Benjamin Hetzel
As an Herbalife distributor I just sort of have to yawn at this. I know I'm opening myself to attack as per usual on youtube, but there's another thing: I have a degree in health and wellness, an ACSM training cert which is top 3 in the country and have been helping people get healthy long before I joined Herbalife. Its easy for Colbert to get a laugh, after all he's 3/4 comedian and 1/4 news anchor, but really. The part about people stockpiling product in garages and then losing thousands is just ludicrous...and misleading. I joined because of my training clients, not myself. I know nutrition like the back of my hand and read the ingredients and the third party testing and was quite impressed. And yes, of course supplements can help prevent heart disease; this is nutrition 101...and yes, it could help a 40 year old get pregnant, because if you're overweight and unhealthy, its harder to get pregnant. I've heard thousands of these testimonials, and have plenty of my own clients that love the product and have fantastic results. It is not a pyramid scheme...the definition of a pyramid scheme is when you "sign people up" and get paid but deliver no product. This isn't the case at all. I know I'm going to get trolled but I don't really care. Since using the products I basically never get sick, have more energy and am in the best shape of my life, and maybe more importantly the product quality is top notch...even Olympians and NCAA athletes can use the products without worry of banned substance. And Mark Hughes was right, those congressional hearing "experts" were fat AF. I know because I know many people personally who marched with him after what really amounted to an attack by the pharmaceutical industry, which we all know has immense pull. Another point: the statistics are clear with any business: 95% go out of business. Herbalife is a self-employed business. It's not easy just like any other business. I know there are some bad eggs in any company but overall I think this is a pretty sloppy description. My own mother got off various medications. I'm not supposed to say that because of FDA rules, but what the hell.
Abby Williamson
3:03 "It's not a pyramid, it's just pyramid shaped"

Yes, John, just like literally every structure in corporate America is shaped like a pyramid. You work for a company that's shaped like a pyramid. There's a big difference between that and a pyramid scheme, which is what he was saying.

