Jay Sekulow Schools Chris Wallace: "We have NOT received ANY Investigation of the POTUS"

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HEATED DEBATE over the facts: Jay Sekulow vs. Chris Wallace discussing the possible investigation of President Trump over the firing of FBI Directory James Comey. 

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it's a beautiful day here on flat earth
two lying jews!
Darya Ionesco
LOL. Don't believe your lying ears. Comey also didn't keep doctor-patient privilege or priest-confessor privilege. I don't know how Chris Wallace managed to keep a straight face.
Wow, the right can twist anything to make it positive for them, huh? How exactly does Sekulow school Wallace here?
So many great comedy moments in this interview, but here's one that most people seem to have missed:
6:34 Jay Sekulow: "I'm not going to give you conversations I've had with — had or have not had — with the president of the United States."
Nice of him to clarify that he won't be giving us details of conversations that don't exist, lol.
aleph bet
These communist Democratic terrorist cause that's what they truly are. Sponsored by none other than Obama & Hillary, what can you really expect from a typical so called reporter that works for the Clintons.... the Truth???? keep waiting.... just looking at his face and demeanor you can tell this guy just wants to add confusion and run away with anything he can.... he should be working a gossip magazine, doing the type of reports Elvis & Micheal Jackson were seen eating at Mickey D's..... hahaha
Filipe Cunha
Trump's lawyer? lol
His defense is that Comey is a leaker? lol

And the tittle of the video...Sekulow was roasted! Fox News at his best always bullying his best workers when they are not sexually assaulting them. Deplorables. This channel is full with miserable spineless cockroaches.
walter ontiveros
I was worried Trump might get away with it but after watching these stupid baboon's defending him I'm not worried anymore
walter ontiveros
jay your a stupid idiot
the Sun and the Earth
too funny.
This title seems incorrect. Sekulow even said twice that he's under investigation.
Jimmy McDougan
Chris Wallace appears to use the word "investigation" like a Pavlovian bell. These comments read like Americans drooling over the treat of their own President being indicted for T̶r̶u̶m̶p̶ ̶R̶u̶s̶s̶i̶a̶ ̶c̶o̶l̶l̶u̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ obstruction of justice. But the interview viewed in context suggests that will never happen. Sekulow is asked at the beginning if he has been FORMALLY NOTIFIED that Trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice. This matters in the big picture because an anonymous Washington Post story is not the same as a formal investigation. The answer is no. Wallace was the one spinning the narrative not Sekulow as Sekulow explained that the story behind Trump's tweet was legally irrelevant even if the investigation claims by the Washington Post are true. Sekulow does appear to be a lawyer first and public speaker second but that doesn't change what he said. These "GOT EEM" comments don't appear to carry weight.
LOL. this guy sucks. Trump is better off defending himself. LOL. Trump and his desperate poor white followers -lol
You can't defend both Trump's "witch hunt" tweet and the idea that Trump is not under investigation. If Trump is not under investigation, then Trump's tweet exhibits paranoia. If Trump's tweet comes from a sound mind, then he clearly is under investigation. One or the other, not both. Sekulov tried to defend both ideas, so goes the Trump loyalist argument, by treating Trump's tweet as a "scenario". If that is true, then feeling besieged based on a hypothetical scenario displays a very deranged state of mind on the part of POTUS, that is, he is imagining a witch hunt.
Music Calgary
Jay got DESTROYED should be the title.
Sean Beebe
Poor Sekulow, doesn't even listen to his own words. He said specifically in this clip that there is an investigation of the President. He was schooled by Wallace.
set set
"Oh boy this is weird." Finally Fox News is getting it. lol
Title of this video shows a lot about people who support trump. Alternative facts. They can watch a video of Wallace using Jay Sekulow own words against him for 11 minutes and still say "Jay Sekulow Schools Chris Wallace " hahaha.
3:00 "and now he is being investigated"

