John Oliver Doesn't Think He'll Get Deported, But He's Being Cautious

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Host of 'Last Week Tonight' John Oliver swings through to talk with Stephen about the current state of American politics and his own immigration status.

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he's fine, he's not brown
michael scanlon
what a f@@@@@g lump of wood, Oliver is, ffs don't send the prick back to the UK. he's another c@@t who can't say a good word about his own country!
Koalafied Commentor
Ernie Hudson
John Oliver is the jollier one from the two - I think Colbert is kinda sad...
Burnin Colours
John Oliver. Such an idiot
Rayne S.G.
I'm sorry John, because I really do like you, but it's more like Inspector Gadget or Mr. Magoo.
Cole Jiang
why is he wearing a 1cav lapel pin?
Can i just say that the captions for this video are horrendously out of sync with the audio?
Anonymous Global
We love you all -Anonymous
Archie Hamilton
double wake scatter pc trip little open extension.
Brandon Watson
The uk not a world power?
Nicole Momtahan
Every time I see John Oliver, he looks more like a penguin.
Kevin Contreras
I love these two guys and them together is just double the laughter! 😹
Frank Castle
Lesleigh Hart
John Oliver is awesome :) Love from one of your previous colonies - Australia lol.
Gabriel Etinzon
It's 2 different persons ?
I'm just glad I was able to watch a dialogue between two talking asses as opposed to having to watch two separate monologues pitched to the cheap seats. Partisan political views masquerading as satire for the smug, the ignorant and the lazy....this would also appear to be a new norm and a new low, a tactic more becoming of the behaviour of the man they attack night after night. Their job has never been so easy and their ratings never so high.
Carol Vogelman
Remember who it was massacred majority of my NA ancestors? At least mention us once and awhile; Will Rogers was Cherokee and damned proud of it; said "We may not have been the first to land at Plymouth Rock, but we was there to meet it!" said hopefully, and I have always believed it was to the everlasting shame of my ancestors that we ever let'em land, too!" He was being funny, but he wasn't kidding, either!

So give us a thought and how after sucking all the brilliant governing ideas the Chiefs had been successfully using for thousands of years, and then our brave founders ordered all the men killed, and women & children!

Talk about that; I think as our conquerors have failed miserably in living with a fair and equitable set of rules that kept the general population busy living more than war as a way of life!

Weren't our founding fathers swell guys? Compare them to Trump, because they were more shameful and even bigger thieves! More of my ancestors were killed by indian hunters than Jews were killed in Europe!

A Navajo boy asked in pain "Why do they hate us!

I said be ready for when they need us again; our mother is crying and she is dying!

You do your program on stolen lands; our people are treated worse than your blacks!
Talk about a wasted resource!

Where are stories of the Menominee demonstrations to retain sovereignty of their nation and Stephen wrapped himself in a flag exactly as did the Menominee woman years ago that led to Viet Nam protests?

At least you could educate yourselves about NA people because we are all around you and would be pleased to share with you our environmental history; we only lived to take care of our Mother the Earth!

I love you the most Colbert and Oliver too I just see a blind spot on your third eye!
Federico Pisanu
Is John Oliver wearing a pin picturing the Coat of Arms of the 1st Cavalry Division of US Army???
Mr Skroz
Deport the clown to the clown land and build a wall around it :)
I spy a 1st cav pin.
Two shit head liberals on one shithead liberal media station who would have guessed?
David Solis
I hope Oliver gets sent away. NOW!!
Sigmund Salazar
You give British too much credit man.
Ellen Roberts
John Oliver is funny, but he has been laughing all the way to the bank for years now and his "everyman" act is just that, an act. He is extremely wealthy and dodges taxes like all rich people. He does't give jack about any of us and retreats back to his 9 million dollar condo and we can all fuck ourselves. (which I do)
Thank you John and Steven for exposing the tyrant corrupt Trump who cheated, Los, and stole the election. Impeach the orange carnival barker freaked old coward! And his entire cabinet of roster vacuums!
Andrew Hershberger
So that's what John Oliver's legs look like.
Shinobu Jiangsu
I ship it
Rose Macaskie
The Dalai lama has chosen John Oliver as Bond for the Tibetans. I hope to make you jealous Colbert and so to make you get into contact with the Dalai Lama and get you too helping.
The Tibetans sure need all the help they can get. According to John Oliver they are worse off than the North Koreans!!! Bet you can't get the Dalai lama on. Colbert. Please, they need you all so much.

The Catholics wont like it .They so, don't mention Chinese brutality to the Tibetans. They only say, "look how poor they are," as if Peruvians weren't equally so.
They are so happy to get someone else getting rid of anothe competing faith, happy to get the Chinese, getting rid of another faith for them. They so don't care for others when those others aren't, CATHOLIC.
Rose Macaskie
I think that Christians were taking Christianity to heathens when the English made their Empire, when they weren't suring up trade routes, which, carrying of Christianity around, might not have inspired the bosses but did inspire the foot soldiers and we still are, if not taking Christianity around, at least trying to stop benighted cultures, whose form comes from their religions. Except, it is North America who is sorting out the heathens. If you live in some countries, you are so glad they are ,while you criticise them for their brutality.
Rose Macaskie
Its just so hard to be attentive when Trump makes you laugh so and when he wont shake hands with that horror among women Angela Merkal. His expertise is taking away horror from horrible things.
Welcome to January 20 9999999999999.... or May 23 2017
Roselie Gabriel
Is it just me or did John Oliver UPSTAGE Stephen Colbert at his own show??!!🙄🙊🙉🙉 John would have been a great leader and THAT'S why he's got a great TV show!! If he's good with only one night a week, IMAGINE 5 days a week!!!🙊🙉🙈👑
Tory Koskiu
What with the pin John
Kyle goehringer
can we say epic song to come out to
anonneemouse mighty
John Oliver has a fake name. He is a Card-Carrying Socialist as well. The same Card as Christopher Steele, C.U.S.S. Maddow also in club, so is Huffington. Oliver will get Hung for Sedition, not Deported. Committing your Treason in a " Comedy" format, does not mask the intent, or the resulting conflict with our Republic.
Arvind Burdak
At least an English comedian acknowledge English wrongdoing against India..thanks John Oliver
Imagine Oliver as Bond "Vodka Martini, Sir?" "Kewl"
Henk Bakker
Encounter pour consistently Bible increasing power salmon United.
Janet Williams
He looks and sounds so much like Ben Elton, his sense of humour the works. Is it him?
It appears from this conversation that John Oliver thinks the British Empire was all "swag" and "benign". It was the opposite and all Brits should come to terms with their shameful and disgusting history, not build fantasies about it and feel proud.
bob bill
actually the name James Bond was taken from the author of a Bird Book that Ian Fleming owned.
guess who looks like a Bird?
Amanda Pettus
Add Steve Carrel and these are the funniest men on earth
Dan N
For a sec I thought they were going to kiss. LOL
Amethyst Stegbauer
Still relevant feelings in may! I didn't even realize that this was that old until Colbert said "only 2 weeks ago". WOW
Cristina Vera
john roll
Never seen what it's sounding like
john roll
Here they come lol how is your entire life recorded if that's me and they did nothing
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