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War Machine Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Brad Pitt, Tilda Swinton, and Lakeith Stanfield! Be the first to check out trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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A satire of America's war with Afghanistan with a focus on the people running the campaign.

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Игорь Волков
Brad Pitt looks like Henry Rollins
Nick Willis
Does anyone know the song and band at the end of the trailer?
Mr XXXfiles
is afghanistan war against talibans?
Is this a sequel to Inglorious Bastards?
Cormac Russell
What band/singer is playing that Dylan song??
Didn't dislike because of eyebrow kid
Three One
Brad Pitt forgot that he wasn't filming Inglorious Bastards. His voice sounds stupid.
Looks like another anti-American propaganda flick...
Underfail Jackoff
This is Ben Kingsley's second time being in a film with something relating to war machine.
James Sudbury
Karolis Jachimavicius
Its Brad Pitt.
Anthony Michilot
I would love to meet the d-bag who decided to put this movie with this name on a network that is run by Marvel popularity and not include tony stark as a cameo at least once!
Jos Faber
The "Aldo" movie :)
Rob Gray
To those of you that are trying to understand what this film is all about, allow me to fill you in.. This is the depiction of General Stanley McChrystal (Brad Pits character) and his leadership role in the Afghanistan theater. The late Michael Hastings covered his exploits in his book "The Operators." ... What needs to be clear hear though is that although this film is being portrayed as a comedy,, it is by no means the making of a joke out of McChrystal himself.. On the contrary, "Stan" McCyrystal is one the most bad ass generals that has ever commanded a modern day military force... McChrystal and his staff were the ones that transformed the Joint Special Operations Command in the Iraq insurgency 2004-2007.. He revolutionized the way we target terrorist networks which ultimately killed the master mind of the Al Qeada leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi in Iraq, (who at the time was more relevant to global AQ operations then Usama Bin Lanen was.)...Bin Laden himself was also later targeted and killed by the same concepts that McChrystal and his staff implemented in Iraq via F3EAD, (Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate.).. This concept has been adopted by every non US SOF, Intelligence community fighting in the GWOT.

The point of this film is the fact that McChrystal was the very best the US Military had to offer to the Afghanistan conflict, and even he could not overcome the politics and micro management of US administrations... Hope this gives some insight to folks that are interested in this film.
I guess this is what the Vietnam guys felt like 10 years after their war ended when all these garbage movies came out about them.... Im feeling that now.
Liquid Metal
Is there a lesbian actress named Brad Pitt?
Keith Holman
Why does Brad Pitt look like George Clooney now???
Dont care still watching
Ali Mohamed
Is this a comedy
That smile gets me every time 😂😂😂
Garth Stewart
Soldiers need to calm down and realize not everyone likes you or whatever "war" you happened to fight in, and frankly I still believe that is their right to do so. I was in Iraq in 2003, and we were pretty mean back then, not like today's Army which cannot even take on a weak-ass insurgency, and yet think they have the right to come home and threaten civilians on the internet for daring to criticize them. It makes zero sense, bro?
Robert Irlbeck
I spent 75% of the trailer trying to figure out if that was actually Brad Pitt or not
then he lights a cigar and say: "I like it when a plan comes together!"
Don Anas
A scene from this film was filmed right under my house in abu dhabi, uae
Dat stupid corny voice, though...
Wait... where's Don Cheadle? :v
Johnny NiteTrain
Who else doesn't like his voice and acting in this?? Kind of bizarre. I just see Brad Pitt doing a stupid voice.... and I love Brad Pitt, but not this time around. Razzie Award in the future
Dante Flores
i thought this was marvel
Vishal Ramawat
Lt. Aldo Raine returns...
Atee Chakma
0:14 Jonny sins hehehe
Billie Dahling
Oh look, another Brad Pitt as a soldier movie
This is good movis
flash_ Anvesh
eyes searching for furry
So crazy that Brad Pitt is in a Netflix original
Brad Pitt looks kinda funny in this. But I like him I think he is a legendary actor.
The Ice Ninja
I don't see rhodey anywhere
Alex Nunnally
Rick Chambers
Sounds like he's doing an impression for SNL
where is the suit???
Jet Sauce
lol they need to use Brad Pitt as the face of America to act in this film to convince the world that they are winning in the middle east when really they are getting their asses kicked. its propaganda to put America in a good light but I can see through it. But you gotta admit, Brad Pitt is pretty awesome
It's good to see Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell in this movie
stupid movie
planet earth
Seems Documentary not a movie
Грузоперевозки Николаев
отличный фильм
leevaney ingram
camera flashes he said get out now I'm a war (hums old spice commercial)
CSG Today
He's such a bad actor.
Sofi Medina
Bro, Gally and Eric Forman in a war movie? holy mother
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