Белла Кудрявцева
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Keith Barkan
SNL - goes for Fat Shaming body image of a woman sexist
When she actually traveled to NYC I fucking died.
I denounce the act of making Sessions Pikachu!
Лика Сорокина
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Left wing art plummets to even deeper lows
Nino Aaron
Why does SNL hate Trump so much?
Melissa McCarthy made Seam leave the White House.
The guy is history, gone, left the stadium, old news, so what, finished, blatooned, bo par ee bop, cigar, pingo pango!
Jasmine Dennis
"I can't go back to the Navy,I can't swim" LMAO Melissa McCarthy is brilliantly hilarious!!!
Super Tube
She is hilarious!!!!!
Kenneth Hamilton
This is so stupid, just like the current cabinet and president.
Briana Salentine
it is really funny
Chris Manson
When trump tries to kiss spicey, spicey sounds like Pat from old SNL.
Kevin Renner
She is not funny!
Actually, Sarah is back and the Spicey is out.
Sheriff Burford T. Justice
Loved the part when she put the dirty gum in her mouth.
Willie Sky
How could anyone not think this is too funny...lmao
David Yarham
Very Funny 😂😂😂
Miao Wang
Spicey is officially out. Oh boy, I'm gonna miss Melissa!
D C'mon
Melissa needs to do a segment. With Spicey, getting fired and being escorted off the premises or having lunch with the Mooch! Talking about them being fired.
Adam Martinez
I cant tell if this real news or a snl skit.
Chykim Sanders
I honestly hope to God it killed her... lmao!!!!
thumbs down queers
snl you cock suckers, I stay up late to watch your program and all I see is reruns. sick and tired of your crap. you fucking lowlives get on with the program.. here again I waited all week just so you cock suckers show another rerun. fuck you assholes
David S. Pumpkins
Anyone watching after Sean Spicer actually quit? Lol
Marla Pebbles
So funny
Aesthetic Asshole
Poor fucking Glen.
Will Link
why does jeff sessions, as pikachu crack me up so much
make snl funny again
Nuro Psych1
Sabrina Jones
I'm a Democratic but I'll miss you Spicy
Poor Glenn
Stone Mclaughlin
spicer is Gone SNL must address =)
sad that he got fired
Christine jones
I LOVE when she mocks them!
Joeey Chow
Puppets acted out the other illuminati puppets
glenn hutchison
I want Sean to be a guest host, ASAP. SNL, make it happen, it's only right.
😂😂😂😂 even some trump supporters thought this was funny
aa a
i will miss spicer.
R Feyman
To do Huckabee Sanders they just need enormous fake eyelashes, a crappy dress from a thrift shop, and to keep their eyes crossed at all times.
Snoopy 101
That was offensive to Pikachu! He did nothing to deserve being compared to Jeff Sessions
Anna Cowgill
Hahaha lol lololol hilarious!!!!!
Hector Betanzos
The real sean spicer needs to get paid commission off snl he made a great show for them jajajaja
Don Fisher
We know the Certified letter is the truth because it costs an extra $2 to certify it!
Hahaha! My thinking exactly!
Wow! That was perfect. Well done👍
This is genius
well unless theyre making a goodbye spicer skit then i dont see one happening bcause sean quit the real sean
"Can you just do this full time instead of him?"

Oh, the irony.
Not Sure
Saturday Night Liberal
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