Flower Crowns
I wonder if the kid is watching this rn
I am size 9
I’ll take em
Phone Gxd plAy
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ bro were you tryna catch a case , a middle school πŸ˜‚ ? πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Ruben Garcia
Hell ya come i am size
dreadpan gaming
That kid probably doesn't have any friends
Sebastian Martinez
The real way to eat a banana
Tirth Patel
The guy that said no I'm wearing Jordans was sord of rude how he said it but you're a nice guy and the thing that you did it was awesome giving out free shoes
Alana & Audrey T
I actually need shows bc I can't fit my hirachis when I'm ten but my shoe size is 8-5 but its probably now 9
kevin chavez
He said tenis and it was golf
Kermit The Frog
Fucking bitch ass kid
Hes a dumb ass ungrateful cunt πŸ˜‚
Killer Doh
Ungrateful mothafucka
Insane Ninja
Jacqueline Naranjo
Rice when he said I'm wereing Jordans you should of said fix ur hairlines
I wanna beat the fuck outta that little faggot
Josh Siple
This kid wearing an adidas hoodie with his "jordans"
blahblah man
what?? you get butthurt over a fucking kid? get over it you're a grown ass man that kid probably got those js from his mom.
Chris Leon
Clout gang
Caleb Powell
I watch him
Roblox Gamer
I America Nike is card in London they're awesome
Milagros Mendez
Come to my school in California
More Jasmine ._.
RiceGum you should have said do you see my shirt
Sssniperfan Lia
1 like if you think its funny when rice starts punching the bed
Hey ricegum I would love a pare of shoes but i live in shawano Wisconsin
Fadi Alame
4:28 now ugly god is in cloutgang
No wonder im rewatching rice vids for entertainment purposes
Wayland hills
I hate that kid he is an ungrateful bastard
Lucas Collins
VenturousBore09 Cortez
7:16 got me dead
the gamers
Playing tennis
The kids like he got Jsssssss
Kenny Powers
Willing to bet that kid gets his ass whooped every day
savege gamer25
Come to Houston deady middle school
randy bravo
Yo ricegum i have a dare for you if you come to my house and help me get my clout on
Neil Mcnab
That little kids a hero
Come to scotland its in uk
Marshall Daniels
,Erase from its dollars me I say thank you but I will give it to somebody else who need it
I’m wearing Jordan’s
Payton Manning?
King Exotic
Ok Class, Find The Error On The Title
Ian Cristobal
That brat rice gum is better than you he's trying to be savage not cool that kid so short and dumb I bet his grades are like F that fucking kid
Rice gum that kid was already there he came out and nowhere saying hey rice come and get hey what size shoes you were he said nah with was the curry that was already over there
Papi Chulo
Aris Texeira
Don't shame on him rice because you've probably have done the same
Danny Perez
Rice: Yay we finally made it to dick's O-O Dick's O-O Dick's Sporting Good's
Awesome Dude
"I'm running at full speed!" *tiptoes down the stairs"
Sadkiel Diaz
Bro he should not be talking wit those timmy turner teeth
kyle eric
I want some currys sign them bitches and send em here
kyle eric
Ahahahahahaha savage ass little kid
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