15 year old Magician Leaves Simon Speechless On America's got talent 2017

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15 year old Magician Henry Richardson  Leave's Simon Speechless On America's got talent 2017


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The Caketin
I could most likely figure out any other magic trick, but this one 😕 NO CHANCE
Apple Head
I wish I was a magician so i could show off at school
Gamer Pro
Easy magic i can do better
Fani Barojas
I think I want to be a meshting
Jamsch Parkour.
Really amateur magic trick
Beet Stud
The first truck is easy to do. It’s simpl
He turned the notebook aroung and ob the other side every page was a soccer ball💁‍♂️
Patrick Moore
Dis Magic is Impossibruuu!!!!!
hayden mills
cost freeze stop envelope farmer spread hello drawing most expectation increase.
Jacob Baes
Title: 15 year old magician leaves Simon speachless
Thumbnail: Mel B gasping
Who saw him put Mel b card into his pocket and give her the other card cause I did
Christine Light
kiley lawrence
leaves us speechless

Me: um.....

Crowd: applause

Me: nevermind I'll take a page out of Liza Koshy's book, My name Jet!
this is easy basic tricks .
saiyan savage
1:28 watch the card in his hand closely. In one frame his card just magicly switches with hers while he's waveing the card around
Lauren O'Leary
What is that clicking sound
Ariana Grande
coz the boy said open it on 1 page only!!get it
lill brooker
guys whats his name?
Rakhi Karnani
Agat Arnani
He just want some pussy to lick
Gion TF2
learn to render
Mekako gio
Ohh he’s such a trickee
Ayanda Ayzar
If thats magic, i am Jesus
Koki Aitkin
he cute
clara renard
Crowd stick meeting cluster husband comment wander retain watch.
Killersabre Gaming
Random shit
Dreamless Dream
Is it me or does the audience when it's cheering sound like GTA 5 police?
Lidor Malka
This magic based about Double lift -very simple trick but good job kid !!!!!
Emma shaz
Book Worm
if anyone wants an explanation: he did a couple of double flips, he forced the card to mel’s hand and he knew it was already a soccer ball because the pages were different sizes so when he flipped them they looked different. everything is easily explainable but he does have good slight of hand.
Crystal Gonzalez
I'm speechless I can't believe it
Tony Rojas
Man I was wanting to be wowed by this kid and he does a simple card trick. I’m not really interested in card tricks tbh. Mel puts the card back on top so the kid can flip three cards, the two that are now on top are the same exact card, giving Mel the wrong card. Then showing the other one he places it back on the deck to flip it with the other card that is here.

Then the soccer one is just forced. Not really amazing.
Zara Kitty
I love his confident 😍
Ice Cream
sydney Cassidy
B is with a b 😂😂
here comes jebbie jeb
1:33 waiting for him to hit the golden buzzer....
Lurdes Cacoilo
Ben no bm. H
when he gives Mel the pen he distracts them from seeing that the card she signs wasn't the one she chose
British guy said soccer ball #cringe
The first is easy to do
Rabin Affelay
I don't understand!
gautam jain
What if the diary has soccer balls only?
angel Puangco
Subscribe me and i subscribe you please
Zeena Manguiat
Akin ka nalang... akin ka nalang....
Kendall Sain
This is how he does it:
First Trick:
To start off, when he tells her to say "stop", he has the deck cut off with a finger somewhere in the middle, so no matter where she sais stop, he will always cut the deck in the same place. When he flips the top card over to ask her to sign, it appears as if he's flipping the top card over, but he's actually flipping the top two cards over, then she's signing it. Notice at 1:00 how the top cards (2 cards) are slightly raised from the rest of the deck. That's because he's keeping his fingers in between them. After she signs, he flips the two cars back over (although it appears to be only one from the audience perspective.) At this point, the signed card is the second card from the top of the deck. He then hands the top card to her claiming that it's the signed card. At this point the signed card is at the top of the deck. He then makes some random card fly from the bottom of the deck over to his left hand(this card is actually random). He puts that card face up on the top of the deck. (the signed card is now on the second position from the top). He then lifts both the face up card and the signed card (which is underneath face down) from the deck, making it look as if he's only picking up the face up card on top. When he shakes his hand he flicks the cards over, so now the signed card is on top face up and the random card is underneath face down. He then puts the cards on top of the deck again and hands her only the signed card while leaving the random card on top of the deck.

Second Trick:
That is no ordinary notebook. The pages in that notebook come it two sizes, regular sized, and slightly shorter sized. The two sized pages are interlace. For example, the first page is long, then short, then long, then short, and so on. All of the long pages have random and different images while all of the short pages all have the same image (a soccer ball). When he is first flicking through the pages showing him all of the different drawings, notice how he's flicking them from bottom up, this means that all of the short pages are getting missed, since they are too short to make contact with his fingers, which are bending the bottom pages down. When he hands the notebook to the guy and asks him to lift one page. Again, his fingers make contact with one of the longer pages, meaning a long page lifts up, revealing a short page and the drawing underwear. (all short pages have the same drawing.) And of course he already had the selected card with a basket ball inside from the beginning.
Sharpey Gamer
people that say that this is not real.. OF COURSE ITS NOT REAl.. magic doesnt exist you dumb cunts.. It's illusions
Xavier D. Comedy
@Chon Chorizo Please 🙏🏻 explain.
Albus Dumbledore
Its just simple devils
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