Game Theory: Why I Gave the Pope UNDERTALE!

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Undertale - Sans's SECRET Identity! ►►
My Reaction to React World Controversy ►►
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A couple weeks ago I was invited to Rome to meet the POPE HIMSELF! And when I bring a gift to the Pontiff, I make sure it's seriously good, which is why I brought him Undertale. I wanted to take the opportunity in this episode to talk about why this game is so important, not just for me personally but for the whole gaming community. As gamers, we know who we are, but every once in a while it's important to let the world know that this community is about more than monster-hunting and level grinding. Undertale is a pretty awesome representation of where we're going as gamers, so good on you, Loyal Theorists! Stay determined and keep up the good work.

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Yuki Maeda
There is many people in the comments that despise MatPat because he gave the Pope "UNDERTALE" and from what I have seen, their reasoning was because "that game has the cringiest fandom" or "they are disgusting", dont you guys see that MatPat was trying to give him, not the game, but for what it stands for? Heck, even in the video he says that just because there are bad people, it doesnt mean you should put everyone in that group of individuals.
Besides, the fandom wasnt the reason he gave the game to the Pope.
Blueand theraptors
Emerald Master
ur blind thats hair
Joonali 136
Youtube Warning [-] [口] [ x ]
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Celine Voergaar
I think he has a fantastic reason for giving the Pope undertale! Why is some people hating on that?
Sir Potato
Just want to clear up when random monsters hunt you down and try to kill you fighting back doesn't make you a genocidal murderer. If you talk to random monsters trying to kill you it is probably not a good idea.
hana elshobary
I liked the sans is ness theory
magikarpswag 7T4
They don't know what FNAF is?
FoxPlays MInecraft
Game theory rules if you hate. Him leave
He said Muslims are always on the news not true now they act like all Muslims are perfect angels and isis aint Muslim
Tony Pepperoni
GJ Bro u are amazing at ur job I watch like all ur vids
Tony Pepperoni
Yuki Maeda right there exactly I mean right away i was like why would he give him undertail if pope doesent have a computer but during the end I understood more
Mat pat thanks for the inspiration
I just came from the gaster theory as I was waiting to play undertale before watching these. I'm a loyal theorist and have been here for quite a while and I just have to say that I am just baffled by all the hate and ignorance people displayed on this video. All they had to do was actually watch you and the pope talk before asserting their ignorant responses. obviously those people who did aren't people who belong to this community as they did no research. You make great content Mat and the GT team just keep doing what you best because haters are always gonna hate.
Mama Hesukie
Who could not like this
RV vlogs RV gaming
When my cousin heard matpat saying "The pope is undnye" he said he will break matpat he left before he could say its just a theory!!
I live in Texas when I heard "All Texans are rednecks and racist" I was mad
I would of gave the pope a Grand theft auto but you do you Mat.
Sweet snacks
Confetti Cannon900
bruh if your srsly doing a theory about undyne being the pope im just ganna let u know thats her hair I:I
PKbeta Chinchilla
Spears and the cross look nothing alike
Madison Wright
Hey mattpat, I remember a long time ago I said on this video "mat pat has lost his mind" I thought it was about how sans was located in Rome. I wanted too apologize because I feel really bad about it. I hope you can forgive me for that.
Arjun Khetan
I wish I could give this video 1 million likes...
James Labrador
Actually I like the sans ness theory
N00bTastic Gaming
I think I almost cried at the end, so beautiful
Sisterz Chat
I bought Undertale on Thursday it is now Saturday and I'm already at the core at the Mettaton Ex battle
Clafox Gaming
no. I thought sans is ness was better
Kevin Buist
Red Roses
i cried at the end, and it ruined the mood when i envisioned the pope playing undertale for hours in front of a computer
theresa moon
I think gamers are great
Loloyoyai Cutie
He meet the POPE!
Tebby productions
My brother said "Why I gave Undertale The Pope"
Cadence Bunnybrooke
1:30, I saw my country and my hometown. SLOVAKIA ISN'T THAT SMALL AFTER ALL
i know im a year late to this but i loved this video, i dont think there could be a better representative for the gamer community that could be more compassionate and understanding than you Mat. Out of all the hate in the world you are consistently nice and cheerful, it makes my day every day!
Matt Gibbs
The people who hate this are the gamers that don't want to be's like those people who like a band and suddenly hate them when they become popular. Would it not be better to be able to have an insightful dialogue with another person about a video game in the same way as we do movies or do we need to be stuck in the Xbox live 'I just fucked your mum and teabagged you after shooting you in the head' black hole that gaming sometimes finds itself in? I know which one I would pick. Thank you MatPat for trying to take gaming to the next level!
Jayden Kieffer
love you matpat. i would say the world needs more people like you but hey that's just a theory, a gamer theory. <3
Mimi Alejandra
I hate you:-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\
Chara Dreemurr
// just claps and I love both types of snacks
TinyGaming // tinydemonic
This video made me sub
TinyGaming // tinydemonic
This is deep stuff to watch

Music doesn't help
giving the pope undertale is like giving a paper that says i hate this school lemme go die to the teacher. 2 hour of sentence about saying something.
Gan Hin Wen 36912
aw-san theory ba da bing
ZJ GamerGirl
MatPat thank you for being sweet and standing up for lovers thanks for being strong and speaking for those who don't nessacarly have a voice.😊❤
You fucked up, you cringey motherfucker.
Trevor Jones
wow! very inspirational! gg
Fenderian Mayhew
warmly applauds
Terror Monkey
now monster got a priest now
the idea of giving the pope undertale is so retarded but I love it
i still love this video
Aww Liv Sos
this video is just... awesome
i came from the gaster theory and i love this video. all the people that gave you hate are just stupid and i see no reason for them to do that. everyone should show this video to their non-gamer parents, friends and even teachers
thank you matpat
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