaxy s8 is way stronger than pretty much all iphones including the iphone x i think samsung is better tbh apple is always trying to copy samsung
Edijs Benoit
scotch tape holds glass together... uuummm
1000 feet in meters?
jam imtiaz
Ahmad Mudassir Walkman
Ran Lanic
wow.. still alive.. amazing.. :)
Angelo Lubrin
Hope i wiin
which drone you are using bro...
Max Martinez
Wtf I dropped mine on the floor form 2ft and it is broken
William Copps
You should do this with the S8 active.
Pablo Mazariegos
Muy buen video amigo
takreem ahamed
Bro I am new subscriber. I like the way you test mobiles . Send me one new mobile
Jeffskie Jaypee123
are you giving phone? can you give me? i really dreamed to have phone like yours....
fortuna muslimah
The video quality is freakin' good, i thought it was a music video😂😂
Chris Blevins
I subbed merry Christmas
USman Prince
But how you snd s8 in pakistan
Harry Corleone
What can you expect if you drop a phone from 1000 ft.
Revaldi Dearly
But this phone make a diamond armor???? (Minecraft)
Юрий Кернис
Уроды зажравшиеся ,не знают куда деньги деть
Imagine you threw the phone and all your camera's didn't record anything😂
Leo Hiyat
Please give me an s8+
Joshua Frank
I like good
Zeeshan Ali
Sir give me one
Vishal Goswami
I love Samsung mobile
Jaynarayan Pareek
Plese give me phone
mam mam
Nie mogę cb słuchać masz głos jaj dałn
Helen bhatt
put 100 gm weight try again
that one girl
When you think about..who tf would drop their phone that high up like why?! XD
D4arkG0 I
Babaca do krl quanta gente querendo um, e vc destruindo idiota
Diego Moraiis
Queria Tanto😢
aryanto budi
Oranggg Kayaaaaa
Benjie Cayaban
that was amazing! i'm getting insane! now i'm subscribing you and hoping to win one of the smartphones
mahshoof mechu
Ashim Paudel
i droped my s8plus falling from ladder
Ashim Paudel
Sylvio Fleurant
This is what you call real drop test. I like this code
Marcus Crassus
Damn, im sure if i drop my s8 from 50cms it will totally destroy :(
Bhawani Thapa
Where is Samsung galaxy phone to me I have already do what ever tell to do
Zabir Khan
Don't you guy's have anything better to do? Who the hell with drop a phone from 1000 feet??
Rahul Nayak
Samsung Galaxy S8 😍😍
Bagsrwanduth Sohunsars
but it survived that was impressive
Bagsrwanduth Sohunsars
a phone without a camera that sucks
vinay SINGH
Cesar Angeles
Are you a fool???
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