6:24 Did John not see her use the air quotes? Does John not know what air quotes mean? Keep misrepresenting people's words though, it really makes you credible.
Kaestin Hsiao
Kaestin Hsiao
Zachariah Logan
But seriously, if you go into any business with out a business plan or refuse to make one; you have like a 99% chance of failing.
Zachariah Logan
26:03 that’s my new ringtone
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Is there something fucked up with the sound in the background or is satan trying to talk to me
Zachariah Logan
What’s with the popping in the audio?
Lee Fleming
you'd think the herbalife ceo with all that money would have someone to check if foundation matches his neck
ben Jovi
speed works better than coke
This is the greatest video I’ve watched on YouTube
Noted science advocate, Jenny Mcarthy. 😂 I love you, John
Teresa Allen
people y'all are so funny. Is brawny a scheme, you do buy hand towels right. Oh you do buy tooth paste right, ohhhh hold up what do you use to wash your face etc. You have Maybelline, Cover Girl, Jordans, Niki, you have Polo just a few. What do you call them? What do you call all the NAME BRAND PRODUCTS you purchase? Who started their business?
Samuel Lottner
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Ari Edge
in my country... mlm actually flurishing.. like mariuna....
Yvonne Rhoden
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Angel Hernandez
Im going to drop some major knowledge for you all but the every business out here at your local stores and companies you see in a day to day are structured in a pyramid for instance way at the Top of your 9to5 job you have ; CEO , President , Vice president , Middle Management , Team leaders/ Supervisors , and at the Very bottom HARD WORKING Employees ......Sadly you as well been working for a pyramid scheme if this is the case. :/ LISTEN every business main structure is form/shape of a pyramid form EVERY BUSINESS ... Its the strongest structure there is for any business in this world and has been that way for years. There is more to what is a scam and to what their isn't educate your selfs.
So he takes some of the worst MLM's out there and makes a generalized statement that all MLM's are bad.
rabid rabbitshuggers
The Youngevity speaker is drunk AF.
Emily Fisher
I really hope Beyonce saw this
david campos
This guy is wrong he is working on pyramid scheme by not even noticing himself that somebody else its getting money out him thats stupid
martina kurtovic
Norman Swanson
18:46 I just realized Michael Johnson looks like a young Lance Armstrong.
That P.T Cruiser line LOL
omar lucero
I almost ended going to a job interview that supposedly they give you a lot of money just by selling kitchen knifes. my sister told me it was a pyramid scheme and I canceled the job interview
Jerusha Myers
The founder of Herbalife died of a drug overdose in 2000.
Kevin Jurkiewicz
I don't like mlms but are all companys pyramid shaped?
Nearly every company is organized as a pyramid. That is not the point.
Owen eldridge
Raise your own children???? As opposed to what someone else's? I assume be a stay at home parent but the tone and wording
Bryan Porter
weber grill
Hey this video is SUPER helpful! So I thought it would also be really helpful to compile all this into a PDF that way you can take it and use it anytime. You can access it totally free...
Hopefully this will be helpful to you guys...
bla bla bla
First coin,Coinspace,Planet program biggest douches they should all go to prison!!!
Aziz Basry
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David Truong
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jenna cooper
Awe. Now he gets to work with beyonce. This pyramid works.
chandan jayakumar
I know why? he has no idea of not what he is talking about. I can pick some random stuff and mock at anything , including his show. use less information and in one minute I can prove why some MLMs are not pyramid.
Helen Qing
It angers me how you mock JR Ridinger in that way. You have no idea what type of leader he is and how big his heart is for people. This is such a bad way to portray the industry. I’m not saying it’s all untrue but this video makes me mad and sad everytime I meet someone who’s watched it and now has a negative connotation for the industry. This is just horrible. If you have never been to any of these events then you have no right to pick it apart and make these kind of comments on it.
i had to defriend a cousin bec she wouldnt stop harassing me about herbalife. total cult.
Rachel Krimson
Illuminati confirmed XD
Jorge Cruz
Someone tried to sign me up for Kyäni. I don't want to be mean to people who fell for the scheme, but when the pitch sounds too good to be true, it very likely is. So I asked for a week or two to make up my mind. In fact, I used those to research what I could find about the company and what pyramid schemes are. I never talked to that acquaintance ever again. If you got scammed and are in trouble, don't drag the people you know into this (in fact, not even people you don't know). You might be a little better off, but you could very possibly fuck them over badly.
I noticed my cousin posting herbalife so much. I want to show her or tell, but I dont want to alienate her or have her get mad. I wonder how I should go about it? Im just worried. 😔
ausomecat man
Multilevel marketing, finally a legal pyramid scheme
Awesome this is
Mai Mee
Apparently this pyramid scheme doesn't work .... There's only 9.6 M views .... needs about 4 more levels down
Victor Cabrera
Damn, out of all of these, the only ones I heard of were Herbalife and Amway lol.
My mom tried Amway back in the day, and/or Nutrilite. Don't blame her, recently single mom with 3 kids and a shitty paying job, she needed money. Sadly those companies sucked.
Recently I was thinking about trying the Herbalife product, but I recently just watched a video about how the products actually aren't as great as they seem. Actually how I found THIS video. Some person commented about it lol.
Now I know not to waste money on trying product. I'll just go with a balanced diet. Pretty sure being a distributor would be worse.

Like why should a unlicensed amateur tell people about their health?

Makes me question why people think that Primerica Life agents aren't professional either. Which is not true. They have to go through a state background check for a criminal record, must pass a state licensing test, wait a 30 day period to be appointed. Also a highly regulated industry. So I'm glad they're (Primerica) is actually a truth worthy "MLM". Also they do in fact keep income tabs on everyone, Herbalife can't say the same I guess.
J Girl
...I love my boss. Am I really the only one?
"The Latino blood... It's in this company, and it feels great!" - Michael Johnson.

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