The coast guard supports this movie!!
Hannibal Lecter
Google "Weird eyebrows kid", go ahead, you'll see him in 1:08 lol
Eric Forman is in the army !
not rly worth the download
He just felt like jogginga
مقري عمر
بلحيتك خيير
Comedy Reality Clever movie. Most Yanks won't probably get it though
Brad Pitt sucked in this, and it's a grossly inaccurate portrayal of Gen. McChrystal
FountainOf Light
You can't win against a religion. There will always be an enemy as long as there is Islam.
Meister Gaming
how did they make brad pitt that ugly ?
Super Hans
One of the extras in the movie when they are looking at the map of Helmand is ex SBS. The real deal and the best of the best, they guys are even more secretive than The SAS. His name is Jason Fox
Jess Manuel
Anthony Michael-Hall & Alan Ruck? WTF? The 80's is coming back lol
String Man
Anyone know the songs?
Papuc Smen
Watch Hollywood' sexiest man turn into Dorry's voice aka the Woman with fish breath aka Ellen Dege..... can't focken spell her name properly , i'm a redneuck !
donthaveone donthaveone
Goo-GoD what are you doing in my head again?
donthaveone donthaveone
I've always enJOYED his acting (Mr B.Pitt)
Duane Banks
:10 looks like Anthony Michael Hall from "Vacation", "Breakfast Club" and "Edward Scissorhands" lol
Brandon's Channel
Brad Pitt killed this!
Ties Goossens
Brad Pitt with that voice is just weird...
Anne Wedell
He purposely made a joke of the character he portrayed. His acting was so bad it was distracting.
Wladimir Díaz Díaz
Esperaba ver una buena película... pero la verdad, para mí, es una verdadera mugre... pésima... si la viera Patton sentiría verguenza de como quedó la imagen de un General Norteamericano.
1:25 Is he the same actor from Get Out? :)
Im Alergic to bulls##t
is it me or does Glen mcman look a bit like aldo rainn.
Oliver Dexx
boring movie :(
Franck Monnin
Hey !! This is not a movie about the friend of iron man !!!! But please ! Is there anyone who knows the music of the trailer ???? Please please please !!!!! ... shazam didn't work !
must be too revealing for the box office
I picture Brad Pitt saying " an F..B..I...agent" with his war voice that he uses in all of his newer movies
So...I never thought Netflix would become this big. They're putting out hit after hit and using A-list actors.
sunny yesudas
i think Brad did not fit to this role. his face expressions does not suite to his character. It looks really fake.
looks like aldo raine finally got promoted
They are making a movie about the entire mess USA created to begin with and now trying to portray like they are doing something good about it? M'kay.
dam Brad Pitt got really old
Ffs I thought it was from marvel
Alan Ruck!
Brad Pitt looks like the Cdt. Tom Chandler from The Last Ship in this movie
Margaret Morton
Brad Pitt looks like Robert Redford
Tino Trivino
War on Terror just brought us more terror than ever Thanks USA! The Real Terror Nation
Quen Ma
Brad Pitt looks good with grey hair.
Sleepy Koala
will there be scalping in this?
Colonel 100
my god that voice, someone call Ronald Lee Ermey and teach that idiot how to speak
minh vuong
Who've thought Brad Pitt would be in a Netflix movie...
This film is pittiful. Yes I did it. hahahha. No shame!
Mc Senior Albaloushi
thumps up if u here after watching shah rukh khan s interview wih brad pitt
Douglas Kirby L
Asirel chara Undertale
Hey I'm Hamdan almerri I'm a part of the movie
The last 30 seconds were the best.
Mort Jacobs
why is he talking like that
Alvin Chan
Got worried for a second when i thought marvel was releasing this. XD
Julia Sanacha
Dang I thought this would be marvel 😂😢
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