I would like one
There was a Uber add before this :OO
Lizzy Pojisek
Can I have a questiony Tuber driver?
Diamond R
I love this !!!πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Celia Borboa
Whaaa this is funny
My Time
What’s your Social Security number? πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…
Swayam Sanghvi
Fuck you .You son of a bich you are a Jack ass suck my dick
Sebastian Legaspi
Is it weird that i want Ryan to collab with Evan (VanossGaming)??
Rain Bun Unicorn
If you work for 5 hours every day you will make $-75! You will be so rich!

Also if u did math wrong, don’t blame me plz, thank you πŸ˜‚
Gd Xtremelocked
1:37 what is your ss#
DonCrafts1 - Gaming and Vlogs!
I just realised... It's Uber with a T :D
snooz pug
do more ads
Lillie And Shiron
Hi I'm New 😁
Who else got an uber ad before this vid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Where do i apply
XianShuo Zhao
0:13 Premium beat dot com
Shrek is Love Shrek is Life
You sell stocks? Like everybody else? No way!
Tad Woolson
2:25 I'll take that one
Mat 383
So i'm not the only person who uses a bluetooth earpiece.
-david allen-
Ice Chillin
John Pollanen
"we just passed my house" "nope, GPS says we only got 1 mile to go"
Oscar Nello
Did anyone else get an uber add on this vid also who's watching in 2017 October.
Fina Hidayat
the bluetooth driver is real
SpiralSpartan Spartan 117
Uber tuber you tuber WHAT
Abdullah Farrag
I swear Tuber Black is literally B. Fresh from 2k18
Vinay Shakyawar
The FakeTaxi driver?
Cindy Ngo
Bora Secmen
The YouTube Cousins
One If Your Dream Is To Eat A Chicken Nugget,Hows This Going To Help.
Uber tuber uber tuber
Kaustubh Prakash
so funny
Roblox KrightSul
"Way too much cologne driver"πŸ˜‚
Roblox KrightSul
How do they even earn money?
William Frederick Iversen
So you have to pay $15 every hour? Seems like a good job for bill gates.
William Frederick Iversen
So you have to pay $15 every hour? Seems like a good job for bill gates.
A2 - Music & More
Who noticed that at 4:29 the "table" is a blackscreen?
Reef B
Nigahiga predicted b fresh
My Vu
BlaiseAB _Hockey
3rd time watching and I only just noticed that he hit the emergency button with his footπŸ˜‚
GI Gio
Hahahaha. When he hit the button he used a foot.
Lucia Chen
Logan Paul is catching up on so many subs but personally I think Ryan is such a better Youtuber
Anyone know the background ad music song name?
Did any of you notice the typo at the Creepy Driver at 1:54?
4:46 dies
Prashi Dash
The creepy driver is good enough for me
Tina Pham
Omg the wanna be black is so funny because we call my big sister lil Nancy because her best friend is taller and named Nancy and she loves basketball and always talks about it lol
tuber motorcycle is real
sayf nabulsi
Isn't -15β€’3 -45?
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