Mr. Missus
"30 years without food"
Dude, that's longer than their own lifespan
World of Crafters
Nokia where is nokia
Vivax Solutions
All you need to do is to step on it
ReeLoy Kenjins
Are they immune to being stepped on?
Viro Lindo
I waited to see the animal stabbed.
So what would happen if we send a colony of these to the moon?
Sir. Squillem
Can it survive a 99999 MPH Fidget Spinner?
That envy from FMAB
That kid who likes the military
TheLegend27's sperm cells
Yeti Titu
This is the thing from the movie "Life"
kim alle
I thought it was a spear and about to stab that germ.
Shaylan Jasani
Can't survive my wind
jude moreno
Looks like an alligator fetus or something
i guess this creature never heard baby song by justin bieber!
Julio Veliz
Who else thought it was going to get stabbed by that needle following it?
Aida Jaafar
Can it survive the purge
fira al
Kappa Cheeno
Was waiting for the sharp thing above to lunge that "indestructible" animal to see if its really indestructible.
54FW47 F4R1D
Wow the one that can last hydraulic press😎😎😎
Kiwi Me
My spirit animal
jong ubanan
Who else saw the thumbnail and thought they would stab it with a knife?
Khalid Brown
I thought you're gonna poke him. Clickbait 1000
Yeyeth Fenol
I was waiting for the sharp thing to poke it. Anyone else?
melvin rao
What might it become if it evolves?
You know what's better than surviving in the harshest environments? Changing the environment to suit you.

The xenomorph may be the perfect organism, but humans are the ultimate. We are more than capable of simply......surviving.
Saurabh Khare
I was expecting a drop test..
HR!T & Kaustav
This creature may be kelvin shown in the movie LIFE.
Nikhil Tewari
mujhe laga ki chaku se maar k dikhane wale hain 🙄
Techy Taco
Play Justin bieber's baby and see if it resists...
Dankster 360
Its not indestructible until you give it TACO BELL
but can it survive a nokia
monster hunter 2
it,s Ironic that the toughest creature in the world is also one of the smallest creature in the world ..😂👍
Sachin Anil
I thought that was a knife that they were going to poke it with
I think you mean flies
Killergaming HQ
axumm bossyyy
i waited all video for that aqua bear to be stabbed with that sharp thing
Srg Matrix
I though you were gonna poke it
Ritik Jain
Justin Bieber's voice would definitely kill it
So there are less idistructable animals ?
Nirmal Vanaparthi
Reminds me of Calvin from the movie LIFE
ameen pasha
how to get them as pets?
Myllena Lara Alves da Silva
That shit is too op
fry it. and then you can talk to me
Rei Allen Phillip Ramos
how come there's not a lot of them?
quim formação
I thought he was gonna get stabbed haha
Pittra Amrullah
i thought you are going to slice it XD..
Draco Malfoy
Rumour has it that this creature is chuck Norris ancestor
TheLost InfiresJams
This is A MARY SUE

Justine XD
give it to Chinese people I'm sure they will find a way to eat it!
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