2017 Tesla Model S P100D vs. 2017 Audi RS7 Performance - Head 2 Head Ep. 88

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The world’s quickest sedans battle it out on this episode of Tire Rack's Head 2 Head (http://www.tirerack.com). The Audi RS7 and Tesla Model S have nearly identical silhouettes and are within 0.2 inch in length. They’re both all-wheel-drive, four-door, hatchback sedans with an eye toward luxury and supercar-taunting powertrains. The RS7 was the quickest four-door car MOTOR TREND had ever tested, but the Performance model adds 55 more horsepower for a total of 605 hp from its 4.0L twin-turbo V-8. The Tesla Model S P90D was even quicker, and now the P100D with Ludicrous Plus proves to be even more speedy. It is, in fact, the quickest-accelerating vehicle MOTOR TREND has ever tested—ever. MOTOR TREND Senior Features Editors Jason Cammisa and Jonny Lieberman get the two über-sedans together to see which world’s quickest sedan is better. This episode includes a special appearance by the fastest gasoline-powered car you can buy today, the 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S, and a whole lot of horse manure. 

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Steve Polychronopolous
Teslas are so UGLY. Why can't they hire a proper italian or german design firm to make it look amazing, not like how it does now.. Bland and Generic. looks like a mix between a Buick and 2010 Chevy malibu
Tesla is better
Alexandru Dinu
Black bird
Bogdan Iacovescu
tesla looks like crap...the RS7 is a masterpiece
Николай Добржанский
Ауди давно пора осваивать электротягу. Эпоха бензиновых двигателей должна была закончится ещё в прошлом веке. Стыдно, что какой-то американский семейный седан, делает топовый спорткар от ауди. Немцы покажите на что способны! Весь мир с нетерпением ждёт нормального электрокара от Ауди.
Bros you have no clue that the fastest car is a vw golf with 0.8 sec from 0 - 100 ... the tesla needs 3 fuckin seconds... "improvement" haha
Elon Musk
Tesla is fucking amazing I want one in my life.
Jarno Veenstra
Willie Dynamite
Tesla P100D...the new exotic American Muscle. A Beast!
Kool Acclaimed™
The best video EVER! The Tesla is INSANE!
I like all kinds of cars but this fanboyism has to stop. Yes 0-100 tesla beats it. Range is a HUGE problem 120 miles of fast driving on autobahn will empty the batteries if they do not overheat first. Charging the car with 2 children crying and sick in the back for an hour or more no thanks. Cornering abilities RS7 will crush it even if it is a pig compared other fast cars! Where are the times of the Nürburgring on P100? Its because it cannot make 14 miles under power !!!wtf?! Interior quality? Race above 90 mph? Tesla is a fine city car but other than that, we have to wait 10 more years.
Chris Stork
At 7:00 you say "they've made the steering as numb as humanly possible." I have no basis for comparison vs other sport sedans (never driven another and went from my '95 Saturn SL with no power steering to my '15 Model S) so I'm wondering: did you try it with steering set to "Sport," and did that make a difference?
wow how embarrassing for Audi it's like watching the future next to a dinosaur if people were a little smarter nobody would even be buying gasoline engines anymore we need to make them history go Tesla
Wow this is the first proper review I have seen on a Tesla vs Petrol and could agree more with you and that's coming from a V8 owner. Thanks for actually giving us the truth.
Oscar Blanco
A Tesla isn't a Hatchback?
Christoph Seufert
Not again those stupid drag-races...
when Tesla starts getting police fleet contracts watch out,
tebogo radikoro
wrong statement audi is slow
Alcides Banegas Diaz
Some day
I guess both of these cars are afraid of the Cobra Jet and almost 50k cheaper and off the show room floor would mop the floor with both of these cars....LMAO want G's get the Cobra Jet.. they have been doing it since 2008 but euro's have been afraid of it Good ole American muscle .. can't beat it...
jonni boy
tesla the best car ever 😉👍
A little software remap will give the porsche and audi a 100 bhp more. Tesla p100d is already optimised
Audi suck. all models look the same. i mean this RS7 look like the old A5 :O
Tyler Kandhai
Every single time I see a Head 2 Head featuring a Tesla, I always ask... Why are we even having this conversation? The Tesla should lose EVERY single comparison it's put into. There is nothing a Tesla does better than any other car. What's good about them?? The interior isn't special, they're horribly unreliable, it looks awful, I just don't understand.
Magnus Anon
word of the day , ludicrous
Rick Grimes
Not quite obvious bias. 👏😏
buy as quick a car as you want, if u do not live in germany u cannot make use of its speed legally :*
It's like comparing an early train to a fast bandwagon. Electric car is the future.
Rick Roll
How do they talk all about the interiors and never show them WTF!
Doug Lazamar
wow its lound inside tesla
Tesla racing channel has it right. Buy a 130000 dollar car and pay it off by winning drag races against 11 second cars.
Izaiah Montanez
11:00 It's official, Jonny has lost his shit.
Rolf Bjorn
You guys did the Drag race with the 15 bags of dirt in the Tesla? Holy crap indeed.
Strictly gaming news
Now against a 600hp rx3 :)
Vfor Vendetta
Ads are getting smarter. Americans are so proud of Tesla, look whenever Germans decide to make electric car it will be better then American. As usual. Keep laughing in your staged limited retarded units, the world is not 1/4 mile road
Eric Valverde
That Audi V8 sounds like crap
Eric Valverde
That phone app joke was everything!!!
my opinion doesn't matter
This video is proof majority of people don't give a shit about the environment.
Gabriel Badea
Stefan Velicu
Really cheap comedy from Jason and Johnny. Please stop it and get more serious! Not just 12 year olds watch this show, remember that.
Prem Kulpy
That guys looks like Adam Sandler
Any soccer mom
Matty Light
Can't imagine why they didn't track it around willow
Still would rather the Audi
Philippe Dupuis
tesla is ugly sound like a yaris
Tesla is the future. But no soul :(
Nicklaus Palmesano
Tesla is very fast it pains me to say it but it is fast all though I would rather own the rs7 any day
Nicklaus Palmesano
I have been in both cars
wolf dima
RS7 is 605hp, P100d is 760 hp - that's all you need to know about electric fanboys. Chip+Launch control and it'll smoke Tesla + killer looks and better interior.
Davy Kroket
Audi, any day
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