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This isn't any ordinary microscopic organism. It's a tardigrade—the most 'indestructible' animal on Earth.
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Also called water bears, tardigrades can survive up to 30 years without food, live in volcanoes, and endure the vacuum of space. Researchers say they could even survive an asteroid impact like the one that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Only the eventual death of the sun may be enough to wipe out the tardigrades.

Click here to read "These 'Indestructible' Animals Would Survive a Planet-Wide Apocalypse."

This Is the Most 'Indestructible' Animal on Earth | National Geographic

National Geographic

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rytham Kashyap
it looks like a mini crocodile or lizard
Jake Daniel
The soundtrack was ear rape for sure. I though i had lead poisoning or something jesus.
Alvaro Garcia
But if u smash it?
Amara Williams
but look at those feet
Joseph Gigot
0:26 : surviving the asteroid impact like the one that led to the extinciton of the dinosaurs is not a performance. Little mammals and birds ancesters survived to.
Unless they can survive the impact right under ?!?
Dragon D.
I think one of them bit chuck norris
Shafwan Dito
Top 10 Strongest Character in Anime
Freaking music over here has yet to have it's balls drop
Rin Wérgar
It isn't that indestructible if it can't survive in water. It said nothing about water.
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Cloud Chan
One day this organism will evolve so much so that it'll conflict with the humans and start a World War with them over the ownership of the world and title of "Greatest Species"
Jhabari Owens
And when we are all gone you are looking at the next inhabitants of the planet
Tinker Wink
Water bear
Argie Velilla
What if it started to evolve as dinosaurs through the years passing.
cosmic vlogs
tardigrade vs one punch man
Southwest Stress
Being human I'm sure we can find some way to kill it by accident.
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Aliens wouldn't be mistaken in thinking that Earth is the planet of the Tardigrades.
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Ofc its indestructible its TARDI(s)grade
Soy Serena
What if it evolves to something much bigger, like a cat. It would be like at the top of the food chain, it could take control of the planeT AND BE OUR PRESIDENT, VOTE FOR TARDIGRADE
Miranda Berry
Start injecting their DNA into humans to develop an indestructable army.
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animal or bacteria?
orlando kaufusi
We will be extinct like the dinosaurs and they will be the new humans
And why may i ask is the most indestructible ''animal'' on earth???
thanks for tha cheese
And they used to say nothing can survive such n such environments now this thing could literally survive space travel.
Muzic Addiction
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