Comcast Xfinity's repair trucks may have caused multiple slide offs and collision.

comcastxfinityaccidentslide offsafetyindianapolis

Filmed - 12/13/16

UPDATE PLEASE READ:  I wanted to clear up many questions and concerns people have had.  The cops were called immediately after the first slide off.  I called them personally myself and they were called again after the collision.  They arrived around 30-40 minutes after the collision. 

After the first Comcast truck appeared and the first slide off happened, we went to the top of the hill and slowed down traffic as much as we could. 

The first Comcast truck then left the scene.  You can see me at the top of the hill when he passes on the left of me.  I retrieved some yard signs to act as warnings and was at the top of the hill when the second truck arrived.  I then had the conversation with the second Comcast worker.  The individuals that slid off were asking what he said and I went down to tell them.  This is when the second truck pulled into the same location placing four cones down.  Moments later the accident happened.

My wife was in the front yard taking coffee and hot chocolate orders for the people stuck from the slide offs.  After she was almost hit, I was obviously more agitated.  Then is when I talked to the worker again and then one of the drivers that slid off moved the yard signs to block the road and redirect traffic around a community.

Just to review:
- I did call the police
- I did help slow down traffic
- Some drivers were going too fast for conditions
- The truck that hit the car was going way too fast and ran off after the accident
- I did not film this to try and get anyone fired
- I did not upload this to try and make it go viral
- I contacted Comcast about the situation before uploading the video.
- I let Comcast know I had additional footage
- UPDATED: Comcast has contacted me to apologize today 12/15/16
- Threats have been turned over to the police and will continue to be

There is much more video that shows all of what I explained that is not in this short 3 min piece.  I was concerned for everyone's safety including the workers.  Everyone needs to realize that this took place in about an hour time span.  You are seeing a small window of it.  To call for the heads of the workers, drivers, or us documenting it is just wrong.  Please stay safe out there... SLOW DOWN... and have a Merry Christmas.

