Mayim Bialik Talks Sugar & Extinction At The "Museum Of Unnatural History" // EN

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Can drinking crazy amounts of sugary beverages cause extinction? See the story of the lost tribe of Homo schlepiens. For more info go to:

Concept: SodaStream
Story by: Oded Binnun,  Shuki Ben Naim, Alon Zeifert, Itai Bichler, Shiri Hellmann. Gil BoraX
Creative director: Alon Zeifert
Screenwriter: Shuki Ben Naim 
Director: Oded binnun
Executive Producer: Gil BoraX
Featuring: Mayim Bialik & Kristian Nairn 

SodaStream Team
Daniel Birnbaum: CEO
Matti Yahav: VP Global Marketing
Itai Bichler: Head of Global Digital Marketing
Shiri Hellmann: Head of Global Communication Marketing
Maayan Nave, Head of Global PR
Jodi Ben-Meir: Global Communication and Research Manager

Production team:
Cinematography: Lael Utnik
Art Director: Jacob Turjeman  
Stylist: Yael Shenberger
Editor: Hemi Solomon line Producer- Mandy Morris
Production manage- Alon Shavit
Production coordinator- Sharon Peres
Post-production Supervisor: Inbal Breier
Music composer:  Tomer Biran Audio Artist
Sound Designer: Ronen Nagel 

Post production house:
Broadcast  TLV 
Online Editors: Ivan Denisenko,  Soslan Bitarov ,  Artyom Belikovetski
Graphic Design: Roman Kanevsky
Post Production Supervisor: Amnon Kotler & Daria Belov
Post Producer: Orian chai 

Production service in Kiev: RadioAktiveFilms
Executive producer - Darko Skulsky
Producer –Olya Kosenko
1st AD – Val Semko
Production manager - Kristina Iliyna 
Art director – Vlad Ryzhykov

Jimmer Trzcinski
Wow she's hot
Patrick Seiter
00:06 Hodor?
Shut up. Bubble e water ain't beat coca-cola.
Zack Dale
people dont drink soda for the bubbles
Jacob Hoss
Why would anyone buy a product endorsed by an antivaxxer and manufactured by a profoundly racist company?
or just drink water nigga
Nicholas Ruelas
No one needs this. I thought that they went out of business
David Hoffnung
This ad is completely tone-deaf.
Carlos Glitchtastic
I didnt know blossom did this
Littlemrh Kweskim
U R use ing a plastic bottle to get water when you saw we shouldn't use plastic bottles
Cyka Bylat
This is the most pretentious ad I've ever seen since the Juicero campaign.
are there actually people who drink straight carbonated water ? why?
Yeah talking down to people like they're morons isn't the best idea, and most people I know would rather have something that tastes good rather than some bland glass of a really common atom.
I drink soda BECAUSE of the taste. I dont care about the bubbles. I often drink it flat
Jack The Boss
Was my boi Hodor in this?
Quote Robot
shut the fuck up. soda is only bad for teeth
16th Earl of Warwick
Yeah to be this cocky you have to have a product that is actually self-evidently better than the competition and already very successful. But this just comes of as arrogant and obnoxious because its not either of those things. Talking down to your target audience from a position of weakness in horned rim glasses is probably the way to go though. Good luck.
P Murphy
but... then it's just sparkling water vs... soda :D
Philp Yung
She is so hot in these ads
Karon Carter
I have never seen these ads. I love them and I love my soda stream
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