1 minute later

"I never said he is being investigated"
man Jay Sekulow just went full retard hahaha
Kenneth Allison
Mr. Chris Wallace said, "This tape—meaning video (at
04:14 mm:ss)—will speak for itself. Mr. Jay Sekulow is right, and Mr. Wallace is
wrong. It’s plain but not so simple. The issue was not "crystal
clear" as Mr. Sekulow said. I believe that the threshold question concept was
fairly clear, but the threshold question could have been—perhaps
better—explained as a hypothetical constitutional threshold question or a
hypothetical scenario at time 02:45 (mm:ss) and restated again at time 03:20
(mm:ss). Lastly, upon further review, it seems that Mr. Wallace was looking for
a fight. He got it and lost—BIG TIME!
Egide Muhire
If Trump's son in law can hire better lawyers than him, it makes you think where Trump is picking these guys from. When you hire legal people to defend you, you expect them to hit the ground running, and not to hit the ground crashing and burning.
People like this make the world want to punch itself in the nuts/ ovaries.
Vanguard Recovery Services
I was a republican. These people can differentiate between loyalty to their hometown football, no matter how they perform, and loyalty to a political party, no matter damning the ACTUAL real world consequences are. They are not even choosing the facts that make the water easier to carry anymore. Blind faith is for Jesus and the laws of physics, they will never let you down. Either side of a political spectrum ALWAYS has that potential. That's why we are not assigned a party at birth, though the white trash republicans might as well have been. A small, closed mind is easily deluded. This is why we have ridiculous conspiracy theories and flat earthers.
The biggest scandal at this point in Obama's presidency was his elitist preference for Dijon mustard, which sells at my local bourgeois Food Lion for a whopping $2.50.
Guy looks like Al Pacino
Kuangheng Hwang
sekulow sounds like he's contradicting himself.. i'm glad wallace is picking up on that.
If only these two were hot coed girls, and they were in the mud.
Wallace is such a pompous prick.
Any stupid Trump fans out there? Prepare to be the but of everyone's joke for the net 10 years
Omar Alor
Is it me or do these two look like twins?
Chris Wallace is acting like a boorish thug! Disgusting!
Michael Morrissey
Who's on first...
Butch Buttery
Sekulow twice says that Trump is under investigation, then goes on to deny that he said it. I'm quite old fasioned so I'm going to say that he is a bloody liar, just like his client
Tad McCalister
Jesus, this is the worst lawyer ever. Trump doesn't stand a chance if that's his representation.
Erika Lujan
Jay Sekulow: "Unlike James Comey who leaks information to the press, I actually respect the attorney client privilege, apparently he didn't" (At 5:33)

WTF! When was James Comey Trump's lawyer? The FBI director is NOT a government lawyer much less a lawyer for the president. With this type of counsel, I can see why Trump is so out of depth. SMH
"You don't know if trump is being investigated."
No, he doesn't Chris, just like we don't know if you have a problem with kiddie porn or not. Allow us to speculate about your possible problem with kiddie porn since we don't have any proof that you do not have this problem. Liberals are so stupid it is painful to watch. Always these wild conspiracies with them.
Chris Wallace give me the impression that he has his own agenda that is little on sour side in Trump presidency. I can not help thinking he is not on Trump's side. His questions always seem have the flavor of it.
Janis Schofield
Chris Matthews should move to CNN!!! He is a leftist idiot who twists words and tries his best to bring down the President.
lyin' Don the Con: LOCK HIM UP!
Mac Dre
This lawyer is out of his depth
Brian Bock
Sekulow made a fucking fool of himself.
Pluto N. Uranus
good video idiot, thanks for posting, this video makes trump lawyer look almost as stupid as trump and his cocksucker supporters
paul Issus
Wasn't he on 'Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous'
This is the epitome of a red herring.
Jay is the BEST.
disgusting Jay Sekulow .....
Mitch Graves
▶▶▶THAT ENTIRE "GOTCHA" moment was Wallace misinterpreting the use of the word "investigation" ◀◀◀
when Jay said he was being 'investigated' he said it in sense of ppl looking into something AS OPPOSED to
a "FORMAL LEGAL INVESTIGATION" which there has been no announcement of to anyone.....SO;
NO there is no know investigation of the president, but
YEAH, there are some idiots in congress and so forth asking questions... which is NOT a formal investigation.
Semantics without substance...
Shannon Beltrami
Chris Wallace just came out of the Liberal Closet!
A Hermit
LOL @ 4:40

Sekulow "The Preisident is being investigated"

Wallace "you just said he's being investigated..."

Sekulow "Who you gonna believe Chris, me or your lying ears...?"
Andre M
There is something endlessly entertaining and hilarious about watching two rich old white guys in suits angrily bicker about the meaning of another rich, old and senile white guy's clearly moronic tweet.
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