Searching for River Treasure! - GoPro, Diamonds, Ray-Bans, Costas, Fishing Tackle and MORE!

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In this video I search for river treasure in Columbus, GA! See all of the finds at 3:10
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Searching for River Treasure! - Knife, Gun, 5 Sunglasses, Fishing Tackle and MORE!

Hey guys! Today my friends and team up to search for river treasure! Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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Location: Columbus, Georgia

Music Provided by Monstercat "Direct & Elliot Berger - Anticipation [Monstercat Release]" Link:

Intro Music Provided by ProleteR - "Faidherbe square" Link:

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Cameras used: GoPro Hero 4 Black, Galaxy S7

Shannen Jansz
how do you mount the gopro to your head? I have a gopro and I mounted it to my head with a head strap when I went spearfishing and a wave knocked it off when I was trying to get out but luckily I found it after 5mins of looking. It looks as though you mount it on your mask??
Michael Richard HARPER
U have become 1 of my fav utuber
okay they are all hot asf
Sebastian Cunningham
You're amazing your videos are very good and unique
Fun with Takeo303
you should do this a night time
Tsar Bomba
the bladed baits are called silver minnows
Megan Bennoch
You're going to get me some more of coooooooooooooool
Brice Scott
All three of them so handsome 😍😍😩😩
Finn Devine
what are there channels
Tristan Howard
where are these rivers
Oliver Washbourne
Do u notice he did the intro next to all the stuff they found
Takkaro :*
what kind of knife you use?
What state do u live in and what's the lake called
crystal garcia
DIAMOND AND A GO PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
crystal garcia
for real did mostly everyone know......he is using one of those things that has oxygen sooo what river is that or like..ummm?????....WERE?????????
Luke Pecora
How does he hold his breath for so long?
Mike dani
Do more of these
Bảo Minecraft
DIAMONDS !!! 🤑🤑🤑
2:50 i think these are Kim kardashians ones who lost them in the ocean
Hannah leah
I want to see his collection heheh
Mia Brown
I haven't watched it yet but... you found diamonds?!?!
Nice finde
Reid Tedford
Bruh in the beginning of video it showed all the stuff behind them and also has clips from other videos, not tryn to hate
i love dis guys vids
Greg Atkinson
What knife does he use? It looks pretty cool
christian games Powell
good vids bro love dem
Little Man
I subscribe!!
Ashlea Loughman
they are earings
Anna Martinez
Is this the Sacramento River?
Top10 Games
You are a true hero! you are saving animals, saving the water and HUMANS! You help them, you need to be a president <3 (Why i said president, because you help everyone and everything!)
congrats on 1mil!!
Kirstin Frank
I like this
LvTv ForYou
realy interesting videos
Signedcarrot //gameplay
1 million subscribers
Ayden Tursun
Good job on1 000 000 and your channel the best
Olivier Lauzon (BudweiserQc)
do you give back the go pro ?
megan soloff
how long do u stay underwater
GJ Productions
Do more
Kody Knight 101
How do you stay underwater for a long time
Cristian Marquez
Brendan looks like shane from walking dead
Norah Epping
youre a hero saving al those anmils and removing trash
do any of the GoPro cameras you find actually still work?
Kelly Flynn
who would dislike this? obviously not real people
what is the clothing you wear ?
Natan Jelčić [MAVERICK SQ]
Dude how did you find my gopro.I was trying to find stuff how you did and i lost my gopro,i was searching for it like 2 hours and you found it.can you please send me it or reply please.
Jay Gonzalez
How do you snorkel under water??
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