Comcast Xfinity's repair trucks may have caused multiple slide offs and collision.

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Filmed - 12/13/16

UPDATE PLEASE READ:  I wanted to clear up many questions and concerns people have had.  The cops were called immediately after the first slide off.  I called them personally myself and they were called again after the collision.  They arrived around 30-40 minutes after the collision. 

After the first Comcast truck appeared and the first slide off happened, we went to the top of the hill and slowed down traffic as much as we could. 

The first Comcast truck then left the scene.  You can see me at the top of the hill when he passes on the left of me.  I retrieved some yard signs to act as warnings and was at the top of the hill when the second truck arrived.  I then had the conversation with the second Comcast worker.  The individuals that slid off were asking what he said and I went down to tell them.  This is when the second truck pulled into the same location placing four cones down.  Moments later the accident happened.

My wife was in the front yard taking coffee and hot chocolate orders for the people stuck from the slide offs.  After she was almost hit, I was obviously more agitated.  Then is when I talked to the worker again and then one of the drivers that slid off moved the yard signs to block the road and redirect traffic around a community.

Just to review:
- I did call the police
- I did help slow down traffic
- Some drivers were going too fast for conditions
- The truck that hit the car was going way too fast and ran off after the accident
- I did not film this to try and get anyone fired
- I did not upload this to try and make it go viral
- I contacted Comcast about the situation before uploading the video.
- I let Comcast know I had additional footage
- UPDATED: Comcast has contacted me to apologize today 12/15/16
- Threats have been turned over to the police and will continue to be

There is much more video that shows all of what I explained that is not in this short 3 min piece.  I was concerned for everyone's safety including the workers.  Everyone needs to realize that this took place in about an hour time span.  You are seeing a small window of it.  To call for the heads of the workers, drivers, or us documenting it is just wrong.  Please stay safe out there... SLOW DOWN... and have a Merry Christmas.