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Call the police. They cannot block a lane without signs and 2 guidemen to handle the transition to single lane traffic.
I bet the workers will now say most places look dangerous and say too bad, I wont fix. Now lots of tv, internet, phones will be out. There are hundreds of videos where there are constant accidents because of the ice.. I guess this guy needed someone to blame and make some money.
Jeremy Kieser
Any update?
That jackass shouldn't off been going that fast over that hill on the icy roads.
Jason Hall
Fuck Comcast... They are so irresponsible.
Not Comcasts fault - people driving too fast for conditions. Period. If even 1 mph is too fast to drive safely STAY HOME. Comcast was there in the first place because some idiot already drove too fast and damaged the pole. Stop acting like an entitled pos. I bet you voted for Hillary too. Moron.
Debbie Carroll
yep he is a dipshit
Debbie Carroll
that Comcast guy is an idiot
bigdog one
uh oh, better get maaco!!
Yes what they did is technically illegal as per OSHA they should have put a "Utility Work Ahead" sign before the hill
If people like this putz holding the camera annoying people were to look farther then the front of their hood they would realize that there are lights and vehicles in the roadway and perhaps try slowing down before they're 20 ft. from the work trucks.
J Geigle
Samantha Kirsten
should have call the police to assess n fix the problem the 1st time ..seriously though Comcast guy its also ur job 2 call ur supervisor 4 how your job 4 the day is unsafe to others..
ryan Israel
I don't get why there are comments blaming the Comcast workmen.
They placed more than the number of cones required & it's quite apparent the first worker was absolutely correct that he needs as much stuff between him & approaching vehicles as he can get.
Figures that those crashes occurred in Virginia because any responsible driver who's experienced with driving in winter weather would know that regardless of the posted speed limit you always adjust your vehicle speed to the road conditions.
Here in New Hampshire if a 40mph section of road is snowy or icy & hasn't yet been plowed/sanded, then it's very likely that I'll reduce my speed to 30mph & especially so if school children & school buses are out & about.
I'll say this much, that moron driving the black Chebby pickup truck was definitely moving faster than 40mph & much faster that what's safe for road conditions. Up north that driver would've likely be cited for reckless driving & being an idiot behind the wheel. She or he were damn lucky no children were standing in that front yard or driveway awaiting the school bus to arrive.
Chalk all those crashes up to driver error, exceeding speed that's safe for the existing road conditions. LOL Virginia motorists!
Mike Corder
call the cops
KAZUTO Kirigaya (Kirito)
Heh, this is why I live in Florida.
Wet roads don't really affect us. It rarely rain here any more.
Cristiano Ninguno (ninguno33)
WTF ! Comcast Xfinity with your employees.
That Comcast guy is fucking stupid
James Palmersheim
Comcast is stupid
I sure hope Comcast is sued big time and these men are jailed. It is against the law to create a road hazard. And the 1 cone for each 10 miles per hour is for clear weather, not for all situations. Would they also only put 1 cone for every 10 miles per hour in heavy fog or better yet would they be as willing to be there in a heavy fog. I wonder how they would have felt if a semi came over the hill and hit them? Momma said you can't fix stupid.
gary barr
The cars are travelling too fast
Lord, protect us from ourselves.
He's gonna blame Comcast because the idiot in the beater pick-up was driving way too damn fast for conditions? Seriously? 2:24
comcast dickheads
Safety is paramount and number one issue here.
The service men from com-caste know that- they should be fired because the person brought up the issue of safety and they blew it off.
It could have been much worse 
" He's waiving at me." Lol
Dar Wilson
These accidents were 100% Comcast fault.
Nancy Smith
THANK YOU Amish Hacker !!!! I appreciate your efforts.
Mitch B
All I see is plenty of bad driving. Sorry, but I've seen it in person, too. People don't adapt to road conditions.
While drivers might have been traveling too fast what is the harm in putting out more cones at the top of the hill to give them more warning? You would think it would make for a safer situation for the workers as well.
Jeremy Glassford (Sasuga)
You should have called the D.O.T. instead of the regular cops.
Chad Muse
Comcast is the worst company in the world. Record and document everything they do as best you can.
Joe Langel
people need to slow down.
your a fucking idiot, its not comcasts fault the cars were sliding off the road, all the cars that slid off the road were travelling too fast for the road conditons, and your out there walking around standing in the middle of the street!!!!, like are you fucking stupid? do you want to get hit by a car? honestly i wish you did, maybe you might learn somthing but then again, probably not cause your so fucking stupid!
that dude in that black square body chevy just drove off like fuck this am outta here lmao
I hope the company that hired those two idiots was sued and Comcast was sued for gross negligence they should have put the cones at the top of the hill per customer's request
Jason Brown
Fuck these whiners.. The Comcast guys are out busting their asses in freezing conditions, doing what needs to be done so that people can have their modern conveniences. Obviously not the ideal location to be doing work.. but it needed to be done. Don't tell me A FEW TRAFFIC CONES are going to stop people speeding over that hill. You would need flaggers or large caution signs.

Maybe instead standing there filming and complaining, those people could have gone over the hill and waved off speeding drivers. I get sick of people giving shit to the truckers, cops, linemen, firefighters etc etc who work around the clock in horrible conditions so that society can function.
DJ Blackhood
the BIGGEST reason why people switched to Sprint
Mikkel Bjerknes
maybe, just maybe americans can get some proper tires and learn to not drive like this when its slippery? obviously they wouldnt have crashed if that fucktard in the truck wasnt parked in the middle of the road, but still. that is exactly why you dont speed over a hill like that, because you cant see the other side. especially when its slippery. greetings from Norway.
Luke Barroso
sir you are a asshole worried about Comcast instead of the asshole drivers speeding and you filming causing distractions your the problem
Jose Rodriguez
Those drivers are retareded cause they are driving fast you can tell that truck driver was going fast while there's snow and ice you should go maximum 5 miles per hour
What an idiot.......Maybe blame the idiots that are traveling too fast for that road condition.
Julius Tovar
"there is no traffic on this block cuz there are accidents" this guy is impeding these cable guys from doing their job, maybe if he/she shut his mouth the work could get done and they could leave. This he/she screaming at the cable guys should be arrested and charged with harassment.
Karl Wittkopp
dudes voice sounds like Floyd from gta 5
Zomb Keezy
he said i got shit to fix............. paramedic's cant fix dead ppl my niGGa get the fuck out of here ............... do u have a job ahahahahahaaaaa oh boy i hope they all got fired
Zomb Keezy
safety first and i'd fist fight all them employees hands down you got ppl crashing all around you .... fuck the cones ............ get two competent workers each end of this fuckery with stop n slow signs

. hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa woooooooooooooo this shit is retarded

go back n get your OSHA cert's country sounding ass redneck fuck boy
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