Comcast Xfinity's repair trucks may have caused multiple slide offs and collision.

comcastxfinityaccidentslide offsafetyindianapolis

Filmed - 12/13/16

UPDATE PLEASE READ:  I wanted to clear up many questions and concerns people have had.  The cops were called immediately after the first slide off.  I called them personally myself and they were called again after the collision.  They arrived around 30-40 minutes after the collision. 

After the first Comcast truck appeared and the first slide off happened, we went to the top of the hill and slowed down traffic as much as we could. 

The first Comcast truck then left the scene.  You can see me at the top of the hill when he passes on the left of me.  I retrieved some yard signs to act as warnings and was at the top of the hill when the second truck arrived.  I then had the conversation with the second Comcast worker.  The individuals that slid off were asking what he said and I went down to tell them.  This is when the second truck pulled into the same location placing four cones down.  Moments later the accident happened.

My wife was in the front yard taking coffee and hot chocolate orders for the people stuck from the slide offs.  After she was almost hit, I was obviously more agitated.  Then is when I talked to the worker again and then one of the drivers that slid off moved the yard signs to block the road and redirect traffic around a community.

Just to review:
- I did call the police
- I did help slow down traffic
- Some drivers were going too fast for conditions
- The truck that hit the car was going way too fast and ran off after the accident
- I did not film this to try and get anyone fired
- I did not upload this to try and make it go viral
- I contacted Comcast about the situation before uploading the video.
- I let Comcast know I had additional footage
- UPDATED: Comcast has contacted me to apologize today 12/15/16
- Threats have been turned over to the police and will continue to be

There is much more video that shows all of what I explained that is not in this short 3 min piece.  I was concerned for everyone's safety including the workers.  Everyone needs to realize that this took place in about an hour time span.  You are seeing a small window of it.  To call for the heads of the workers, drivers, or us documenting it is just wrong.  Please stay safe out there... SLOW DOWN... and have a Merry Christmas.

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Amish Hacker
Please read the description before commenting. Many of the same questions come up that are answered in the description update. Yes police were called after the first slide off. Yes we were at the top of the hill slowing down traffic. Yes people need to slow down.
Robert Baran
I am purposely paying Comcast late every month from now on lol
Malik Al-Yasin
Cal 911
I get angry when my cable goes down.
King Hadu
This guy recording is a faggot, you are harassing and annoying the comcast worker for no fucking reason. Why the fuck would it be his fault for retards speeding on a road covered in ice?
I bet their shit attitude would change if someone slid in to their vehicle.
Gabriel Johnson
Fuck Comcast.
so comcast was fixing it because a car slid off the road prior to them being there.. so that leads me to believe people are just bad drivers
People driving to fast but workers were just assholes. Just looking back at the mess of several cars off the road and they're just "We didn't cause that, but you standing in the road is a problem".
Just move his cones yourself. If he's sooo busy then he won't do anything.
Bryan Bazilauskas
Wow, people have threatened the guy that posting this? That is borderline subhuman.
NonSlip BloodbathMat
It would seem that if the people were driving for the conditions, there wouldn't be any problems.
Why didn't the passersby call the cops?
shoulda just aimed for the comcast truck XD the drivers are fucking dumb though
0:31 - "Never puts any."
10 seconds later...
Maniak Z
Just put more cones you fuckin morons...holy shit
The Left Lane
This is similar to how the same people that complain about traffic block it by not keeping right except to pass. The reason the traffic that they hate is there is because they are causing it themselves.
Jason Luna
Ahhhaaaa blaming it on Comcast lol. Can't blame that on them this osha states they only need 2 out. Maybe you all need to learn how to drive in the winter snow. If this happened in Minnesota the police dept would probably give tickets to ppl for speeding and causing accidents.
Sock ThePuppet
Reason #436 why I hate Comcast.
U have to admit that black truck was going way to fast when the road is slick
Haiden Weaver
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Mr. Preston Simms
People need to learn to slow it down in icy conditions.
wolfnutella lps
I would be pissed
Harley Lucero
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Well that's Comcast for you
A truck flew off the road and hit the comcast box before those workers were even there. The lack of connectivity could possible endanger lives and needed to be repaired. The road maint crew should have dumped some salt along the roadway. Anyway people loitering on and around the road may have lead to some of the spinouts.
cotton club
How can so many idiots work for one company, 1 cone per 10mph,where just throw them over your shoulder and the same rule for all road conditions. I need all equipment between me and traffic, where he was parked would make them take the ditch and run his ass over. Do u have a job I got one too, to cause accidents because I am to stupid to put warning lights at the top of a hill or a truck with emergency lights on or a police to direct traffic. If that would of been a independent tow truck he be in jail right now. How hard would of been to put some kind of warning ,witch they have, up the road. Idiots.
low voltage drones. All they know is what the modules tell them to know.
Landon Kintner
The truck that rear ended the car wasn't xfinitys fault
Landon Kintner
The truck that rear ended the car wasn't xfinitys fault
fnu lnu
Public hates comcast. end of story.
Official DJ-MB
David Alard
John Kim
Each cone for 10 mph is based on normal weather. In this weather, each cone should be counted like 5mph, so 40mph divide by 5mph should put at least 8 cones, not 4 cones. And, Comcast shouldn't be allowed to work in this weather. Where is the law? Good movie, though
Jerome, Swervin' On These Streets
It's just a bunch of dumbasses driving way too fast for road conditions. And when they meet a road hazard they can't slow down or stop in time.
Damn, that's crazy..
Dee M
So it's Comcast's fault that people won't drive the the proper speed during hazardous weather conditions??? GTFOH
Okay, people, YES some were driving too fast and whatever but as you can see in the video the guy for some reason couldn't handle being wrong. Just put out some more cones and you wouldn't need to fight or anything, it's not that hard. All of this just happens because people are so fucking stupid and can't handle being wrong or losing. They should just grow up and realize that they can lose and be wrong, but it still wouldn't mean that they were idiots.

Surprise, surprise! It's okay to lose and be wrong! Just fucking grow up!
Take a shot every time he says "cones"! 😊
praing mantis
They needed a flagging operation and someone stationed at the top of the hill to give proper warning. Comcast sucks anyway.
I seriously hope the comcast guys were fired...
The Plow Guys
Comcast should have had a sign up indicating that the road was blocked 1/2 mile prior to the road closer (Common sense). Anyone that was unable to stop in time most likely was driving too fast for the road conditions. In the end the responsibility is up to the motorist to insure they are driving a safe speed. Just because the sign says 40 MPH doesn't mean that in a snow condition you should drive 40. In closing I am wondering how many of those people had winter tires. Hmm something to consider.
too bad someone didnt slide off and into him.....
Joe Dodge
As far a Comast Xfinity is concerned, their "Customer Service" is just a perversion of social media.
fuckin people need to slow down ,,,,there's ice everywhere
I think the crashes was caused by the workers what about you guys
Hot Sauce
My street is about 12 feet wide and comcast trucks do that all the time
That guy really wants some cones.
Jose Amador 3
I got an xfinity ad before this 🙄
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