spettacolare molto meglio dell'originale
This is amazing
good shit
Thanks Chris. I learnt a few useful tips from your video... high5 too yah....
BIg Pappi
Chris could you email me at or call me at 281 798-6406 about re-wrapping my Jeep GC steering Wheel? Thx Roy
Richard Atcher
Who has time for this shit. Its easy but tediouse he says. Naw im good ill buy a new wheel or a cover and move on with life.
I'm in Europe but now I want to buy a mustang in mid condition and fix it. Nice videos dude!
I have a old VW Bug and the steering wheel isn't leather.... It's basically the grip on a baseball bat.
Boogeyman B
Who has the time to do that restoration, a new one!
Original Zoom
Chris has helped has shown me so much. He needs his own show 😂
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
You can also use a sowing machine. (If you have one)
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
Did you seriously clean out your work bench just by snapping your fingers
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
Watch out. If. The airbag warning light is on. Do not do this until it is serviced
read more _
But i thought u was gonna get a smaller aftermarket steering wheel (or you just want the airbag)
D_shazam Shazam
Anyone else got anxiety when the needle goes through the leather and towards the camera? :)
A Crustacean
I lol'd when you utilized the kitchen table as a workbench.
Samuel Holmes
ChrisFix you are a genius!
Han Skinslo
Excellent video! Results are fabulous!
timmy tool
I'm to ADD to spend that much time on any project, maybe I can get my wife to do it, she loves to do tedious jobs!
you know pick a part is probably cheaper and faster right
Liam Karlsson
Does this work with other materials? like mocca, i need to fix the steering wheel on my 350z. will be happy for answers :)
You should install a racing stearing wheel
I've been wondering, how do you know or where do you look up the exact amount of torque thats needed for any specific bolt?
Sana Meshari
WOW I'm hella impressed!!
Ege Sevindi
Not good. Not bad.
Chaitanya Soni
Is there anything you can't fix?
Claudio Cesar Ferreira
i am Sorry but i'd buy a new one.
King Derp
Where is his address? I need to ship him my steering wheel
garth locklin
I'm so glad I watched your video! I have a '74 Plymouth with a crappy looking steering wheel. The previous owner changed the interior color from tan to dark red and painted the vinyl or rubber on the outer rim, which of course has started to wear off. Now I know how to fix it and hopefully it will look better then it does now. Thanks Chris!
Timothy Sliger
Lol the into sounded like you was making a commercial
Robert Carroll
Need to clean tan carpet and leather interior..whats the best stuff to use.. what's the best chemicals to use
Good Job. Very nice.
Kai Han Xue
Anzul Tirmizi
How do you repair a ripped seat
Justin Barrett
Chris is there anything you can’t do?! You’re awesome
Hamzah Ahmad
When I saw the thumbnail I thought you bought the steering wheel
So I recently replaced my shift knob to a different style. I like the metal so I changed the style from a boot the raises to one that stays flat to the console. I used the techniques from this video to help me make the shift boot look good and I was told it looked factory!
Howard Hoover
Dude great work,but who in the name of god has the time?
شكرا لك على هذا العمل الرائع والسهل ❤
im getting close to replacing the buick steering wheel. its bulky and ugly.
Nathaniel L
I'd just like to say that he's taught me more about sewing and stitching than any other video or relative and it's all for a freaking wheel lmao
Martin Cooper got mine from a scrap yard
Joe C.
13 hours later...........
teja teja
2-4 days for me
Too bad I can't do this to mine because it's made of rubbery foam or something. I'd definitely try it if it was wrapped. But
that looks freakin' mint, Chris! Nice job!
Leonardo Alfonso
Does anyone know how to remove chemical stains from plastic? Some of my liquid air frshiner got on my car dash and with heat eroded and stained the plastic. Nothing I do get the staims out.
vetal DIY
Cool! And how is the car called?
thats pretty biased
Next episode, Chris is going to show you how to make a tuxedo for the next prom!
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