John Oliver Doesn't Think He'll Get Deported, But He's Being Cautious

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Host of 'Last Week Tonight' John Oliver swings through to talk with Stephen about the current state of American politics and his own immigration status.

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Tory Koskiu
What with the pin John
Kyle goehringer
can we say epic song to come out to
anonneemouse mighty
John Oliver has a fake name. He is a Card-Carrying Socialist as well. The same Card as Christopher Steele, C.U.S.S. Maddow also in club, so is Huffington. Oliver will get Hung for Sedition, not Deported. Committing your Treason in a " Comedy" format, does not mask the intent, or the resulting conflict with our Republic.
Arvind Burdak
At least an English comedian acknowledge English wrongdoing against India..thanks John Oliver
Imagine Oliver as Bond "Vodka Martini, Sir?" "Kewl"
Henk Bakker
Encounter pour consistently Bible increasing power salmon United.
Janet Williams
He looks and sounds so much like Ben Elton, his sense of humour the works. Is it him?
It appears from this conversation that John Oliver thinks the British Empire was all "swag" and "benign". It was the opposite and all Brits should come to terms with their shameful and disgusting history, not build fantasies about it and feel proud.
bob bill
actually the name James Bond was taken from the author of a Bird Book that Ian Fleming owned.
guess who looks like a Bird?
Amanda Pettus
Add Steve Carrel and these are the funniest men on earth
Dan N
For a sec I thought they were going to kiss. LOL
Amethyst Stegbauer
Still relevant feelings in may! I didn't even realize that this was that old until Colbert said "only 2 weeks ago". WOW
Cristina Vera
Adam Wood
Never seen what it's sounding like
Adam Wood
Here they come lol how is your entire life recorded if that's me and they did nothing
Adam Wood
And it's 2017
Chris Baubo
John often says we implying we Americans, and he is not one.
kerodfresenbet gebremedhin
awkward hug, almost a kiss!
Sean Kelly
Boot this silly talking faggot out head first out of this country.
John RAT TEETH Who will Someday Die From AIDS, Trying to be HBO's poor man's Piers Morgan, Oliver.
l literally have AIDS.... LITERALLY !!!!!!!!
I actually want to see John Oliver as Bond. :D
Alexander Castillo
Seriously, Impeach Trump! or Knock his head.
John Smith
Best ever this show.... And shame on US and D- T and his joke admin
Roman KTM
I want a totally weird three-way with these two.
Walt Ye
JO steals the show
Why's his fuckin' tie so long.
Diana Pizarro
John Oliver!!!!!! I adore you!
William Brockus
Why does John Oliver have a first cav pin?
If this Oliver complete and total doosh nozzle DID get deported, we could hardly blame Great Britain for then holding a MAJORLY intense grudge against us here in the U.S., for AT LEAST an entire century !, for forcing this absolute flaming asshole back onto their shores.
Chris Biss
Plays to unfunny outdated british stereotypes to further american career. Sell out
tic toc
John Oliver - One of the better British exports. Hope he is not deported. He is definitely a stateside asset now.
Jon Oliver from the daily show.
As a French person, I totally agree : The Brits are responsible for everything!
Matthew Bailey
Why is john Oliver wearing a First Cavalry badge?
What's with the bleeping and censoring the finger? It's so lame. I don't get it. Do they think people will die from a heart attack?
Jay Mann
Words don't mean anything anymore...why would numbers
T Mc
OKAY. I want you all to watch this RKM KOSHERSTEIN SHEKELGRUBER SEWAGE that is flooding Youtube and the Mainstrean Media. The world is going to hell in a hand basket, but, thank God, the LIGHT is coming in to rid us of the KOSHERSTEIN SHEKELGRUBERS and their Sewage that their Media is pumping out of their SEWERVISION and HOLLYWOOD studios.You will likely say : who cares? Well this is just what these SHEKELGRUBING KOSHERSTEIN PUKES want you to say and think.
The RKM KOSHERSTEIN SHEKELGRUBER PUKE RUN YOUR WORLD AND DON'T WANT YOU INFORMED. They own you, you ignorant GOY and it seems they also own your GOY MINDS!
Goy? Go watch the movie , The Matrix. You might become more aware of the RKM KOSHERSTEIN SHEKELGRUBERS and the SEWAGE they are pumping into your living rooms 24/7/365; or are you just a bunch of stupid GOY, following the brainwashing the SHEKELGRUBERS are pumping into your minds. It is your choice, GOY : either RKM KOSHERSTEIN SHEKELGRUBING SEWAGE AND THE MATRIX or FREEDOM.
What The
Deport that smurf, notice how he wears all blue when he get's the chance? Smurf
Sandra Molnar
John Oliver has the cutest dimples.
C Panfilio
"Words don't mean anything anymore, why wouldn't numbers?" Amen.
god damn they look so alike
I'm glad I'm not the only one who believes that Judy Dench is the secret underground leader of all world systems. I actually had a dream that I was fighting the entire Russian Mafia, one by one, all the way up to... Judy Dench.
Jason Barnes
John Oliver is brilliant af.
David Lee
We the people have the power, that is prob y trump surrounds himself with so many guards. Another stupied cannibal has been allowed into office. Literally now some like him while the majority of my friends hate him. The FBI, CIA know that the world is rotten so they prepare for anarchy with their FEMA lies. Our world runs on money fear and hate. In the grand scheme of things history repeats itself. Our country is at war, the evil dictate to the rest. Our sense of security derives from falsely placed hope in destruction and killing always feeding the ego. I'm scared for my children because innocence has been compromised and what is left is apathy and estrangement from each other. Truth be told we know how the United States is run ( war mongering bureaucracy). I do pray for this country, and all the innocent people here, don't lose the light, everybody is collateral.
Adam Leon
John Oliver, Colbert, Trevor, and Seth
Idk which to choose
alena J
damn right we do!
T Mc
Here is the truth ; this little man is a Rothschild Khazarian Mafia CRYPTIC SHEKELGRUBER. He and his KOSHERSTEINS run Hollywood and the Major Media of the world. He and his RKM SHEKELGRUBERS will be removed and placed in a nice warm prison to rot like the stinkin pukes they all are!
Bob Flendorg
Is there a bigger cuck on the planet than this little faggot brit? I don't think so, though Stephen Colbert is giving him a run for his money.
Olaeru Vladut
That was a very sexually charged meet and hug. I thought it would burst into homosexual intercourse right there on the steps.
Joe G
who is john oliver?
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