What's inside FACEBANK?

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We CUT THE FACE OFF of Facebank coin bank!! How does it eat money?

Watch our What's inside ELECTRONICS Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk-NEiZ-NQeSTLBbh9y4pg-3rCw95CcPX

If you want to buy a Facebank you can do it here: http://amzn.to/2m7DeXw

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Silvestre Gerardo
what's inside a alarm clock
Autumn Rodriquez
how old is Lincoln?
The Emerald Stealer
You just love killing robots
TheJGame 123
thats so creepy
looks weird
Nurul Afina
what inside the sun
dios que creepy que puto miedo
Celeste Mayalena
nah, its fine, i didn't even feel like sleeping anyways, its cool, its totally fine
nicole orellana
you old
Danielle Ceja
what's inside a 3DS
Danielle Ceja
Are you guys mormon?
KILL IT!!!! lol
Briege Byrne
what's inside a toy car
luke Smeda
adan ruiz
open a stikBot
Sandra Weger
What's inside Facebank? Nightmares.
Ollie Thomas
If what's inside pin this I'll...

Lie down on meh couch!
Michele Gilenardi
What that is the toy?
Mr Melon
what's inside face bank

Van dayton
Lincoln go grab double AA batteries ok
Here's my coin collection
Achazia Donaldson
brush like just push the button why do you not know what to do
Miley Ferch
that is creepy
Minecraft Lover and other stuff to
What's inside a hover board
asriel dreamurr
so horrorfic
Gustavo Nobre
I could never imagine what i had inside that toy!
finally we have revealed the secrets of the nightmarish FACEBANK!
"Moisturize me!"
Amaya Chaires
What's inside a race car
SuperSapphireX Gaming
What's inside a short
Deny Moreno
Sierra_Wow _Its_Meee
Dad:2 double A batteries.Get on it.

Lincoln: gets a bag of coins instead
Quqa Sguish
what's inside a nend..... wait, we all know what's inside of these tiny figures.
Death Man
welp, I didn't need to sleep.
what´s inside in what´s inside ?
Pes Muth
I think dads son is cute I wish he's was my boyfriend if I see him I'll kiss him on the cheek
Jack Ryan
the pals YAY
it looked like an endoskelebob from FnAf
God Gun
Why dont you do a gaming video and maybe you should name it what's in gaming
Daniel Sabas
what's inside a air conditioner? pls
Matthias X Gaming
What's inside an Xbox one S. like if you agree
Emma Griffiths
i want one
FriendlyCritters 101
" there funny" thinks... ( don't hurt me and haunt me in my dreams) :/
Julian_Lopez Cardenas
cut jordans up
amazing ducks
when i saw this video i was like XD
Cherry Bosi
whats inside of laptap
Foxtrot Lima Yankee
am i the only one who had to think of patrick star?
Pat Gamer Channel
wow so creppy
what dat mouth do?😉
All I can say, is someone had to do it...
Elaina Kinosian
That's cool
Jason Theodore
that is scary😱😱😱😱😱😱😱💀💀💀💀
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