How To Restore Your Car's Steering Wheel (Looks Brand New!)

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Learn how to leather cover and refinish your car's steering wheel. I show you everything you need to know from how to remove your steering wheel, remove the airbag, and more so you can wrap your steering wheel with a new leather cover that looks amazing!

Steering wheel puller:
Strong Thread:
Curved Needles:
Leather Glue:
Sharp Scissor:
Leather Kit (pre-drilled holes):
Steering wheel slip on covers: 
Vinyl I used: Picked up at local upholstery shop so I could color match

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Amantes do Palio
Rocky Blacky
Robert Sýkora
Great video!!! Love the restoration. Have you ever thought about restoring your seats. They look a bit dusty and worn off as well.. Thanks :)
Riley Nicholson
Russian Bias
hope u disconnected the battery befor fuckin with the airbag
Cody Grant
Love your vids but there's the option of repairing and redyeing....80 bucks by interior repair guys...look brand new
great video - one tip I would add is to use tape to secure the spiral cable to the steering column - really don't want that to knock that off while working
Ossama Shishani
Oleg Melnikov
Great stuff
John Doe
It is important that u do not screw in the puller bolts more than 4-5 threads, or they will damage the clockspring/cable reel beneath it.
Jacob Hamm
Why didn't you just get a new racing/drifting steering wheel if it is a drift car?
Joe Valencia
lol Kinda makes me wanna do it to my 95 Camaro thats just sitting in the driveway
guess thats why wasnt working i was too excited about my new steering wheel and forgot to reconnect the battery 😂😂😂😂
shaggy DA
Nice job!
Max Smith
hi fgfgg
Tapar Bangon
awesome for the patience, creativity, skill, and generosity
is there anythng u cnt do??... u got mad sawing skills man
ur a genius!!!
So does the same thing apply to reupholsterer the seat
It's good job Chris, but you should do more practice on stitches. Also, stitches should be little more at the rear of the wheel.
Saber Slayer
damn that looks good
he karate chops the steering wheel a lot
Nate Robinson
This guy knows everything
Kenny Rood
Love your videos! Thank you so much for sharing.
Jesse Fritz
you definitely do good work. I did your 7 step car clean on my pickup (09 RAM 1500) and my Jeep (04 Grand Cherokee) they looked brand new when I was done! I really couldn't believe it.
Donald Trump
Chris Fix need to replace Stacy Davids Gearz I can't stand that guy he laughs at anything and everything hahaha
Kyle Duffy
Sounds like ChrisFix needs a Tape sponsorship for this video.
Ghost Guru
Chris you impressive bastard 👏👏👏
Are you going to replace it with a quick release steering wheel ?
Prashant Jaiswal
+chrisfix i am wondering, have you tried out or know anyone who has tried out the seafoam treatment? does that really work or just damage the cat?
Viper Jay 5
I need to find actual leather to do this but it seems like in my area, that's a bit tricky to do. However, I did make a bit of a modification to my car and I reupholstered my center console arm rest. It actually came out pretty good! But doing a leather wrapped steering wheel and bring my car closer to an LTZ model would be super cool!
Doctor Jim
Expertise is everything, great Job
Mohammad Akbari
great job done! nice clip
Rex McStiller
Your groundcable is.... naaajaaaa.
Chris Fix sporter
A big table/a kitchen table
JoshJLMG Productions
Lucky for me, I don't have an airbag!
Ya... maybe I should've got a new car.
Gio Brembi
thats a lot of work Chris, but looks good
Rachel Havens
omg I have the same car lol
I swear he or u know how to do anything it's crazy
Merrie Elmore
I did it and my aer bag went of
Brayan Marcial
but how
Omar Shanab
it is a good job but I won't do it,
Zain Mushtaq
Justin New
Great Videos . Greetings from Germany
Declan Crabb-Stewart
12:59 cut it cut it
engine aissa
good job
Kurrent Event
Your videos are so satisfying to watch, I'm not even like a big fan of car-stuff, I just like to drive around but still your commitment to these things are so admirable.
Sam M.
looks great Chris
I want to do my steering wheel in alcantara should I use the same process?
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