How To Restore Your Car's Steering Wheel (Looks Brand New!)

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Learn how to leather cover and refinish your car's steering wheel. I show you everything you need to know from how to remove your steering wheel, remove the airbag, and more so you can wrap your steering wheel with a new leather cover that looks amazing!

Steering wheel puller:
Strong Thread:
Curved Needles:
Leather Glue:
Sharp Scissor:
Leather Kit (pre-drilled holes):
Steering wheel slip on covers: 
Vinyl I used: Picked up at local upholstery shop so I could color match

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Pavel Delen
I'm a simple man, I see ChrisFix new video I press like.
Jhon KafirB
Love your patience, but F That, steering wheel cover is for me.
Now it looks like a brand new factorymade chinese car steering wheel.
Bav Graphics
whats important ! turn your key to the acc position before reconnecting the batterie so if the airbag goes off if something is wrong it doesnt hurt anyone !!!
Hamzah Yusuf
Why don't you install street racing steering wheel?
David Viner
Looks a bit of a botch job to be honest
HIGHz RollAz
Fucking. Legend.

Welcome to the Jedi Council.
يا رضاها
Beeni eugene
each and every video of yours shows how commited you are at your work....wish we had more CHRIS FIX'S around the world...tanx a ton CHRIS for all your videos....
Great job! I'll remember this tip!
JOBAN thebeast
when chris posts vids i go straight to the notifications and watch it
TeamSKI FiftySevenRacing
Builders Square yard stick - old school, baby !
Fungist aka (B-laze)
This guy is handy.
Jacob Beaton
Dude, how are you so damn smart! Thread Bias?!? How...? Do you have amazing parents? Seriously would love to know! I have a couple kids, one has been car crazy his whole life. You are an inspiration to us!
Conor McGregor
I got no time or patience for that.
It's not really like professional but nice to see it done
Giovann Hernandez
hi Chris love your videos, I had a quick question, my sister horn stopped working on her 2000 nissan xterra I checked the horn itself and the relay and they're both good, I even checked the wiring behind the airbag in the steering wheel, do you have any suggestion or opinion on what else it could be?
My steering wheel is fine.. yet I watched this whole video anyway... I don't know why. Good video. If I could suggest a fix, my car (VW Golf mk4) has an issue with the upholstery on the door armrests. This is a common problem with a lot of older VW and other cars. Would love to see a fix for it if possible. Keep doing what your doing.
So much talent
Very good video!! Question. What would cause the wheel to look like that in the first place? Is it suntan lotion on the hands? UV rays? Rings on the fingers? Cheap leather?
As soon as I saw Chris's uploaded videos, I pressed like button. His educational and informatics videos deserve those all likes. :-)
ناصر 511
افضل قناة مفيدة على اليوتوب للسيارات
Sewing with Chris™
Ethan Johnson
Gonna be getting a car soon, and I have a feeling a lot of these maintenance videos are gonna come in handy at one point or another.
I have the exact same steering wheel. but I bought a cover from I spent less than 5 bucks and it includes thread, needle and even has thin layer of padding. it wasn't a perfect match, but close enough and you have to really pay attention to notice, and there is always the option of just dying it to match. I've done a little auto upholstery professionally and even for me making a cover from scratch seems too expensive, time consuming and complicated just for a standard looking steering wheel when you can just buy a cover kit for cheap.
damn, great work and awesome instruction...
So now I know I'm not restoring my steering wheel
Benjamin Wilson
Fuk this. No way I'm doing this....
Dirty Dan
I thought this was howtobasic
Simon Tsiganis
I think you should now do a seat refurbishment video
AE86 Panda
question. couldn't you just remove the airbag fuse?
Viper Sixx
i bought a cover cause i wanma feel the wheel thicker lol.. could i stuff the wheel under the vinyl to make it thicker? awesome vid btw, its very detailed! 👍
beshoy boshra
can you explain how is cruse control work in manual transmation
Ryan Fausnaugh
this does not look easy
Anas Gaming Center
so nice great job!!
Sean Caceres
haha, "sometimes, your auto parts store will rent this for free!" bahaha
Very good, I did not even know it was possible, maybe I'll try one day
Terry Montgomery
So glad to find this video. I have one that I need to do and now I have some tips to get it right.
peter obrien
i love how he says bottom
David Sanchez
dang those are a lot of steps you talk clearly though and it is helpful aslong as your replay it good video
richard grainger
how do you know this stuff? wow
Matthew Canta
before and after looks great! how did you clean up the tan door panel by the window switches?
Oscar Salamanca
Man, the quality of this videos is amazing!
Vince Neil
Please put the oil changing tip of taking a punch a putting a drainhole in the oil filter after you already broke it loose. it stops the mess of being full of oil and also making sure to put the hole in it after you verify the old one is going to come off.
#ChrisFix could this be done for Seats as well? for example normal seats and head rest and use your method and make it leather? Thanks in advance!
am casto
Bro god bless your knowledge and patience. I'd lose it after doing the stitching for 5 minutes
Edward Aguilar
Wow is that what a Ford looks like after 4 years?
Andrei Lucian Ghetau
I hope your parents are PROUD of you!
Ajay Lohana
Even I dont have a car but I watch your every video!! I know i am a Dumbass...
sergi du
Is it easier to get another car ?
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