10 Crazy Super Mario Fan Theories That Change EVERYTHING

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We all know Nintendo's Mario and all his Mushroom Kingdom friends, but have you ever thought about delving deeper? Join us on a ride into dark fan theories.
Thumbnail art via: Wil Hughes

Can you think of another series with weird fan theories? Let us know and we'll make another video.
Euan V
Number 3 just makes Super Mario Odyssey very creepy
Ran Span
At 0.59 he says tode princesses when its princesses peach
sawyer barrett
2:34 NO ITS HIS HAND!!!!!!
Alexander Rüffer
Mario is a mass murderer. every Stone Mario is crushing with his fist or butt or watever is a Person.
It's a fictional video game, people take things way too seriously
Archon Gaming
I bet Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser on purpose just so she can sleep with him. 😆

I mean if you really think about it, you would’ve thought she’d take precautions to ensure she never gets kidnapped again. She’s the princess of the mushroom kingdom, and all it takes is a simple decree for her to militarize the mushroom kingdom.

I bet she lets it happen on purpose, because she craves that massive koopa dick. And let’s face it, Mario is a fat midget plumber with an oversized nose, who constantly traverses through sewage pipes. It’s no wonder she’s 2 timing with Bowser!

And besides, if she truly hated getting kidnapped, she’d be traumatized. Instead, she’s like “Oooooohh, Maaaaario! Thank you for saving meeee!!! You’re myyy hero! 😘”

Not to mention the fact that she always invites Bowser to compete in Kart races, sports, and party games.

Peach continues taking advantage of Mario’s low IQ, and he never suspects a thing. Poor, poor Mario...

Bowser only plays along because he finds Mario’s mental retardation hilarious, and he wants to see how long it takes before Mario finally catches on.

But little do they know....

Mario is ALSO a 2 timer!!!!

But his situation with Pauline is no different from his situation with Peach. Pauline just can’t get enough of those hairy bananas if ya know what I mean! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
zac goh
what if oddesy is a film and 64 is a episode of a mario tv show
Clorox Bleach
my theory: what if donkey kong takes place at the end of the timeline? and jump man is mario's son?
Ryan DeGrave
On the Mario/Zelda crossover, I thought the most obvious were the bob-ombs that are everywhere in both franchises.
#1 was a whole bunch a bologna
In Super Mario 64, Lakitu could be spying on Mario for Bowser
And what about the other games?
There’s TONS MORE that are very likely true adventures that Mario took
SM2 and 3 do make since because they do,
But all the others are legit
What about Odyssey then, while I’m on the topic?
It is definitely 100% true
Myamoto states that there is only ONE Mario
some stingy on the internet
he uses his fists.
Redmar Sprenger
Very family friendly
Jakob Kendall
Maybe daisy is a virgin?
Fyhis just fyhis!!!!
Meh... not the best theories
Aki Kanervo
What about mario being communist?
Eden kanangila
I definitely got baited by that thumbnail.
Dollarwise The Singing Mime
What if they just call mario by his last name
I believe that there are three marios. Of course there are jumpman and mario (the 3rd). And then.. shit I forgot the theory again
Andy Rich
Mario bros 2 is a reskin of doki doki panic so lore wise that's out
Some Guy
Family "Friendly" huh? Sounds a little too friendly to me. Alabama much?
The Milkkid l
Nice I got a super Mario odseey ad before this video
Darrian Edwards
The koopalings aren't bowser's children his only son is bowser jr
Mr TheMan
1:41 in MarioKart 8/ 8 Deluxe, there is a Zelda Add-on pack which gives you Cat Peach, Tanooki Mario and Link.
Evan Stowers
Finally I understand. Deep stuff Nintendo! Bravo! #1 explains and brings it all together.
Damien's Adventure
Fuck yeah it's Falcon!
chris ruiz
That's last one tho. Lol
Gerardo Leopoldo De silva
bowser aka Koopa king IS from another kingdom, wich is the koopa kingdom, so name conventions may be different.
Geoff Sarlo
Luigi is part of the Mario Brothers so if the theory was correct he would be named Mario and not Luigi.
Dave Wavy
My theory is that Mario and Luigi are not brothers but in fact lovers, hence the obsession with going down on all those pipes
Mario Mario makes sense because of Italian immigration and the American tradition of anglicizing family names.
Talen Ray
Mario hits the bricks with his hand when jumps
Malibu JoneZ
Luigi stole Mario’s girl and made Rosilina
It's almost as if Mario and Zelda were made by the same company... Mmmm...
Nintendo already said that jump man is mario
Mario breaks blocks with his hand there that's all
mega blast
Wait but you didn't mention all the ones that weren't dreams or retellings canonically. Like the one with those fairies, super mario 3d world, galaxy, or sunshine.
0:10 I loved that series :)
What about all the Game Theory ones?
Derick Lee
Will there ever be a 3rd person open world Mario game. Let's say super Mario and Mart Kart is combined to make an open world adventure. Most OG Mario fans aren't kids anymore so it's time to see it on a more MATURE level.
The way I'd heard it was that the DK in DK country was the son of DK JR / grandson of Cranky/OG DK...
So the "New Guy" is still the "New Guy"? What kind of internship-sorcery is this? @gameranx
Darth Star Killer
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ma3wcaYV8k this is the best Mario theory
2:34 hand*
greenbeast 601
Why cant games just be games....
maybe everyone just calls mario by his last name and his first name has never been revealed
Komics Gaming
Actually Mario hits the bricks with his fist NOT his head. That is one easy misunderstanding
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