Robert Toe
Must he go sh sh sh sh sh every time that he throws a kick .maybe if he went kiaahhh! It would've been better 😆
vincent parlante
When it comes to the recent to current Wing Chun Kung Fu movies ??? I can say thank you to Donnie Yen for his great work in playing the late Grandmaster Ip Man who for those of you who don't know or remember was the teacher in Hong Kong to the late Bruce Lee, all of which are the foundation core to Lee's Jeet Kune Do.
Savannah Jones
This is totally irrelevant, I could make all kinds of comments on form and style but I'll leave you with *drools*
Brian Smith
Hands up :)
well I can only think that since Shannon Lee doesn't approve of it, that is possibly why you cannot find it showing anywhere. The producers prolly do not want to get SUED!!!!!
Maddi Martin
Looks like him but shouldn't he be practicing wing Chun or jeet kune do and not kick boxing for the role I didn't see a single arrow punch in the whole sequence
Frank Henderson
no disrespect to this guy he seems good but Jason Scott Lee murdered that dragon the Bruce Lee Story movie I don't think anyone could do it better than him
Jose Freire
no me gusta
timothy cort
great video
You're a little too big to be Bruce Lee and you didn't show any acting skills. You just show you doing a bit of MMA.
Good thing you didn't get the part. That movie is awful.
Ivana Milanovic
You Looks a little be old for Bruce Lee character :D
Bruce Brown
Specifically the scene in which Bruce is outnumbered in the alleyway the kick combination he used are very similar to how Donnie Yen who portrays when he's fighting against the 10 black belts
Bruce Brown
Nice touches on the Wing Chun punches and kicks. Some of the kicking choreography reminds me of Donnie Yen' s kicks in Ip Man. Did you draw on that for inspiration?
Ronald Martin
too late bro.
Slim Slipovic
Find you style bro...Go where nobody went... You're young! Courage!
andrea Sena
you look like the perfect bruce lee
Some One
why not :)
Silvia Lopez
speed aint there
ch ch ch ch sh sh sh sh shu shu shu shu ?! "_
rustam ojha
not even close to Bruce Lee
I see the resemblance!
Vision Tube
just saw the trailer of the movie.. the bruce lee they went for was the one back in the 60's
so they went for a younger lookin guy.. i gotta say you woulda been a good one for the 70's version of lee.
john Dimelu
are interested in potraying bruce lee on a tv show?
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