Cesaro & Sheamus welcome The Hardy Boyz to Team Red: Raw, April 17, 2017

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Two weeks before challenging The Hardy Boyz for the Raw Tag Team Titles at WWE Payback, Cesaro & Sheamus speak with the returning tag team.


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3zozGamer 123
boo i hate sheamus and cesaro I love the hardy boyz
Jeff hardys tag title belt looks broke on the middle plate
Mark Garza
Come to Smackdown, Hardy Boyz!!!!
Retro Style
end of the promo I like that that's great
Jorge Vidal Borda
What happened with Broken Matt :(
Jay Karia
I love this team of Sheamus and Cesaro.
The way Jeff says "HEY GUYS" 😂😂😂😂😂 LMAO.
Yusuf Gazi
I hope they're not just a short time thing like Sting, Goldberg and the Dudleys
Trent Holt
That was chill
Myth Galaxy
Let's be honest wwe could easily buy tna #fucktheowl
VideoGameSquad Baby
I'm a hardy Mark. they both won 1v1. but I do like Cesaro and shameous. the.future holds much gold.for.the hardys.
Amman - E - Mulk
Can't believe that cesaro is welcoming back Jeff hardy I mean come on we all what happened from the top of the ladder at wm33
david heredia amestoy
Jeff Hardy va Dean ambroseXDD
Fares Ghaffari
it's TREMENDOUS!! xd
Nacho Gonzaga
Edge Invented the TLC match....lmao
Matt wants to be broken so bad bro. I heard it in his part of the promo
Jaevs Hill
0:40 That suspect look Matt gives to Jeff. 😂
I love how Matt Hardy's talking "normal" and the accent slips out every now and then.
I don't think Vince can handle his broken brilliance
Ben Whalley
I kinda like Jeff hardy better than Matt hardy I've known them for 16 years!!
What's with all the vests being worn tonight???
Cesaro officially welcoming matt and jeff to raw two weeks after their return...great job, raw writers
Samira Hassan
it so funny when jeff said hi guys
I never watched The Hardyz wrestle back in the attitude era/ruthless aggression era but I watch them now and they have impressed me. I've become a fan of them.
Shunisha Loo
am i the only one that notices that they hold the titles the same
After watching BROKEN Matt talk, I just can't handle his NORMAL accent these days.

Does this make me a bad person?
Noah G
WWE could really do a weird yet effective storyline of Matt Hardy regaining his brokenness once this lawsuit is settled, I hope they go through with it.
Vash Starwind
Joshua Amaya
congrats hardy boyz WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"The tan is oranger!"
Chris Danger
Literally Jumping Happily
Those two were fine just being the Hardy Boyz.
hai guyz
Glenn Mark Salgado
Cesaro seems to be a big Jeff fan... I've seen him bro-hugged Jeff like twice already.
Star Wars Studios
This video was DELIGHTFUL! Oh Yeeeaaass!
Jon Doe
I`m already missing the broken Matt Hardly. I would totally mark out when he starts doing it in the WWE.
Fares Ghaffari
Matt Hardy is half broken they kinda preparing for the broken gimmick to debut that will be DELIGHTFUL!!!
hey guuys
Eric lad
I want Matt to be BROKEN but I want Jeff to be normal Jeff and compete for the world title
Nick Bleker
The BROKEN Brilliance belongs in every corner of space and time, but only one vessel holds the key to that BRILLIANCE!! That vessel being the one of Matt Hardy..
Nick Bleker
Cesaro and Sheamus are simply WONDERFUL!! Unfortunately, that won't prevent their DELETION at Payback.
Nick Bleker
That damn sister Abigail and her pet owl!! Leave Matt Hardy's vessel alone!!!!!
Samarihouston Vlogs98
Half broken half extreme I like this!!!
Daniel Eid
that was classy
1like = 1 prayer
Watching normal Matt is honestly just gonna make his re-Breaking So much sweeter
Kodi Howe
Awesome Angel
I can just imagine, WWE 2K19, Broken matt hardy.
Shadowbritty 01
I love the way Jeff said "hey guys" 0:47 😆
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