Comcast Xfinity's repair trucks may have caused multiple slide offs and collision.

comcastxfinityaccidentslide offsafetyindianapolis

Filmed - 12/13/16

UPDATE PLEASE READ:  I wanted to clear up many questions and concerns people have had.  The cops were called immediately after the first slide off.  I called them personally myself and they were called again after the collision.  They arrived around 30-40 minutes after the collision. 

After the first Comcast truck appeared and the first slide off happened, we went to the top of the hill and slowed down traffic as much as we could. 

The first Comcast truck then left the scene.  You can see me at the top of the hill when he passes on the left of me.  I retrieved some yard signs to act as warnings and was at the top of the hill when the second truck arrived.  I then had the conversation with the second Comcast worker.  The individuals that slid off were asking what he said and I went down to tell them.  This is when the second truck pulled into the same location placing four cones down.  Moments later the accident happened.

My wife was in the front yard taking coffee and hot chocolate orders for the people stuck from the slide offs.  After she was almost hit, I was obviously more agitated.  Then is when I talked to the worker again and then one of the drivers that slid off moved the yard signs to block the road and redirect traffic around a community.

Just to review:
- I did call the police
- I did help slow down traffic
- Some drivers were going too fast for conditions
- The truck that hit the car was going way too fast and ran off after the accident
- I did not film this to try and get anyone fired
- I did not upload this to try and make it go viral
- I contacted Comcast about the situation before uploading the video.
- I let Comcast know I had additional footage
- UPDATED: Comcast has contacted me to apologize today 12/15/16
- Threats have been turned over to the police and will continue to be

There is much more video that shows all of what I explained that is not in this short 3 min piece.  I was concerned for everyone's safety including the workers.  Everyone needs to realize that this took place in about an hour time span.  You are seeing a small window of it.  To call for the heads of the workers, drivers, or us documenting it is just wrong.  Please stay safe out there... SLOW DOWN... and have a Merry Christmas.

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Amish Hacker
Please read the description before commenting. Many of the same questions come up that are answered in the description update. Yes police were called after the first slide off. Yes we were at the top of the hill slowing down traffic. Yes people need to slow down.
Comcast took responsibility.
Daryl Bennett
It was comcast fault I don't ppl get that there was a hill there and as soon as you start coming down there goes a huge comcast truck with about 4 C O N E S and it was not enough time for ppl to adjust to the situation that is why they slid off the road. But the truck at the end was at fault for driving 100 mph and hitting the car.
Raymond Day
Were did this happen?
William Smith
The cops should have gave tickets to every car that crashed.
"LOL 40mph in icy weather! Let's do 60!"
Dale Campbell
the one question that I saw as funny is the tech saying "this is a fourty MPh road.. right"... sure... in ideal conditions... but these were NOT ideal conditions... granted... a lot of those cars (the black truck especially) was traveling way too fast for the conditions. .. Not saying the cable tech was right, he should have put out more advanced warning for the traffic given the conditions. ..
Alexandra Yelena
What american accent they got there?
Internet Connection
There is a thing called common sense, regardless if youre following the law. "I have complied with the law of cones therefore the destruction in my wake is legal, my God offers no absolution for there is no sin committed." lol
Phillip Pullion
idiot drivers, going to fast in bad weather conditions. If they were driving at the proper speed then they would not be having accidents. MAYBE after seeing this video Comcast will provide them with signs stating work area to place further out for the STUPID drivers that cant drive right. It all comes down to the drivers driving that should be cautious, yes the workers should have been better at it, but they dont seem thrilled to be out there and possibly getting hurt cause of stupid drivers. parking his truck in someones yard puts them more at risk to getting hit as you seen how they slide, and someone else already took out the box they are working on.
So this people are the famous trouble calls? oh damn
Kazetta Boy
retard americans....
Jeremiah Turnberg
Mr garrison is that you?
Randy McPherson
Good lord the guy taking the video is a poster child for autistic screeching. So many bad drivers...
Miguel A. Martinez
Frankie Bleddyn
Was he really applying dry road rules for cones on an icy road? What an idiot. The guy with the dash cam needs to make that video available to everyone that lost control coming up to where that idiot was working. But....I know....I know, it sucks being maintenance and keeping everyone's internet and phone service up....I get that.
Jxxx Hxxx
typical asshole comcast workers, don't care about anything going on around them except getting cable back on so the company can make that money. welcome to corporate America folks. true, some cars are also going too fast for conditions. other drivers are in lala land while they drive rather it be texting, talking, putting on make up, arguing with their lovely families while driving. either way, this whole thing is a disaster waiting to happen.
Jonathan caruso
How is it the service trucks fault all those retards are driving too fast for the road conditions
Patrick Gillespie
Shows what can happen when people do the bare minimum of what they need to. Good job on recording what happened.
Now those people atleast have cable to watch from the hospital. Its a win win situation, comcast gets more views, and the hospital gets more customers!
Yeah, a job cost more than a life asshole
I can see him considering it to be just a one off after the first car, but after the second? People may have been going too fast for conditions, but I would have put some cones out at the top of the hill, if nothing else to keep people from smashing into my work truck!
bigdog one
Can I get some Ice cream with my cone?
Gustavo Vargas
Let the guy work!!!
Isuzu Buyer
The drivers are idiots for driving like it's a bright and dry summer day. The Comcast workers are equally stupid for contributing to a deadly situation that could injure the to fast drivers as well as innocent people they hit.
A white truck parked in the middle of a snow, and ice covered road. Plenty of visibility, Four cones should work. lol
An2nio Productions
They caused nothing, people just need to pay attention.
Jack McDevitt
I have never wanted to watch someone named Amish get hit by a car before, but this video has convinced me that I want everyone named Amish to get run over by a car.
Diego Catano
I was going to comment , but a looks like a lot of people already covered it .... next time be a part of the solution ... not the problem ... standing where all the accidents were happening didn't help anybody , placing your own cones where people were already crashed just so you could "keep rolling " why didn't you stand at the crest and place YOUR cones their ...
Jason Magik
Boycott companies that use repetitive commercials on comcast.
Jason Magik
Boycott companies that use repetitive commercials on comcast.
Matt Phelan
Some liberal pussy haha. People drive way too fast in the snow and they need to slow down. I drive so slow in the snow and i have one of the most capable off road vehicles on the market.
Maciej Załucki
What are this drivers, an idiots? Isn't it obvious you keep speed low enough to avoid collision with something you can't see? If you drive over hill or corner you should always pay attention because you don't know what's there. It's not highway, just icy urban road so if they can't handle their car at this speeds, they should stay home or drive carefully. As always, Americans want someone to think for them because it's to hard to drive safely. There is a tall truck with flashing lights and a few cones on the road. They could put something over the hill so poeple can see it way before but still common sense tells you not to speed on hilly road on ice. Idiots, idiots everywhere.
Budda Bing
Comcast is a bullshit company!!! Now they are paying there employees time off to go protest trump! FUCK COMCAST
Dan Britton
comcast had no fault to this mess, infact ur being there is just more problematic in the middle of the road, they do that not thier fault drivers dont pay attention, and if it was a big issue why didnt u call the police instead of video taping what u know wouldnt matter
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