Game Theory: Why I Gave the Pope UNDERTALE!

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Undertale - Sans's SECRET Identity! ►►
My Reaction to React World Controversy ►►
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A couple weeks ago I was invited to Rome to meet the POPE HIMSELF! And when I bring a gift to the Pontiff, I make sure it's seriously good, which is why I brought him Undertale. I wanted to take the opportunity in this episode to talk about why this game is so important, not just for me personally but for the whole gaming community. As gamers, we know who we are, but every once in a while it's important to let the world know that this community is about more than monster-hunting and level grinding. Undertale is a pretty awesome representation of where we're going as gamers, so good on you, Loyal Theorists! Stay determined and keep up the good work.

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Yuki Maeda
There is many people in the comments that despise MatPat because he gave the Pope "UNDERTALE" and from what I have seen, their reasoning was because "that game has the cringiest fandom" or "they are disgusting", dont you guys see that MatPat was trying to give him, not the game, but for what it stands for? Heck, even in the video he says that just because there are bad people, it doesnt mean you should put everyone in that group of individuals.
Besides, the fandom wasnt the reason he gave the game to the Pope.
but isn't undertale about the underground and you gave the pope a code for a game about the underground
Ghostly Wox
Yeah, UNDERTALE is so good! It made me cry!
Epic Mormon Brony
Though I will always hate on George Clooney because of his retarded hypocrisy.
Epic Mormon Brony
not going to lie. I wasn't interested in this video from the start for simple reasons (like, it just didn't catch my attention), but I come here now to watch the video and see why people hate it.
Though, judging from that like/dislike bar I feel confident in saying those haters are a minority.
alright you little shits, WHERE ARE THA HATE COMMENTS?!
M.P.3. Productons
Never played undertale, maybe never will, but truly appreciate it now.
Nathan O'Brien
GUYS YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED THAT WAS WRONG!!!!!! go up there and UN dislike this video... i mean.. GOD YOU GUYS WERE SO RUDE, THE GIFT WAS SIMBOLICK YOU IDIOTS, COME ON!!!!!! show the guy MERCY!
I don't care about the hate or the Pope, but, oh gosh that's amazing HAHAHAHAHA. Seriously give the Pope Undertale? Who would have thought of that?
Luchiano Monarch
Wow no wonder this show makes the big views and money.
Gabriel Rodgers
does it make me a bad person that i always do genocide runs in undertale except to get achievements in the other runs
Ummmm there is child murder in undertale soooo....
Mexican Armada Commander Ozf#ck Enchiladas
I get it's for friendship but how will the pope know what undertale is? And why the characters are so loved?

Matpat you've done fucked it up again..
Emma Klotz
Undertale is soooo good!!!!
Henry Lindholm
I wish I could wipe my memory of Undertale so I could experience it all again.
Gabriel Totten
GG mat pat GG
Gabriel Totten
GG mat pat
Hunter Greene
I think just the fact that mat pat met the pope is amazing. have you ever met the pope in person, I think not!!!!
Fabian ProGaming
ok... My friend shoud me your other videos and the one that you talk to us about why all the hate on this video. I wanted to see why people gave hate, i liked the video, i really did. I dount know why so much hate? 😑😑😑 I get you l, i love the game and your right. 😉😉😉 im going to eat something ok😉😉
Random User
notice me in the comment section!!!!!!
Lucas Douglas
new otp patlooney
Alyssa Bettridge
you assholes who hated this vid F U
Yesterday finished a true pacifist run of undertale

My mind is thoroughly blown.
Double Girl
5:04 SAPOOHB (sapob)
fredzx .0
im imaginating the pope make the geno route XD
Brayden Johnson
Llama Lover
I can see why he gave it since in the pacafist path if you don't kill anyone in the game you are happy and all who you love is happy. Like in real life it's long and challenging but worth it. The genocide path if you kill everyone it's quick, empty, and depressing. It doesn't mean by real murder it could mean murder of the soul, as in bullying or abuse. Sans hates you for killing his brother, and you have to kill him, paprayus, undyne, toriel, asgore, and everyone else who you made friends with in the pacafist. You miss through a great story with this hate, and this shows if you love another and have MERCY like in the year of mercy it's beautiful.
Gibus Gang
This counts as an assassination attempt.
Inaya Alminawi
thank you im 10 year old muslem chrishten girl and another black girl came and called meand my family terorist
Charles Reber
I guess you could say this series of undertale videos are UNDYNE.
Nicolas Goulet
Soooooooo MatPat great video and all m8, but has the pope played it yet? That got my curiosity in a hootenany
Dino Gunjaca
I love salty AND sweet snacks
Issac The Issac
Why is there 17k dislike?chill guys!
The Fancy Pepper
GRAMMAR POLICE ANNOUNCEMENT: you used to "e"s in gamer
mynameisgregor !
this is the best video he has ever made, I hope he really showed some people.
What wrong with mat giving the pope a undertake copy, if he thinks it has a meaning then he should be aloud to explain or express it
i like how the like to dislike ratio changes drastically since the gaster theory
gaming is reaching a new era. games with no violence have been around. but with games like undertale and oneshot exploding. it feels like the "kill everyone else" era is ending.
Random User
1:12) MatPat tries to make it look like he was right about his false theory and tries to convince his fanboys to believe him. Wow, just... wow! I thought it was all his fandom's fault for believing his theories.
Catty Clawface
Undynes "hat" is her ponytail
Keegs Campbell
This made my day
fahriyadin la hindi
By daughter: I like salty snacks, and sweets, but I don't like pretzels, and a chocolate that's not sweet enough.
fahriyadin la hindi
By daughter: I'm a Muslim! Please don't hate me
The Inkchantress
Uh I HATE stereotypes especially ones about gamers and women. You should see the Ted Ed vid about video games. WE actually do BETTER than those who don't play video games. All explained by Brain Science
Mshskeelvirk Virk
game theory what really in this video u want to tell us
The Boss Cookie
One of my friends is a Muslim and I'm good friends with him
Ani Flowers
How can anybody hate this video?! I love the massage! (And I don't mean the Undertale kind of LOVE) This video made me cry. he massage was so beautyfull and so true! I can't understand how somethong like this video, can get so much hate! Did you guys even look and understand what he was trying to say?!
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