2017 Tesla Model S P100D vs. 2017 Audi RS7 Performance - Head 2 Head Ep. 88

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The world’s quickest sedans battle it out on this episode of Tire Rack's Head 2 Head (http://www.tirerack.com). The Audi RS7 and Tesla Model S have nearly identical silhouettes and are within 0.2 inch in length. They’re both all-wheel-drive, four-door, hatchback sedans with an eye toward luxury and supercar-taunting powertrains. The RS7 was the quickest four-door car MOTOR TREND had ever tested, but the Performance model adds 55 more horsepower for a total of 605 hp from its 4.0L twin-turbo V-8. The Tesla Model S P90D was even quicker, and now the P100D with Ludicrous Plus proves to be even more speedy. It is, in fact, the quickest-accelerating vehicle MOTOR TREND has ever tested—ever. MOTOR TREND Senior Features Editors Jason Cammisa and Jonny Lieberman get the two über-sedans together to see which world’s quickest sedan is better. This episode includes a special appearance by the fastest gasoline-powered car you can buy today, the 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S, and a whole lot of horse manure. 

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The only thinghere that really matters is that Tesla is a car for rich people that does not know a single shit about cars sportscars and the Audi is for rich people who are real sportscars enthusiasts.
And anyone who disgree doesnt know shit about cars :)
Since when Adam Sandler works for Motor Trend
john m
Stop pretending that a fucking ipad is the "industry standard". It isn't, that's why no one is copying it. Premium car drivers want tactility, quality materials, functionality. They don't want to faff around on a giant iphone while driving. It's horrible, it will age badly, and the rest of the interior is even worse. I'm starting to think american reviewers are blinded by patriotism with these teslas because the reviews are delusional. Aside from Matt Farah who is honest.
I never saw a motor trend head to head and an Audi won it how the tesla is better than the rs 7
the rs 7 it's better in every side quality interior engin sound looking but you are American so the tesla should win
Suranpu Yasi
Hate Tesla.
Looks ugly, looks cheap
looking at specing the Audi, it costs an extra £1,450 to increase the speed limit of the car from 155 to 174mph
K D-wolf
it's all fun and games until your passengers get sick and don't want to ride with you anymore haha. I also have the p100d and as fun as it is i miss having a sport feel and the sound of having an exhaust!
ulo eda
fuuck all the audis and other gasoline cars. and fuck more to all the shit people. love tesla
Gytis321 S
I love technology, so i love Tesla.
N Mclean
Is the Lexus is350 a better daily driver over a BMW335i
mistertoet kroenchot
I choose the Audi
Hawkeye_ Gaming
WHAT! OMG! HOLY MOLLY that is the quickest in TESLA P100D beat audi RS7 Performance this is amazing
what does dyslexia have to do with a backward map?
bailey yeoman
the Rimac concept 1 will destroy it
I watch this everyday.. the P100D rocks!
Amrit Bhandal
Panamera turbo executive vs Mercedes S63 AMG L would be great to see
Niko Neznat
Rimac eats tesla off the line
christopher voyce
Watching this video is making me want my Model 3 even more! hopefully i'll get it this year. I put down my deposit day one but not at a dealership since there are none in Michigan.
SIGMA Intégrale
I wonder why they have the starting lights but still choose to start via a verbal countdown. ;-S
SIGMA Intégrale
That Tesla just looks so much better... maybe also knowing in my subconscious that its also more practical styling than just aesthetic.
Jenson Fisher
Because that therapy pwqggex though thinking animal soon wave habit.
Patrick Moore
That Audi looks pretty damn clean tho
Joshua Dixon
The white looks like a Storm Trooper..
Now just imagine what would've happened if the Tesla's overall weight was exactly the same as the Audi.
Mike Wright
I can't wait for my Model 3.
Thomas Dastalfo
EV's like Teslas are the future, they're relatively new tech and are only getting better. Gasoline powered cars are on the way out because of general inefficiency and plateauing performance, and some people have a hard time accepting that.
Ravi Rajyaguru
2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo S ???????
James Cooke
"Slaying supercars with a 1/4 ton of manure in the back" LOL
And no prep time prior to launch either. There is just no way anything powered by fossils can beat that surely.
are you aware that energy-wise, it is fairly less energy efficient and more wastefull to build and run(recharge) those tesla batteries, than any car other car on the earth? That Audi RS7 is actualy way more environmental friendly... just saying.
Johnathan Commodore
These Tesla cars are like giant cell phones we can charge.
Johnathan Commodore
I am satisfied with the win Tesla is the underdog of automobiles.Technology is super advanced today and one day Tesla will make an all electric 200mph car.
how about the gt350r vs the zl1
T. E. Q
No track race? Oh nevermind, you know.
Nasser Alsail
Dodge's new demon is faster then both
Why do they always have to talk about saving the planet? Fuel is burned to make the electricity to charge that car. It's like saying hunting is wrong, but buying meat at the grocery store is fine. It's the same thing. You just don't see the gory part at the store.
Van Der
Fuck that tesla pos!!
Gav Com
teslas are so common in California it's like seeing a toyota camry
A Smith
There is on environmental benefits to Tesla it is still need chemicals for batteries that need to be mined. Got nothing against Tesla like the car.
Erkki Nikunen
How come, whenever there is a Head 2 Head test with Tesla, you don't take it to track, but always only on straight line. I get it, Tesla is quickest. Usually there are two screens comparing a lap time, but not with Tesla tests.

So perhaps you could sometime show the handling and compare that. In my book it tells more about the car's capabilities than the acceleration alone. And make similar testing with Tesla than with any other car.

How about it?
Jo H
god I hate this stupid shows
Kushagra sharma
fuck Tesla
Feel free to use my referral code. It comes with free unlimited supercharging and $1,000 off your new Tesla. You're welcome. I think it expires in about 45 days.

Steve C
I love my Turbo S. Best car ever. BTW the Porsche and Tesla are very close in price, too. Throw some corners in, and the 911 will trash the P100D. Not even close.
Tesla is shit! End of the story!
If you think different your place is not in any car channel!
Show the damn interior you pieces of shit and don't just talk about it! Wtf
Boo Tesla!!! I like burning fossil fuel. At worst case in 10yrs or so maybe accept a hybrid.
Tesla's going in a straight line... Yawn. roads have bends too in most countries anywho.
TG Fitness
Finally watching this.. WOW
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