What is it like to have dyslexia?

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What is it like to have dyslexia?  These brave kids with dyslexia share their experiences to help answer one of the most common questions parents have: What is it like to have dyslexia?

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PayPay 135
I have the worst case. I have it in every subject and I also me and my sis think I also have memory loss.
RainbowSparkel Squad
I have dyslexia and I have reading and spelling disabilities
Sara Swinerton
Love these kids because thy are like me ! 🤗💕
Venci cekov
I have dyslexia but my teachers don't belive me. Even my mom talked to them but the sad that i am just lazy. When i read out loud i mess up the words and i repeat some words 2 or 3 times so that i am sure it is the right word. Everyone makes fun of me becuse i strugle with teling which is left and which is right. I can't read books even if they are interesting to me. It is hard but i have accepted it for what it is.
A big problem with dyslexia is also talking, some people in this video have trouble forming sentences like I do
Manda Ryanne
Being in high school and not being able to read out loud causes so much pain
Love this video
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