Aluminum Cast Fidget Spinner

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I casted this fidget spinner inspired by other maker:

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And many others...

This process of making a spinner is probably one of the least efficient ever, I failed twice mainly because I wasn't leaving enough foam around the balls and the ball bearing. At the third try I left more material and it went well! 
The spinner doesn't run smoothly, I think it's because the balls I used are too heavy and also because those are not really on the same plane. while playing  you can feel it pretty well :'D

I hope you liked this anyway!

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Thanks! :)

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Shiv Agrawal
Jake Martin
When you were casting did you have to make a new mold ever time you pored? Or were you just doing each part? I don't know much about this stuff just woundering. While I'm here what kind of dirt do you use?
zoe maddox
i made it
connor jackson
What do you use for a flux when melting Al?
Connor Dell
The way you made it was good but the fidget spinner design was bad can you make another video with a different design
Kubz scout if ya dont know find kn youtube Fan #1
Almost like

Nerd People
SmallPotato5 :D
He kept the bearing and weight in there. BOI you messed up
Joey Jω Channel
If you don't cast it with aluminium you,ll get foam spinner
The Chef
Dirt in the main spinner wow
Whats kind of sand is where i can found it?
Bentheplayer MXX
I think you should get that bearing out before put it in
Can you reply "🙃"
TK Gaming
CHICKEN NUGGS describes how good this fidget spinner was
Mason Hehnlin
that thing sucked
Chisco Garcia Gonzalez
you tried :)
Christian The Guy
Ugly af
Easy Tricks
hey can i have 1
Lorica Aleman
I'm high.asf watching dis
Lightning Boyz
Hey I am not hating but I just want to tell you you're supposed to put the bearing after the process cuz you're making the bearing go metals in them and you're hearing them
loay Kh76
thank you pro 😉😉
Kevin Jongedijk
nice fidget spinner!! and b.t.w what is that brown powder you use?
Laura Floren
aku maudong ... belidimana....
extremely awesome gameing
nice you should make a shiring gun figet spiner
والله انك فااااضي 1000
أحمد الجنيدي
What the benefits of this?
brent wagner
fidget spinner
but it dosnt spin for a long time
Xan Kriegor
aluminium cast cancer. those things are the sign of the next genocide
Mina Nabil
isn't the sand you're using is petrobond sand ??? why don't you use wood pattern instead of Styrofoam and do a normal sand casting it will save you alot of time and it will give you a much better sarface
fuzzy wuzzy
wtf is a fidget spinner
Clasher Gamer 7290
fun to make but highly toxic ☠☢
orion sereda
love the video but that has to be the dirtiest aluminum i have ever seen
abisek bachan
Duxi Tv
Ave Beli 💪
Levi Hogue
ganbat temuujin
wow nice
Hamin t.s
good idea
Intro Maker
At 5:22 rip headphones users
samer gamer
this is not good
Caden Boss
You ruined the bearing 😂
Kaged Creations
Awesome! I actually thought about doing something like this but I need to dig out my forge. I made just make a 3D printed one though.
Сергій Середюк
на спінері сильний дисбаланс
is that a styro slicer???
Wow a true 1000 MPH fidget spinner :D
Me akkad
bt u r gd at wat u do
Me akkad
wen i watch u i get scared u might cut urself
Nicholas Woods
Is this the king of random technique and styro slicer???
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