I love you Carrie <3. Forever my princess. Happy Belated Birthday...
Kerim Grabus
May force be with you
Hikato Shohe
May the force be with you always
Sonica The Hedgehog
Carrie Fisher is steel alive in our hearts!
Michelle Durano
It's still not sinking in, the force is strong with her. We know she's alive. She is. She will be. Always. 😘
Funtime Tattletail
Me and my dad are HUGE Star Wars fans. When we found out about her death we knew that we were gonna miss her. Her death impacted a whole entire community that loved the films and the actors. Carrie will always remain in our hearts.
Phanilton Rant
It doesn't seem real that she's dead. Like when I watch the 8th trailer it will be her face for Princess Leia, and today we're celebrating her birthday for another year on this earth.
You like jazz Games
Man she was great
Every time I see Carrie Fisher I cry but she’s with me and all you and everyone, She’s one with the force and the force is with her. Rest In Peace Carrie Fisher
Upengraden The Cuber
HOW can she be dead!? D,:
Bacon Dabb
I still have a black hole in my heart
Jose Pablo Gomez Junco
Happy Birthday......:'(
Coaster Fun
Nearly a year later and I still can’t believe that she’s dead. RIP Carrie Fisher. The force will always be with you.
Leo Cav
Happy Birthday <3
NintenXstaion 835
May the force be with you Carrie and you 2
Tiffany Kloss
R.I.P. Carrie Fisher.
waaaaait, isnt she in the star wars last jedi ? IS THAT ALL GONNA BE CGI ?
Jared Grubbs
Happy birthday Carrie, RIP
Xlmx Veronel
This is so sad. I can't believe she is gone. I remembering watching Star Wars: A New Hope I fell in love with the story and was so happy when Star Wars: The Force Awakens brought our favorite cast back. Hard to see through my tears as I type. RIP Carrie. You will be missed and now would've been 61 years old Today.
Xlmx Veronel
always loved Carrie's response to people throwing shade at the metal bikini. "A giant slug forced me to wear the outfit, I didn't like it so I killed him. Happy Birthday Carrie Fisher you would've been 61 today :( and May the force be with you always.
Julian Cann
Happy birthday, Princess πŸ’›
carrie fisher was a good woman :)
Madison Velez
She would've been 61 today.
Rest in peace, Carrie. We miss you.
heart on your soul forever
Carrie will be with us...always. No one played Leia better than she did. :(....
Alonso Alejandro P.
Alonso Alejandro Peraza OCTOBER 21 -- MY BIRTHDAY.
LIBRA ---- PEOPLE --- ROCK ,,,
STAR WARS,,,, FOR ,,,, EVER ,,,,,!!!!
Star Wars Legacy
Carrie would have been 61 today. We miss you, Princess, General, Royalty... ❀️
Eu sinto muito falar assim mas a velhice Γ© super feia para todos, sΓ³ que a minha irmΓ£zinha foi uma mulher super linda quando jovem, sem dΓΊvidas.
Specialtaco 99
This is something that will strike us forever, we weren’t ready for this. So when I watch the last Jedi when it comes out I will remember her last words and comment agian
She was only 60 years old!?!?
Gonser Ly
Very sad how it ended for her and her battle against addiction.
Jack Morrissy
😭😭😭😭😭 rip Carrie fisher we miss you
Jack Da Cannon
This is such an amazing thing! WHY DISLIKE
I'm starting to think bots dislike videos.
Justine clayton
We miss her
Justine clayton
I really wanted to meet her
Justine clayton
Justine clayton
😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 sad face
Serdar Yumer
Her memorial is a few steps away from Ronnie James Dio's. Accidentaly I have recognized it. May the force be with her.
Amit Singh
May the force be with you Carrie, Princess leia an immortal character in world film industry.
Joel Micallef
Sadly she died the same day as her daughter R.I.P
Dylan Jack
My the force be with you will be a part of the galaxy for ever
Silently crying on the inside
Christopher Z
Now I don’t feel scared about dying anymore because my role models are up there
Miyazaki Ponyo26
May the force be with you Carrie well you are dead
Channel Ultra
There's special room in hell for those 2k dislikers
Dr. Marvel TV
R.I.P. carry fisher a disney icon from 77
my boi ded
I still remember when she died 4 days later after my birthday
May the force be with us
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