Fawful Waffle
For number 4 she has beats so get wireless boom
surfista profissional
i love apple
Galaxy S8 or S8+ is the answer to a lot of these issues lol. Still has a 3.5mm headphones back, has USB C. I can charge and listen to music. Even if I had to use the USB for something that wouldn't allow charging, I still have wireless charging. Both of the S8 models are also dual SIM/1 SIM and expandable memory.
Coogle Acc
Can't find on amazon Canada?
3 subs with no videos
lol I'm always like "charge or headphones?"🤔🤔🤔
3 subs with no videos
lol I'm always like "charge or headphones?"🤔🤔🤔
3 subs with no videos
lol I'm always like "charge or headphones?"🤔🤔🤔
Driedfever 93729
I can't even but this
I'm a cheeseburger addict
#2 is the best
could the guy at 4:30 be any douchier
I WANT AN IPHONE 7 OR A 7 PLUS!but it's expensive😒😳😫😔😞😣😝
Sam Regragui
Here is a great idea for you 3'5 mm jack on the phone integrated. crazy idea meant is going to take a lot of courage to implement it
Fahad Mehmood
6:40 those Headlights..... :P
Wow this is so pathetic.
Harmonizer23_ 21
I'm not saying I hate you, but I would unplug your life support to charge my phone. Do they make those pants in mens sizes too?
Soryn Ryan
I prefer s7 edge or s8
Wyatt Kuda
Same bro it's called AirPods
support.apple.com/iphone.estore look id
Walks past a train track and the train is coming while using Thunder

Jacob Overly
YESSS!!! a solution that shouldnt have been an issue in the first place! now I can listen to music and charge my phone at the same time, like any other phone ever
Robbie Coombes
They really need a better microphone expansion pack to get better sound quality in videos
Robbie Coombes
The one thing apple didn't anticipate was that people would rather spend $15 on an adapter that did the old thing rather than a $120 pair of earbuds
Batool Ali Jaffari
i want to buy
some one tell me
Frengky Cahyadi
blii dimana ini converter
Marcus Andersen
WTF charge your headphones even though they are wired🤔dafuq why. I'm fucking annoyed
Joseph black
muito bom
Loor Karantinagi
Where can we buy these stuff
simpro is so bad, i have 2 simcard slots and another sd slot so stfu
All I could think while watching the Simpro clip is "Wow, this guy is a douche"
Jullian_Sanchez03 Sanchezz910
I saw my name lol
or buy samsung. cheaper , better.
Sean Chambers
I need to get the fest one for my dad
LaShonda Sanders
To all of the people saying we can just not buy the iPhone, this video is for iPhone users, people who obviously wanted to buy it. You guys are saying for #2, buy wireless/bluetooth earphones instead, not everyone likes wireless earphones (like myself) and they could be higher than the ones in this video. At the end of the day, this video was made for the people who might actually need it. If you don't, then click off. Point blank, period. Simple as that
DO 01
The iphoñe 7 was basically a test by apple to see how far they can go without loosing much profit
Jeremy Santizo
I'm just thinking it easier buying an iPhone 6s
Boots N Pants
First case is Basically an Ultraboost case LOL
I hate politics
there's no case?
Mr Splib
That was not 45 feet . I use the same lifts all the time and had he been ok the way up it would be but more like 30 feet
Alby Savio
Hello, where you can buy the funda Air Shock for Iphone 7?
Clash of kings with D122L3
Honestly, this is all junk... the aero shock case could have been something but the only put the material in the corners and sides of the phone, not the back. Cheap bastards trying to conserve money by producing an inferior product... ALL JUNK!
Charlie Lee
Just get a huawei, 2 SIM card slots at once interchangeably
who the fuck uses 1 SIMcard for 2 phones?
Fuck Me daddy123
Good for the whisper challenge
Gumball Watterson
Apparently your headphones could blow up if you use them while your phone is charging and can damage your ears
can I buy the thunder on amazon?
I'm watching this for the LOLs.

Those first two products are useless if you just buy a different phone. Your phone should work around what you want, you shouldn't have to work around your phone.
just get Samsung
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