David Guetta - Hey Mama ft Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack (Bebe Rexha Acoustic Cover)

beberexhaBebe Rexha (Composer)Hey MamaDavid Guetta (Musical Artist)Nicki Minaj (Celebrity)AfrojackCover Version (Literature Subject)Acoustic Music (Musical Genre)BeeElectronic Music (Media Genre)ImGonnaShowYouCrazyIDontWannaGrowUpICantStopDrinkingAboutYou

Here's an acoustic cover of "Hey Mama" that my friend Angelo Kritikos directed!! @angelokritikos 

Guitars by Samuel James

Bebe Rexha's new single "No Broken Hearts" ft. Nicki Minaj is out now on iTunes!

Download on iTunes here: https://smarturl.it/NoBrokenHearts 
Listen on Spotify here: https://smarturl.it/NBH.Spotify

Official Website: https://beberexha.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/BebeRexhamusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BebeRexha
Youtube: https://youtube.com/user/BebeRexha
Instagram: https://instagram.com/BebeRexha

Chris Way
She shouldn't put cover, shes in the original song
Abhishek Shukla
you much much muuuccch beautiful in black hairs
Kolia J
The best ❤️
This is the only part that mATTERS
MR.Strong_ hold
Thos is fantastis and better
Dani Prism
I wish people know what Bebe Rexha is the voice what sing this part: I wanna hear you calling my name like HEY MAMA HEY MAMA HEY MAMA Beating the drum like Di Di Di Day like HEY MAMA. She has the better voice of all
Karol Gwiazdecki
It's so sad that people don't recognize her, she wasn't even invited to the music video. She wrote the song and she sings the chorus. This is so unfair.
jua guz
Her voice is so powerful omg I love it
Alberto CM
I love this gilr its soo amazing <3
elfrijolito hernandes
I love you baby rexha
Syme Malik
my jaw drops
Harley Quinn .
Beautiful beautiful
hunk star
oh i luv your voice bebe uh r really really awesome i cant tell how much i luv your voice ,its like whisky
Shaggybro Covermania
people should know what you did.
hey mama, the monster... just examples
Hatsune Miku
linda e maravilhosa dona da poha toda, melhor que a música original, sim ou claro? Voz maravilhosa, personalidade e beleza que meo deos
Sekine Yujiro
Love your voice ❤️
Jônatas Grande
Prefiro a Nicki Minaj cantando
Roberth Vargas Cuellar
Zeren Şeyma Araz
very goood
Me encanta la voz de Bebe rexha
Blah Bleh
Ahhh glad this exists, she was the best part of that song.
Isaac Sánchez Venera
She has changed a lot since then. I prefer the old Bebe, though...
Sam Woutchh
Gabriela Gajardo
She wrote the song and sing the chorus, it's her song
crazY stevE
luv U bebe Rexh@
Ggvhvgvj Cgchcyvh
Bebe is better than Nicki she should sang the song
Francisca Gonzalez Calderon
if only she made chart music that sounded like this......id pay for it......and ive never paid for music in my life.......but that fake nonsense she puts out since she became famous is why i switched from bebe to bibi ............... #FREETHEREAL
pawan golani
in love Wid u n ur voice bebe 😘❤
Ahmed Eidam
I feel so sad for Bebe Rexha. She is featured in the most popular songs: Hey Mama, Me Myself & I, In the Name of Love, and she STILL doesn't get enough popularity or credit for her work. She's such an underrated artist with an incredible voice. It's sad that especially in the song Hey Mama, people don't even know she's the one singing the chorus that got the song to a billion views.
Dav Avdalyan
I love you Bebe Rexha)))) I love your voice Beeeebeee )))) Super Amazing Girl (Voice)
Stephanie Fields
its really bad she isnt even there in the original video
Cristopher Garcia
fucking haters😈😤😣
Mar lovas
I love your voice
This is so much better than the original. Bebe slays everything
Gustavo Brantes
Her voice on this version sounds better than her original....
Donna Doctor
she looks like Lucy Hale here xD
ChitChatCity Versece
She should make more covers
Love Bebe so much! She also sang the part in Monster by Rihanna and Eminem too. They never give proper credit.
Bros Channel
David Guetta - Hey Mama (Official Video) ft Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack
Go Go
I'm still tryin to figure what the thumbnail is
Pedro Henrique
Linda voz.
-The Blue One-
this is pure talent 💙😍👌
guka sxirtladze
her voice is amazing
Cecília Butzke
i like
Софья Свергунова
ваау класс!!
acoustic is so much better..bebe is bae 😍 she Shud collab with jojo
Pokemon Gamer
I thought that was Becky G because it sounds like it
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