America's Got Talent 2017 Maria Popazov Strength & Elegance Full Audition S12E05

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The playlist is in the same order as the show. Had to break up most of the videos into 2 or 3 pieces in order to upload the entire show. Sorry but it was pretty much the only way. Took a lot more time so I couldn't get it done before work.

Llew Gibson
I viewed your video mate, absolutely love the content. Subscribed straight away, We should connect!
Luis Duque
Contortion un 3 mtrs
Ms. Neon
She's awesome 😍❤🔥
evert anders
sexistic idiots again.
Uncle Rowdy
tru e
"how can she do that?" girl in audience. wow, years of training, guys. you thought she was born with it??
among gymnasts she is not that special, just brave enough to work with such unstable construction.
btw, she reminds me of Evan Rachel Wood.
Лариса Лосилкинеа
Молодец здорово успехов
Alan MacFarlane
Joe Crocker .. his Heart and Soul album has this song she is using. though her version is a bit longer or so Maria tells me her self. Screaming Jay Hawkins I am pretty sure was the first one to put it out; though others like Annie Lennox, Samantha Fish, Marilyn Manson, Nina Simon, Jeff Beck, Creedence Clearwater Revival and others who are more R & B ... did this Blues song as well. It is a classic that holds up with repeated listening.

sumbuddie wear blind sea
serah halifax
Wow! So so good
Kunsal Lama
She is better than Chinese
HanyFazy Ali
Your so sweet and amazing😘😍😘😍😘😍
1:56 I got an idea !
Lilly Games
Im sorry but she is a copy cat a real copy cat. I do not like her it is just my opinion
fan_bollywood me
she was beautiful
Rick O'Shea
But....can she cook?
Jacqueline Commodore
OMG.. The mouth part got me
Robert Wilson
Amazing agility.
Victoria Justice
Simon over here stirring the tea thats already PIPPING
Strength hmmmm I have 4 cords of wood that needs splitting and I bet she couldn't do half as much as a male could in an hour.
Emma Susanti Ng
jordan pinkette
Hi hi it's ty ty !
Kiki beelet
This lady has no bones 😣😣
Uma Maheswar Nakka
Why no Golden buzzer, may be all got immersed in her mesmerizing acrobat.
Esse kay
Stooopppp addressing how they are husband and wife
Byron Houston
Say I had all the flexibility for that and the muscle capacity, I still wouldn't be able to rest om my upper jaw like that without hearing something go snap, so good for her.
Vicky Kumar
u r awesome. .i love u so much
Asmerom Abed
In 1:37 the girl is like HOW SHE DO THATTTTT
Melon Farmer
Contortionists are awesome. freaky but cool
Larry Rogers
Simon strokes his microphone in a very PG13 sort of way as he watches her. bah ha ha ha In his defense, she is PERFECT, holy crap!!!
Simon at 2:52 "I'm really curious to see where this is going to go next" (What's with the middle finger Simon?)
قناة الاخبار
Hi. l subscribed to your Channel. Please subscribe to mine.
Angel T
Beautiful wife
Просто дух захватывает!!!! Великолепно!!!! Потрясающий номер! Респект Марии!
Arki EL
Mel. you can't do what she did cause you won't fit thru those pipes
Ash K
Wow! I mean wow!!! Is that even possible? A truly mesmerizing performance.
Retro .Spekta
Kudo Shinishi
I prefer this audition.
Twentiethcenturybaby K
That was brilliant, and she is beautiful too.
Grayson Miller
I thought it was extremely good but there's one of these every year, with the same tricks.
Sathan Xavier
she is so flexible ...and upper body strength 👌
amy silonga
I think she deserved the Golden buzzer. That was terrific for a Las Vegas show.
The Devils Advocate
I wonder if she can do that with her butthole too instead of her mouth.
Nene Sailo
I dnt usually watch this type of performance but this one is exceptionally powerful. She's so awesome...definitely deserves golden buzzer!! And her husband..shorter version of jimmy fallon.
7 Bells Productions
0:00 "We're going to go right into his wife"
Haseeb Raja
Azaam Khan
venha com a Gabriele vitoria santos da silva silva
Olá soi Gabriele
Johnny Depp
very good😃😃😃😃😃
Em Spearing
Sometimes Mel B is more entertaining than the guests.
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