Sean Spicer Returns (Melissa McCarthy) - SNL

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Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) confronts President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) about the rumors that he's being replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant).

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Home Repair and Maintenance By Gregg
melisa mccarthy looks better as spicer than herslef as she is big far and ugly
Beenthere Donethat
Ten million views! SNL is doing pretty well with Trump! LOL!
I love how spot on the interaction with glen is, hahaha!
Should add Greg Genforte as Trumps bodyguard lol. Would be a great SNL skit. Since he has such a short fuse with reporters. Trump would have to keep him on a leash. Down boy down that's a good boy. :b
this actually makes me feel bad for spicey...
Carolina Murtha
I freaking love Glen 😂.
Raymond Fletcher
I'm sorry, I just don't see it
Mugh Hungus
Yikes, the fake laughter is real in this video. "I think he's hiding in the bushes" 5 seconds of erratic laughter
SF Mary
So Awesome!
Gene Friedman
I voted for Trump for the entertainment factor. Obama was too boring. This has surpassed my wildest dreams.
Athena Verene
my favorite part is how she say go ahead.
Andrew Walker
"My mother is a big southern Hamburger" 😂😂
Liberal Fat Shaming omg i need a safe space

wake up fat pizza boy, the left wants to tear down western civilization and so does radical Islam. They have two different reasons. It's ironic that you tell me not to be paranoid after what just happened in Manchester. How dumb are you?
Bobby Craft
you fat fat fat piece of shit god she makes money off of basically being a fat pig who snorts on cue! fuck Hollywood needs to die ,I'm sorry!
Bobby Craft
fucking stupid and creepy as fuck!again women are not funny never never have been! please go choke your fucking self Melissa you and your smelly pussy!
Mirquella Santos
This woman is brilliant, wow.
David Shuman
GerbilsTV !
Is Sean spicer a woman dressed up
Yur Face 2.0
Md. Maruf Hossain
The first two Spicer parody were hilarious. This one... well not so much
justin figueroa
Lmao I know it's jokes but shit the mainstream media shouldn't be allowed in press conferences anymore if they are gonna ask the same questions and just be annoying
Eli Lujan
This is better than our real politics
edwin nwakanma
Damn!m That ending. lol. Sean Spice, I'm sure, was not happy when he saw this.
B Hanson
This isn't funny. They keep trotting her out to make us all assume this is funny. It sucks.
Richard Mattingly
They should of used the song from Midnight Cowboy for Spicy's search for Trump....
HM Mahmod
earn monay online please go here :
What was on that fool that was hidden from us?
way to funny, so right on!!!
I'm gonna miss Glenn.
Balls J
how much of this crap do we have to endure? She's loud and fat ok we get it but why is that funny?
Melissa is BRILLIANT !!!!
Not as funny as real life liberals. their stupid is comedy gold
Lottie Mitchell
This is the funniest video that she has made yet. I have shared it with sooo many people. I just can't stop watching it for a good laugh. She and Glenn nailed it. SNL keep up the good works.
Ngozi Grace
Liar lair pant is on fire.
Allison Opitz
Anyone else notice the "Nexon" behind her? Looks a lot like another word... I see you SNL. Lol
mad ian
This shit was funny 5 months ago.... get a new routine you cunts!!
Alexander Lawson
log efficiency bat symbol admire vote lab clinic.
Вася Петров
ничего не понял но было смешно)
T McGe
Question is, when does the HATE stop? Guess what....the next hate issue will be YOU.
Patriot Rising
that Mccarthy bitch got a dick or a cunt?....
Ryan Hooten
none of that was Funny I didn't even grin and you people that like it have dry since of humor
Bad joke! you should find another job, comedian is not suppose to destroy someone career.
ugly joke! you should find another job, comedian is not suppose to destroy someone career.
ET 2AD19 7581
How come obama wasn't portrayed as a primate with huge monkey ears?
Horacio Trujillo Jr
This is a terrible impersonation
Joe Leming
SNL caught the disease of liberalism.
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