Game Theory: Why I Gave the Pope UNDERTALE!

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Undertale - Sans's SECRET Identity! ►►
My Reaction to React World Controversy ►►
Want to learn more about Scholas? Check them out!  ►►

A couple weeks ago I was invited to Rome to meet the POPE HIMSELF! And when I bring a gift to the Pontiff, I make sure it's seriously good, which is why I brought him Undertale. I wanted to take the opportunity in this episode to talk about why this game is so important, not just for me personally but for the whole gaming community. As gamers, we know who we are, but every once in a while it's important to let the world know that this community is about more than monster-hunting and level grinding. Undertale is a pretty awesome representation of where we're going as gamers, so good on you, Loyal Theorists! Stay determined and keep up the good work.

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Thatguy Man
I love how he parodies himself
Diana Delgado
WAIT! You went to meet the Pope with Karen Polinesia (The Mexican)?!
Blake Swan
You should have brought porn, bro.
bryce sowes
I clearly didn't understand what I was signing up for when I picked that controller up so many years ago and began playing Super Mario 64. Educate the world? That's a big task.
Holy crap that was deep as f**k
Noach Sontoikromo
did you notice that if you replace the y of undyne with a i that it becomes undine?for people who do not know undines are water nymph's and they represent the element water
My Mermaid Channel
DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS 🐉 eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
"why i wasted my chance to talk to the leader of the catholic church talking about video games
and gave him a sheet of paper with numbers on it"
I agree with this video the amount of bullshit I've seen about games being bad and making people violent which is BS because movies are worth worse because I've seen it, more major crimes are committed based if movies than games
Anja M. Knaizuk
This gave me chills ........Salty snacks
I'm crying 😭
Calliope Resin
im freaking salted caramel
Bella Buggles
But where's the gaster theory?????
Lightning Blade
I killed myself.
Gaming Potato
Klassic Gaming
I wonder if the pope is playing undertale right now or trying to figure out how to use a computer
The Legendary Pug
Theory debunked (half baked) it's a pony tale not a hat

Samwise Gamgee
MatPat's seriously famous. The pope?
Flora Ria
This became so inspirational.
OkayO's Animations
Tabby Cat
I'm watching this on mlk day,so I think this is really REALLY cool...

also geroge pat fan art
come at me with it,and thanks for voicing of opion matpat! (I'm referring to gaming community)
I actually like both. Kinda depends on what mood I'm in, but usually my mood lends itself to salty snacks so I picked salty.
Gwyn Is a Nerd
Knowing the MatPat may one day change the world, it fills all of us with determination.
goat mom is best mom
Goldengio 03
Goomba guy
Us: ooh
Us: the wrong number oh! Plays
Little Wolf Vintage
9:17 one more reason why I don't watch the news!
An- imations
So the answer to problems are something WE have to do? that is something awesome and you take work and lots which is why I appreciate, liked, and subscribed. 👍👌
I think the gesture was beautiful. You've earned a Pat on the back.
Aliyah Arteaga
its sad that i live near Orlando florida
Desmond Robinson
1/not catholic, but support your ideas on giving the Pope undertale. 2/all of the undertale comics, parodies, and fan games have taught me many things of 2016. 3/ salty snacks :)
Dina Genetiano
the 8 bit of the top of her head is hare
Eddie Wolf
please tell me I'm not the only one that almost cried
Kriso de la Erikejo
Gameer theory
ThatEnderDude 1
i wold give the pope ut yea but dont tell him bout the aus in ut some of them are wired
atalante 241
That is int a hat its its hair
Mighty Lioness Gameing
Dark Matter
Salty snacks
Jideofor Ngene
38 seconds is all we need MatPat
Kittenlove 2305
Once upon a time,
Two races rolled over the
World, FNAF and Undertale.
They went into war,
And after a long battle
Undertale was victorious.
Then FNAF was sealed under
The internet world.
And was never heard of again.
Until another Sister Location.
mason egan
MatPat for president!
Linda van Bruggen
Wait?5% of people in that room now FNaF!??!?!WHAT???!?!? TRIGGERED
Lord Telperion
Three cheers, MattPat! Good for you.
Undertale McIvy
Everyone in my class makes fun of me because I LOVE video games and that's what I mostly do but this is a good video to show how important gamers are 😜
Linda van Bruggen
4:19 DanTDM!!!!
Jemi_ the_star
Well said, MatPat!
Mega. exe Ogrewatch
This is honestly the most cringey thing I've heard of.(Him giving the pope Ut)
Hector Alarcon
I bet he never play the game anyway...
Jose Rodriguez
did the pope play undertale?
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