Samsung Galaxy S8 Drop Test from 1000 Feet!! | Durability REVIEW

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Drop Test from 1000 Feet Durability Review. 

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Today we have the new samsung galaxy s8 drop test video from 1000 feet, as you know we love to do extreme review on the samsung galaxy s8 and do a comparison with other smartphones that went through the same test. 

The winner of the samsung galaxy s8 will be randomly selected and announced in 15 days through my instagram! Stay tuned & turn on notifications!

Experimental Logic
on other channels a 50 ft drop kills the s8, how does it live
Please also do this experiment with mi 4 new model
I've loved my S8+ since the day I got it.
ivan stakovic
Mahesh Yadav
my phn badly damaged so bro down throw d phn if u dnt wnt give it 2 mee. ..... i ll use it .....
Marius Løfqvist
I think it's a fake phone
Ashok Gajera
You give a one phone
rosalie ryba
And hi
rosalie ryba
Can I have a s8
Finius Druff
It's sickens me to the stomach, I'd love one of these.
Vukosy Veekay
Wow my heart hurts when such phones are cracked but I wish I had it and for sure I know one day il touch a phone like this in Jesus name
Aldy Syarif
Do you can believe that, if he want to giveaway S8 ???
Michał Wojciechowski
It all depends on how the phone falls
gonna take a piss,when i come bACK this better be a top comment😎
Awsm 👍
Yusuf Özçidem
oç o telefonu bana ver beni at ordan ibne
Bavan Reddy
if u really don't need those mobiles give it to me I will ensure proper care of it!
Benson Xiong
Also um the Galaxy s8 is cheap but I still like it .
bruno onurb
how about a 1000 feet drone drop test?
Rajesh Kumar
How could u do this
Danang Aji seno
horang kayahhhh
Drop at : 2:25
Elson Zipagang
Can i have one instead?
If i were there i would catch it and run away.
Asmaul Rakib
which song you've used in this video? please tell me
The muffin
It's a samsung so I guess this is morally correct

I probably just started World War III
Can you drop the iPhone 5 c
Cool vid
nikhil sharma
Which song is playing in backhround
Erick Omilio
Done .. thank you in advace hehe
ItzSimpleBoy GR
If you need to get views just throw your phone!!
Kishan Preston
0.00mins Background song

And 4:00 song name is. I'm over you
Rafie Rasuli
Whats the background song.That was awesome
Neeraj Sharma
give me a s8
What about asus zenfone max?
What will u do with this brokken phone
Chhouer Be
free phone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chhouer Be
free phone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Silly americans, measuring with FEET. Fucking feet!:) Why not measure in dicks?
Aaron K.
سهيل الحقيل
Ankit Srivastava
Morons like dese... I wish he doesn't make money outta video... Den we see how many stupid acts dese people do
Dude why the hell would u destroy a phone??? Give it to me i have a better use for it in good condition!!!
sasi prabath
s8 is cool one
Sanket Palande
Off course it will break u stupid idiot
mrs diaz
You're Wasting Your Money.
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