Samsung Galaxy S8 Drop Test from 1000 Feet!! | Durability REVIEW

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Drop Test from 1000 Feet Durability Review. 

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Today we have the new samsung galaxy s8 drop test video from 1000 feet, as you know we love to do extreme review on the samsung galaxy s8 and do a comparison with other smartphones that went through the same test. 

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Nick Owl
im late for the give away,
i dont have any phone
ryan advincula
How much for your drone both your gadgets I'm so more interested than that
why don't u give s8 to me instead of dropping it ,I will be thanking u for that
Zikriya Pasha
Waiting for other video
Kaustubham Sharma
John Lhonix Mereno
good can i have one samsung s8 pls
Gerald Anthony A oligo
any phones please😭😭
salman 8bpool
(you are awesome:}keep it going!
Vinod Tavildar
anonymous organism
be careful guys. Don't drop your phone from 1000 feet.
Lol he is a apple assistant
wajo jan
i want an iphone 6s or 7
jack black
I am afraid of Samsung.. it will beat Apple in a very short time..
Jess Palacio
I want the drone not the phone 😁
Bryan Naranjo
god this idiot is making thousands of dollars by making these pointless fucking videos. Dropping a glass phone from 3000 feet, gee i wonder what will happen. We need to start shunning and not watching this type of content.
Kit Windu
noooooo give it to me, but don't crash it ;-)
Sofija Damjanovic
i subscribed
imran azam
why are you destroying this beautiful phone :( please give it to me :/
justin toron
Samsung s8😓😢😭
The name of the music is:
Hearts United mikael persson feat. cecilia axeland
Darmo Kandado
please broke your drone for me
ardhfin 27
I surprised so amaze
jeeneward revelo
how I wish I could have that smartphone. In my dreams I think I'm poor. Cool video bro.
Suhail Khan
wohhow man really great
indonesian mapper
holy fuck
Szab S.
Good to know! So if someone of you guys falls off from the top of a 1000 feet tall building or suffers airplane crash, don't panic, you'll still be able to use your phones!
Georgette Tetaz
i want the s8
joey attos
super durable
Jose Gonzalez
This video proves that the Samsung Galaxy S8 can survive very high drops.

This video is for educational and entertainment purposes.

This video shows that we are improving on phone durability which is currently needed since people somehow break their phone just by dropping it from like 5 inches nowadays.

If you say this is wasting money that could be given to the poor, then think of this: If you give some random poor person money, chances are that they would just probably use it to buy some random drugs to screw themselves more and/or harming others in the process.
Miska Lukov
No, I rather not call this a durability test, thank you very much
Nathan Conway
"1000 feet" 🤔
Wbafc wba
Amazing video edit
kill fire 187
Mash Shiiro
another stupidity video wasting money just to broke an expensive gadgets thumbs down 😬😬😬😬
Manish Aher
try the old nokia phone....u may have to build new roads after dropping nokia frm 1000 ft high😂😂
play boy
see my oageee......u l lov it
Carlos Lau
casa de dios
ziad/ fares التحديات
pleas i want to win
people is stupid
galaxy 8 giveaway please
Pugsan Wugsan
Waste of a phone. Like if you agree
Mahbool مهبول
Drop starts at 2:25
Whats the song which starts at 0:47? I'm looking for it everywhere
Learn And Fun
Marlon Manalo Jr
samsung s8 is awesome.. grr i dont have instagram ^,^
شيء من كل شيء
Crazy Car Driver 👇😱😬
Nath J.R
Thank you, for making this video and showing S8's durability. Thank you for the giveaway too, I'm looking foward to it.Hope I'm LUCKY!!!
What is the point?
Divit Karekar
How can you afford that phone just for the video and then break it a little great
Uneke 8
Where the fuck do you come up with a 7.9 score , why not just give it a fucking 8
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