RISE OF THE LEGEND Trailer (Martial Arts MOVIE - 2016)

rise of the legend trailermartial artsmoviefilm2016

Before IP MAN, Before Bruce Lee, there was Hong Fei Hung...
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A martial artist with extraordinary power (Eddie Peng) returns to the town where his father was murdered to face off against a ruthless crime boss (Sammo Hung) and bring justice back to the people.

A Movie directed by Roy Hin Yeung Chow
Cast : Eddie Peng, Sammo Hung, Angelababy
Release Date : In Theatres March 11th, 2016 
Genre :  Action and Adventure, Martial Arts

© 2016 - Well Go USA

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Antony Ogwo
Please any link for the download? Thanks
Swnsasy _
Can this be with English voice over? I don't want to miss the movie and reading, I miss the movie and this looks so darn GOOD!!
tomek norek
the camera works was fantastic, the scheme was mind boggling, the ending was a let down.
William Lee
look like a very good action movie
Superni Ue
they should do a remake of The Seven Grand Masters.
Before CGI and flying people there was Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Jet Li and Bruce Lee. Now, there's RISE OF THE WIRES AND SLOW MOTIONS! I might wanna see it though...
Pavel Sivi
oh flying ppl stop doing this shit. gies us a real movie come on
tiago silva dos passos Passos
top demais ansioso pra ve o filme
What I liked about the classics is that there was a lot of skill and technique with wires/effects dashed in. However these days it's pretty much all effects and little skill other than posing. It's hard to see where this falls on the spectrum
Genzo Minazuki
I think this is another story of Huo Yuan Jia ..
Wong Fei Hung seems like Lee Recca from Last Blade.
Like it👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
tibor zsiga
hat ez nagyon jo lehet
Alonzo Thomas
this really reminds me of Iron Monkey or is it just me
no jet li no pert
neked laciko
Siphuan Sichampa
like videos
louell ozarraga
Yes! Fei Hung is back!
Marcelo sebastian figueiro
Yip Man off :(
jake gao
This came out back in 2014, why are they showing it now?
Samo Hung Is such an icon in the martials art world........
Jaydeep Nayak
Funny ... all this originated from india and we neglected everything as time passed.. Sad
Septi Sleep
why wong fei hung father told him to kill?
Jul But
There's so much things going on, it's much more like transformers than a real martial art movie.
Lisa A.
Every time I watch me a martial arts new movie I see that fat ass actor like daja vu do he have to be in every movie....... were the hell is Jet Li at. But with the other actor I guess the younger the better.
They had Wires that long ago??
The ending of every goddamn martial arts trailer IS always the SPOILER of the movie....
Reo Foxx
world first martial arts superhero my ass....there was nai khanomtom before that....stupid ching chong
leandro bautista
tremenda película se ve el arte marcial
Hassan Hamisi
this movie is nicy and i like it
kim snooks
this is what i been weighting for every watching Ip Man. everyone culture creates superheros but in china all u have to do is look threw history, there are hundreds of masters that have stories as amazing as Yip Man. I gatta watch
Riu Sato
what is the title of music in trailer? 1:00 - 1:40
Elmira Wilde
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Albert Truong Tuiai
isnt this movie a 2015 release? watched the bray last year!!!!
Ceneoss Animations
I heard Jet quitted the role in this movie, would've loved to see him as Wong Fei again.
Leo Arce
confused. are there 2 rise of the legend? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3469592/ if so, what's the difference? same story? different story? same or different cast? 2016 version is a sequel to the 2014 version? what's the deal?
Nosk 007
everyone are just interested in doing martial arts to make movies and money, this is why even knowing bruce lee's training no one have reached that lvl yet or surpassing it, shame.. to see it die like that. all kinds of arts is dying before our eyes including films, music etc
lol those chicken arms punching through concrete... i think not..
Grendel Vertrue
You know I always see him as the marvel super hero iron fist .. but knowing marvel they aren't gonna cast a real life martial artists to play a superhero character. Who would do some kick ads justice too the film or series.
Александр Андреев
Yyyyyeaaaah. New Cool asian fight movie
Shinny Man
Is this the remake of Jet Li Fearless movie?
Thabo Wonderboy
Nice! when is it coming out in south africa?
Is this in English or does it only have English subs like the trailer?
Bruce lee was a monster. this guy maybe different 😀😀😀☺
Jezreel Aquino
I prefer Jet Li for this Wong Fei Hung role... :-)
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