Netta Taylor
today is the 22nd I say she shld deliver in the nxt 3 days hopefully!!
Yeldiz Herrenkohl
Is she there yet.
Jennifer Bessette
so cute 😍😘😘
Sohanna Luv
Awe! Ninight!
tammi bailey
MIriam Cromwell
Oliver is a rascal, he just opened Aprils gate.
Sandra Hanner
I have been watching April as much as I can and hope she has her calf soon. I love watching April
Theresa Carver
Why so dark at 12:31pm? No lights on? I don't think this is live feed, either.
June Stein
Please open the doors and allow them access to the outside.
Laura Perkins
For the most up to date live link, go to the official site at
Courtney Smith
no way this is live. It's light out in NY for sure!
connor anonymus
they must have ended the stream :(
Lauren Shelton
Why is it dark? It's daytime.
So happy they removed the live chat, but we can still watch live everyday without the chat! Too many rude, obnoxious, trolls for a live chat! Thanks AAP for still having the other live site without chat <3 loving watching everyday, and thanks again to the Mods who tried to make it work but became a FT career to remove the garbage comments. Still see Oliver and April every day and Alyssa who is amazing!! and that is what its all about....thx again AAP!
Mimnim Petite
Why does this video have so many views?! It's so boring!
Stacey Erwin
she's sooooooooo cute
Cynde Sadler
It says last feed was March 18th. Is something wrong?
Can this mf have the dam baby I can't go anywhere without constantly checking up on her every 2 min
Gerald Davis
can you let me know plse are these giraffe's Rothschild giraffe's
CatBlue Adkins
this looks like last nights feed
Kala Le-Failure
I give up picks up recline chair and goes home
Janice Patty
good night April hope you can get some rest praying for you and your baby ......xoxoxox
Jordan Windsor
Hi April
Tydon Doell
64 hours!?!
Matrix Man
NOt live
Why does this video say 64 hrs long but when you click on it, it only shows 4 hrs of video?
Richard Doherty
whens the baby due? I'm hungry!😁
Darlene Morgan
I feel we all have be punked ! Did they fake the pregnancy to get views ?
Darlene Morgan
Is this a live feed ?
Emily Schoenthal
It's strange that she hasn't given birth.
The MockingJay
This is cool
Lesley Caveness
it isn't dark or night time. That feed is from March 18, 2017. Where IS the live feed???
Becca's life
Why is it dark??
Emma W
this is not live look when it was streamed
Markus Ruiz
Can we just eat the giraffe
Lisa Kunkler
What happened to the live feed?
Mary Ayorinde
Why is it so long there is nothing hapening
Mathew Abraham
Cyndi Tirre
refresh, it is still live
Where is the live feed?
Lorna McNeil
Check the water April went over to get some and then walked away.
TheEpic Bob
Is it bad I watched the whole thing??
Dee Phillips
is this live
Steve Haahn
u want to chat call them on the phone Bwahahahaha
Joy- Carole
What was original due date?
Is she really over due?
If the baby isn't born on it's own will they do a cesarean on the mom?
debbie foster
I'm sure they know what they are doing BUT I keep thinking like others....maybe she needs to get out for a walk about to help move that baby along. That's what docs have us women do to move things along..
Karen abraham
why is it dark in her pen surely its not night time
Heather Hazen
I think it is a boy giraffe. And he is just bloated.
Kathy DuPont
From the camera view we're seeing, this does not reflect the true size of April's enclosure. It is quite spacious and roomy. We are basically looking down and into it. I read that the Park, on their site, stated they were going to add a new camera today. I've been watching April for just about 5 weeks now and am extremely excited for the birth of her calf.
Jeri Dekeyser
Why is still so dark?
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