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War Machine Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Brad Pitt, Tilda Swinton, and Lakeith Stanfield! Be the first to check out trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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A satire of America's war with Afghanistan with a focus on the people running the campaign.

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Danial Rajabpour
Brad Pitt = James Mattis ?
Joris van Soest
Trevor? is that you?
Dems Zer
Nice messages during the movie! But Brad Pitt's role could have been attributed to another actor!
حسن الخيكاني
Horumarka Dalka
General with funny running
weareanonmyous wecannotbestopped
Looks dumb
us army general commanding usmc
i dont know much about us armed forces but this seems wrong to me
Nelli Love
Even though Brad is older then me I would still definetely date him. Hes a good looking mofo ❤
medo fouad
This movie is not in Pakistan it is in uae (rak)
Escape Media
The moment when you stand in silence and respect the prayer of a muslim leader , but it turns out that he's trying to hook up the blu ray to a 90's tv lol
Ajmal Musleh
Yagmur Yılmaz
koçuma baQ be
Brad Pitt looks like the perfect Hannibal Smith.
Thianchai Gotabe
what kind of voice
it's weird when the general`s wife looks more like his mom.
no Nazis ?!!
zaid aljauhari
Stop play that you are saving the world..it's old part and we sick of it
Drippy Flora
Should have just nuked them
Ruben Verhoeve
This movie sucks
Just seen it on netflix, what a trash of a movie, 90minutes i will never get back ;/
Bumblebee Tuna
This movie was horrible!
What´s the song name at 0:20?
Amina hameed
yayy our film is out on Netflix go check it out I'm there too
Mr.strom Trooper
I like in 1:18
Arash Asghari
brad pits looks like the comander in the last ship
60milj. Movie and boring as hell.. Waste of money
Adam Norman
Army general commanding troops with marine camies, makes sense...
anyone know if Gen. Michael Flynn is in this movie?
Anantam Bisht
who is brad pitt??
Ellu Nobody here
1:19 F*ck yea
Talking Shit
brad pitt with netflix wtf
Wokin Male
Really good movie imo
USA government is the biggest terrorist.
Habi Choji
what the hell is Erwin Smith doing here
Pazzie Since81
pretty boring movie...Its the kind of movie you put on if you cant sleep and you need something that will help go to sleep...
Favour Chenyue Mao
What happened to Brad pitt's face?
wait is that brad pitt?, where is brad pitt? is that brad pitt?, he kinda looks like pitt
Akshay Babu
0:22 the this bgm malayalam film Copied this bgm
Bad movie. Total unnatural, forced acting
The coast guard supports this movie!!
Hannibal Lecter
Google "Weird eyebrows kid", go ahead, you'll see him in 1:08 lol
Eric Forman is in the army !
not rly worth the download
He just felt like jogginga
مقري عمر
بلحيتك خيير
Comedy Reality Clever movie. Most Yanks won't probably get it though
Brad Pitt sucked in this, and it's a grossly inaccurate portrayal of Gen. McChrystal
FountainOf Light
You can't win against a religion. There will always be an enemy as long as there is Islam.
Meister Gaming
how did they make brad pitt that ugly ?
Super Hans
One of the extras in the movie when they are looking at the map of Helmand is ex SBS. The real deal and the best of the best, they guys are even more secretive than The SAS. His name is Jason Fox
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