Leon S.
Senpai duck

John Doe
Duck game ftw
Sydney Kamer
Hell yeah I want more!!! C'mon Pewds!!! We want more of that damn duck!
That's a badass ducky.
blanche preston zly
Hey pewdie... I have been watching you for a year now and I want to say that you are one of the best things in my day... this year I went through stressful test and horrible teachers at school and the only thing that got me through it was coming home and laughing my BUT off while watching your vids.
I know that you probs wont read this so I really shouldn't write it but even the slitest chance of you reading it makes me want to post this.
Thanx for being the best thing in my day and helping me get through the worst teacher of my life. I really appreciate it. PS. facade?
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