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War Machine Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Brad Pitt, Tilda Swinton, and Lakeith Stanfield! Be the first to check out trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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A satire of America's war with Afghanistan with a focus on the people running the campaign.

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Cartney84 Ian
why wanna build a country that kill you?
Roy S
Neo-Clausewitsian war strategy. Never worked in Vietnam. Will never work anywhere else. As long as the US conduct wars run by politicians, it will never win. Even if the US military win a hundred battles, the outcome will still be the same. The war will be lost.
This film is going to need an "A" List cast to carry Brad Pitt.
Yacheng Moua
wow, Brad Pitt sounds fake as hell
prabjot singh
Who else is here because of lakeith
looks like a piece of shit.
Chris Vaughan
Uh Brad Pitt and his gesturing....
Light Far Away
We want Brad Pit Achilles Solo Movie. Not this piece of shit modern Warfare 3
Billy Wardlaw
Is Brad doing the character from 12 Monkeys? Whats with tha hands, Brad?
Ina Shkembi
Why does Brat Pitt look and sound like George Clooney?
Daniel V
just another movie of Occidental Vs Middle East. Overplayed theme. Boring.
Rik Stace
Brad pitt as an Army General. Laughs don't get better than this.
Andrew Eatman
Since when did Anthony Michael Hall start acting again? He has assault charges against him. Lol...
Another "Foreign Policies are So F-ing Bad that we Made A Film About it" Film.
Alex N
Iron Man 4 plot twist: Fake Mandarin is the Mandarin is the Mandarin is the Mandarin 0:50
man, you shouldnt break up with angelina.
Square Root
Is Brad Pit playing a fictional version of George Clooney playing a US Army something here?
abou ma knife...?
what is Topher Grace doing here?
kelly logan
I'm sorry but this really doesn't make me want to watch this and I usually support whatever Netflix does
thekillermaster 666
Stupid movie movie for stupid assholes only 👎👎👎👎👎👎
People expecting a Marvel movie - this is better than all of em. Hoorah
Waheed joe Khan
You can't win in afghanistan you can only clean up the mess fact
Just In
Brad Pitt in a War film. That's new !
Dizy Tizy
Why doesn't America cut the losses, bring back all unnecessary troops. Create a fund for new technology drones. Build things which are cheaper, faster, and better equipped. Start to employ every tech kid in creating a whole new field of technology which they will own. Basically fund the future under a war, the spin offs will probably pay back the fund, the advancements will ensure Americas future and the result will be that America retains its place in the world, in someways bringing in a new world of colonization...Right now they failing at this.
Davixanku No hay más que uno
There´s seconds of Bradd Pitt similar to Hannibal Smith from The A Team
jullian Mitchell
it sucks that he's not playing cable :(
Pitt is just a war actor with gruff voice lol
I don't know. It look as awkward and boring as Brad Pitt's character.
does Brat Pitt has only 1 accent?
Matthew OBrien
From Glory to this?? Come on bro..
Lt aldo raine now a 4 star general?
Quasi's Sidekick
hes secretly a woman irl
Richard Lee
So the goal of Hollywood is to just bash its own country?
im handsome
I thought war machine on marvel games :(
Kim Nicholas
Oh look! The character he played in 12 Monkeys now is a general....uh....
Luna Royale
this look interesting. but Army guys saying "ooh-rah"? It's supposed to be "Hooah!" lol. ;)
rosto hooster
brad pitt is a general now so straighten out and fly right or shape up or ship out!!! your choice bozos.
A movie with all the masterclass Actors! Can't believe how he has played the role of Mahatma Gandhi and Hamid karzai. The Look of Brad with his voice! All are the great master pieces together.
Terrence Howard... Don Cheadle... Now Brad Pitt???
big boy
golden globe for brad Pitt
Robert Burns
The fact that Afghanistan's president is in this movie confirms it as liberal, anti-American propaganda.
Peter Underwood
worst actor ever
To all those who thought this was a Marvel movie: are you new on the Internet? Do you really believe they would release a trailer without having announced the movie years before? I mean, these guys have sneak peaks for teaser trailers!
Candela Martin
Will Poulter is here!!! Yeah!!!
0:57 Why not D. Trump?
Ironman at 1:49...
Wesley Richardson
Lol omg brad pitt with blonde hair ffs?
Chris Whited
you win the war or you don't ..............tell the excuses to the women and little girls social justice warriors?
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