Rishabh Jain
Dj Chetas Awesome remix loved it
Dwarkesh Studio
Amazing Edit On This Song Bro....
Nirali patt
nice remix i like it best remix ever.
Nawfal James
Rahool Ram
listening to this on a rainy morning is gonna make it the best :)
Abdi Samiic
I believe in love
Android Trick world
bttr den original music perfect remix
very good
jamshear jahafar
nice songs 🎢🎢
Yashdeep Rawat
i love this remix
jowel ahmed
Just amazing
karan babbar
Crew Remixer
sir can use you music only not vocal in channel
sir please give me permission
Krishna Bachal
hi thanks for beautifull the music πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
pawan yadav
pankaj yadav
pawan yadav
pankaj yadav
pawan yadav
pankaj yadav
Vivekanand Paswan
my very very favourite
Salim Reza Salim
vare vare nich
Salim Reza Salim
vare vare nich
Rizwan Ansari
Ibeth Felita
this remix is perfect eargasmπŸ‘Œ
Rashed Hasan
nikhil gautam
You know " My " view of Dj Chetas literally changed after i heard this song.

He is a pretty talented producer and deserves that 33rd position in Djmag top 100 dj list.
Syed Mustafa Ali
^^^^(@.... Arijit $ingh.... $) !!!!!.....are god of alll singers ***
Farhan Ashraf
Qisse Humare Nazdeeqiyo Ke Kamm Toh Nahi Hai :')
shreya trivedi
i like it.
I'm fan of arijit
trishit dasgupta
best song of 2016.I like this most
Tahirraza Tahir
I love this song
Ghulam Abaas
I love this
Comedy Unlimited
Songs are awesome but this movie is simply $h!t
Hafeez Valay
Zayd Hassan
Thank you DJ chetas
Zayd Hassan
Thank you DJ chetas
Sanyam705 Awati
sanyam. awati
Merve Shah Rukh
I loved this cover
Merdeka agus saputra
this is superbly cool and I like the music, such a mixed feeling of excitement, sadness and disappointment comes into one incredible song.
Nidhish Vaidya
Where can I find offline version of this mix
sojol islam
wow....what a working.....so amiazing.....
Kunal Gupta
dj chets is supup cool oosum love you 😍😍😍😍😍
Mohit patil
Arjit Singh is favourite of the. Indians
hossain hossain
Rohit Nandi
Farzana Begum
nice song I love song
Ashish Sahu
So hart Tauching song mind blowing
Shahnawaz Khan
ek no
Bunty Thakur
Bunty Thakur
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