Why you should be a TUBER Driver!

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This is every reason you'll need to become a TUBER Driver!

See more bloopers and bts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4-QZRZaX3U

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Greg is the best
Banana Cheesecake
4:45 ryan hit the button with his foot
Yeoh Jun An
Jordyn Ensor
there was an uber ad on this lmao
paco is so funny
Fifi OnABanana
dear ryan, can u do frisbee disc trickshots?
Elizabeth Carter
omg at 4:04 i was laughing so hard 😂😂
Ch K
That thing that was popular for a day? How do ride an "Andy's coming"?
Mohid Hussain
1:53 there is a mistake see if you can find it
Ba dum Tiss
Ugh, I promised myself that the last video I just watched was my last NigaHiga video so I can go back to watching the other channel I was on. But like always, I see another one of his videos and click on it. What's wrong with it this time is that I've already seen this video!
Onebad Tj
00:0 to 00:8 YouTube boycott in a nutshell
1:35 lol
Austin Kongdara
Wait does Greg have braces
D Amadio
I love Ryan higa
The Machine
Where do I sign up
Hillarious! "Ghetto Asian Girl" ROCKS!
Deja Neeley
Kenzi LOL
I was in the back of the car and the driver said i like hello kitty he was a 87 year old man
rex lebron
I'm late to this vid but this is fucking funny
Tushar Patil
No tuber cardboards?
Namenick YOLO
the girl got huge tits
sainudheen putiyaveetil
U made the parody of uber
alona delafin
can you fly
I feel bad for Diana and Greg
Glebigoz Swag
If I was working there, I hope I get a tip of 45 bucks every time
Greg was so happy.
Un known
I thought it was a Uber Driver that has a YouTube Channel lol 😂😂
0:19 Illuminati confirmed
Noorah Mnaymneh
who would like too work here like the payment is soo little
Sister Phaniel
did anyone turn on the captions for 2:10?😂😂
Marquis Colenburg
will you fail a uber background check for a speeding ticket?
Ash Aynnn
wow, will. wow.
Nabiha Iqbal
"Ready to go, pick to the ho, iso . . . .

lation. " 😂
Aymanac 7
Did anyone notice that Channel 6 News was on even though it's supposed to be Skitzo News Live
Joey Frost
ryan, you should do i dare you with the odd1sout
MalikLife The Great
did anyone else hear the premium made.com voice during the opening
btc btc
Hey guys I hope you have a wondeful day. I'm just a random college student asking for online respondents for this paper I have to do.
Millen Rogers
I am the road rage tuber
Bobby Junior
I am goin
0:45 "Require all of our drivers to provide atleast 2 FIJE waters"
William Neves
that was a funny video :D , i love you guys :D
Tuber driving wow the people just annoying.
What type of watch is will wearing at 1:46?
If it was true he wants a lot of money 💰 and you lose a lot of money
Bon Kai
Background checks hahaha
Dylan Zhang
Did anyone else notice he used his foot to press the surge prices button
Ordillotv Productions
i actually like the personal driver because i can't handle the awkwardness of being in too quiet with the driver
Bobby Cena!
Paco and derick are sooo funny in this vid!
Ulysses Alcantara
what does it say at around 0:12? like it secretly says "..... .com"
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