John Oliver Doesn't Think He'll Get Deported, But He's Being Cautious

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Host of 'Last Week Tonight' John Oliver swings through to talk with Stephen about the current state of American politics and his own immigration status.

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Matto niy
Being English and well spoken in the the north of USA is a completely different experience to most immigrants trust me
And every day after Inauguration Day has been the training continuously running over our corpse
Adam Winkelmann
I want John's shoes.
The mustachioed man bit got me.
Benjamen Grinberg
Idiocy: lack of character
Mozelld Rhodes
Hello dad
Matthew Rosso
Best point @ 9:32
Why would we reject those who have fought, bled and sacrificed for our national interest?
Elise Putnam
"words don't mean anything any more, why would numbers" I died
trump is a banger bring back obama
ben shipiro wot a cunt
Idris elba should be the next James Bond
Daniel Frye
So did anyone else notice John Oliver is wearing 1st Cavalry Division pin on his lapel? I wonder why🤔
Shivam Gupta
5:30 the way he said "ask India they remember".
Lazychuck Productions
John Oliver and Rowan Atkinson in the new spy movie "those we shagged"
Synopsis it's 1945 India John Oliver is a analysis and is recruited to stop Nazi's escaping into India and Asia fund it
Anneli Elisabet
I love the extremely honest laugh at "has your name ever come up?"
Lucas The DragonSoul 2
i wanna give John Oliver a hug. and a boop on the nose... :3
Two socialist slapping each other on the back is always great but hey they are comedians so its ok.
priya sarkar
John oliver and Dr. Shashi tharoor.. together..can make British pay for their inglorious empire..
Raye S
Did I miss something, since when has the USA ever been an empire ? That's a hoot the only thing the USA has is all the weapons and that's why it matters other than that no one cares for the most part that's why the world tolerates the baby country
Unicorn Hunter
Haha, he did the sloppy swish on his way out!
luvvinallmusik 57
John Oliver is making jokes, not a giving a history lesson. Had there been talk shows 500 years ago, he'd be talking about an Asian or African country. Those countries' "fault" is they kept their genocide/imperialism/colonialism local. England took it global, & are the best known imperialist/colonialist bc America, God's gift to the world (is there an emoji for facetious) won't let anyone forget it. Spain, Portugal & France obviously did the same. But do Mexico, Brazil, & Canada have leaders that make the economy, race relations, & natural disasters about them? Or think "bigly" is a word? It's jokes, people.
Harrison Rutledge
Exactly and Trump has deferred the military five different times over foot pain fucking joke
Even John Oliver can't stand Colbert's autistic moronic retarded audience.
Victoria Moe
Explore wedding turn friendship weekend quality towel comment.
Radcliffe Santiago
John Oliver would be great as the 2nd Johnny English
John Oliver would make a good Q.
Apocryphal Shedinja
Colbert looks like All Franken in those glasses.
hannah lee
Before I started watching these guys like a week ago I got them regularly confused. And I feel bad about it.
Jason Thomas
Fat British pig fucker shit DICK John? This is funny? This is all scripted Democratic DICK licker talk.
Andy Sandoval
oohhh eek baba derkel someone has a talkshow
Lydia Heyes
More like Johnny English than James Bond
Patrick Ersig
fire on the mountain for the intro?? dopeeeeee RIP Jerry Garcia
shout out to the greatful dead
John Oliver as James Bond, cool I guess... John Oliver as The Doctor, FUCK YEAHHHH
jack jones
What a cuck.
#jhon for bond
You get a car!
I had never watched John Oliver but gosh is he funny!
How can people thumbs down John Oliver?
deakon jarvis
Nice shirt John!
I love the cockney Bond impression. I wish everyone in the UK valued Oliver like the US.
john Baldock
July 2017. And it just keeps getting Worse!!!!
Viva Nova
OK 2 guys W / OUI XOX A DOOR ^_^
Viva Nova
"Almost every global flashpoint can be traced back to a moustachioed British man drawing a straight line on a map."

He's exaggerating, but not by much.
Kura LaCroix
Juan Pablo Gomez
I cannot imagine John as James Bond. He is more an Austin Powers kind of guy.
I love love the First Calvary lapel pin! John Oliver actually met his wife when he was doing a segment for the Daily Show - she had been a medic with them with the First Cav in Iraq. I really like he wears that pin to show support for his wife and the Cav!
TMK Films
His laugh at 7:54 is the best. :D
Garcia Lu
John Oliver is a fucking genius
Lankey Bastard
The way Colbert let's Oliver speak for the entire British Empire, past and present, with no hint of satire, PERSONIFIES American ignorance and stupidity.
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