When is this coming out
Amir kharel
Alien caught in cameea
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vi le
Ngoc Hoang dai de Chet mot nua
Crazy Videos
నమిత ఎందుకు పెళ్ళి చేస్కుందో తెలిస్తే షాక్ అవుతారు
babaji deals new movie link
Khushboo Saifi
I was eagerly exited to watch dis movie 😁
Nani Nunna
From India..
Like u #rock
Alice Jaque
★Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle The Movie [ ]
Papito Publemo Gonsalez
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Best Upcoming 2017 Movie
JJ Yosh
I absolutely love your video! please make more :)
Anshu Singh
Dipesh Galsar
Jacob Steed
This movie will be horrible
Minato Namikaze
Wish it won't turn out like sao
Karan Singh
1:27 remind me of gta sanandreas
Adeel Manzar
Excellent trailer Loved it
Scott Thomas
🔴 Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle FuII Mᴏᴠɪᴇ [ ]
raffi dzarmuhammad
jumanji 2 kurang serem.... sereman seng pertama
Mohamed Saeed
it's make me feel sick .... girl became a man ... how come ... they want us accepted shemale idea... ohh lol
Movies wait Rock
Bdv Septic
Why is everyone mad that it's not the board game it's a magical game all it did was adapt to the times lol
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Sting Sting
they are all amazing
Im feeling lucky, punk
it's awesome to hear my 90's rock songs being the soundtracks of Dwayne's movies!💪💪 His other movie "rampage" also has my fav band Smashibg Pumpkins as the soundtrack to that movie! #proud90skid here!
Gopal Mazoomder
Wow....Great....... my fav song is here...
الناز شهسوار
خوب بود...
Axon Reflexx
This is jumanji now days when its a video game i know its way different but i actually kinda like this new one
Ash Qeeela
Welcome to the jungle love that song
Ezana Alazar
Looking forward to see the movie #funny
The Berzerk
Why does it look like Dwayne Johnson is taking it from the back
vishal sharma
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mohamed kathir
Tamil language movie relies eppo
m4ufree io
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zach s
the rock is a child molester
Boyka luwang
when it's come out
khoob chand
hindi me kab release hogi india me
zach s
R.I.P Robin Williams
Joe Freeman
Personally I think the kids going into the jungle would've made for a better story.
Agustine Marsha
🔴 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 2017 FuII Movie NOW available in HD Quality ➜ [ ]
Dzumandzi je picka
marvelous fishing
I'm definitely going to watch it I remember watching Jumanji as a little kid
Miguel Perez
nada keber con jumangi
Tyler White
This movie dose not look promising.
Syed Ali Badhusha
This is the rock iam waiting
Irfan Khan
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