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Amish Hacker
Please read the description before commenting. Many of the same questions come up that are answered in the description update. Yes police were called after the first slide off. Yes we were at the top of the hill slowing down traffic. Yes people need to slow down.
Artwell Vuyiswa
The guy is a jerk caring less about people safety because of money😮 boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Juan Herrero
>My wife was in the front yard taking coffee and hot chocolate orders for the people stuck from the slide offs.
You guys are OK.
mike DeMarco
After several accidents you think the xfinity workers would acknowledge the issue and attempt to find a solution. But no...they continue to work with a 12 car pile up at their feet. Lol ignorance from some people.
c431inf 11b
Hassle the lineman for people not being responsible. Cones out strobe on , i bet this guy is the one that called complaining his cable was out
even Comcast repair technician is arrogant as fuck. Does comcast teach their employees how to be arrogant as fk?
Diezel C.P
damn! that VW car took that hit like a boss!!!
ralph holiman
So it's not just their shitty cable service that Comcast doesn't care about?
Holy fuck, talk about going too fast and using the wrong tires...
Fuck Comcast
Rick Kephart
Thats lame blaming it on Comcast, thats poor driving habits in adverse conditions.
They are driving too fast..... pure and simple. Nothing the Line techs did was illegal or outside of protocol. People shouldn't be driving that fast with ice and snow on the ground period.
GEXR man Jason
By the looks of it. They probably didnt have men working signs set out no traffic protection plan set. No matter weather condictions. Working on the road u have to have ur own protection plus protection to traffic going by. Flag people would have been better aswell.
Jordan F
In all reality, when the roads look just like that, you should be driving very slowly and be prepared to stop.
People are too stupid to drive for the conditions. They're there because some idiot flew off the road and took out the service in the first place...without any worker trucks in the road. Whoever took this video is annoying as hell.
" Some drivers were going too fast for conditions" MOST drivers were going to fast for road conditions. That Comcast truck could have been anything... a school bus, disabled car, a garbage truck, and mail van... its the drivers responsibility to drive at a safe speed. Don't blame Comcast. Blame all the idiot drivers...
Comcast guy is an idiot! "Duuuh, this is a 40mph road, I got 5 cones, one cone per 10 miles an hour."
Hey idiot, did you ever think you're working in ADVERSE conditions? Which means people need much more time to slow down/stop on wet/slippery roads! Therefore you need more freakin cones placed twice the distance than you might need in dry clear conditions. What a retard!
The citizen shouldn't have been wasting time talking to the Comcast worker, he should have been on the phone to call the police and maybe they'll have a talk with Comcast, also get a sander out there to sand the road.
If you end up in a situation like this, stay in your car! If other drivers are sliding off the road, if you're outside of the car, you're going to get run over or smashed up against a car. Stay in the car, it can withstand a hit better than you can.
Speed 43
so what would have happened if a car wasn't able to stop and slammed into THE COMCAST truck while he was up in the cherry picker? i think that worker would be singing another tune if he got hit and he suddenly realized HIS SAFETY was just as much on the line
Scott Davis
Okay I know this video is old but these are the bush bags of the world the fagget ass Comcast number 1# I hope some suited them
Comcast did nothing wrong, they gave plenty of warning not their fault those idiots don't know how to drive when snows/ice is on the road. If i was a cop all those idiot drivers would get speeding and reckless driving tickets.
I'm not sure what the comcast guy was supposed to do. Even after you put out your own cones at the top of the hill drivers were still flying past them and sliding all over. All the cones in the world wont help when drivers choose to ignore them. And parking in the driveway would have been way too dangerous for the comcast worker.
This Comcast guy sounds so idiot. No more cones than that ? IDIOTS....
This video played a large part in my decision to switch to FIOS.
Brian uncg Smith
Why don't you go to the top of the hill and man it.
Russel Garman
No questions, just know I will never buy Comcast again
Dude maybe a few more cones!!!
jared tully
It's not the Comcast's guys fault these people are fucking flying balls down the street. He was doing his job I mean he could have stopped right in the middle of the road if that makes you feel any better
Beau H
Fuck this camera guy
fuck comcast, and I hope these asshats get hit
What Amish Hacker probably didn't bother to look into before he stuck his nosey ass into this business is that if those outside workers are working over the crest of a hill, then they would absolutely have signage out, informing/warning divers that there are men at work (this sign would be placed on the other side of the hill). And the one fella is right; 4 cones per mile an hour. It translates roughly the same here in Canada for kilometers. The take away here is everyone driving way too GD fast for the conditions. Plain and simple. If anything- numbnuts putting out his 'own' cones, (which do not adhere to safety regulations) is making the situation worse. But- he clearly knows everything.
MJCC fun&games
Holy crap.. Comcast workers are assholes..
Amish Hacker I could be wrong but I think the reason you made this video is because you hate Comcast and want to make them look bad. A lot of people hate Comcast and Time Warner and Cox and Century link and AT&T and the list goes on and on and on. The Comcast driver did nothing wrong his yellow lights were flashing and the cones were out.The cars were clearly going to fast for conditions.
Glen Bray
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G Swaff
The dick head in the truck lol hits that car and commences to yard surfing lol 5 star comedy
Benjamin S
Ok Smart asses.Lets say there is a school bus letting children off and they get hit or cars slide off the road. Who's at fault then? Yeah I fucking thought so.
Wow, whatever happened to "slow down" with rain, snow, or ice on roads. Also, if ya got a blind hill or corner and the roads are slick, maybe ease up a bit. The older black pick-up truck was completely at fault, for everything he/she hit, not the CATV workers. Clearly Amish is a Liberal.
logan regan
I would have pulled his ass off that truck and beat his ass
Åmy •K
Omfg they are dicks
Eff Kay
Those Comcast scumbags deserves to have their teeth knocked out. People were going too fast, sure, but the fact is these accidents could easily have been avoided and would not have happened if the Comcast asshats weren't there. The amount of stupid in these comments is also staggering. WTH is wrong with you people?
Robert Baran
I am purposely paying Comcast late every month from now on lol
Malik Al-Yasin
Cal 911
I get angry when my cable goes down.
King Hadu
This guy recording is a faggot, you are harassing and annoying the comcast worker for no fucking reason. Why the fuck would it be his fault for retards speeding on a road covered in ice?
I bet their shit attitude would change if someone slid in to their vehicle.
Gabriel Johnson
Fuck Comcast.
so comcast was fixing it because a car slid off the road prior to them being there.. so that leads me to believe people are just bad drivers
People driving to fast but workers were just assholes. Just looking back at the mess of several cars off the road and they're just "We didn't cause that, but you standing in the road is a problem".
Just move his cones yourself. If he's sooo busy then he won't do anything.
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