Mom With Postpartum Depression Shows Reality Of Having a Mental Illness

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For women like Kathy DiVincenzo , navigating motherhood while dealing with postpartum depression is not easy. So she had a photo shoot to show what being a mom with her condition, in addition to OCD and anxiety, is really like. DiVincenzo says she was terrified to post the images, but breaking the stigma of being a parent with a mental illness was far too important.'s Keleigh Nealon ( has more.

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I have depression no one talks to me but when I met someone called must he helped me
Hlengiwe Zungu
postpartum depression is real
Kawaii_ Marshmallow
I hope she feels better and gets through this but isn’t it dangerous for her kids
Its normal
Erika Diaz
No am first haa
Julia Rosemarie
I understand completely, but it’s kinda hard for me because I don’t have kids
I don’t know what to make my name yet
She’s so pretty when her hair is curled
welcome to derry
Awsome strong woman to speak reality and not lies!
Shaniesha Sias
As a mother i believe we all been there.
Another mother who shouldn't be
Ms. Woodard
Panic! At The 21 Green Chemical Crybabies
Cutos to her
Tiny Gleefee
What a strong mother, these pictures were beautiful and bring such a powerful message that my family can relate to on a certain level. I hope she is staying strong and continues to be brave and confident. God bless her.
Cameron Alexander
good for her! my fiance has bpd and its a struggle but we love each other so much and i underatand how her mental disorder affects her
Corinna Guillaume
you look very beautiful, and I know that being a parent is a very hard job to do
Evelyn Katherine
I'm 12 and I have depression, ADHD, OCD, and very bad anxiety
I battle with anxiety and depression every day but I want to help people by sharing my thoughts and coping methods. Please take a look a my channel and subscribe if you feel like you can relate! I will be uploading lots of videos this week. If you feel like you're suffering, I hope you can feel positive and worth way more than you're feeling right now.
Thanks so much for helping society get rid of the stigma. <3
Sexy Harley Quinn
then maybe she shouldn't have had children then. that's y i wont bcuz if i get that, then i would end up giving away a kid that i wouldn't want, bcuz if i had one, mist likely i wouldn't keep it 4 that reason. & most people that end up witb postpartum depression sometimes end up killing their babies bcuz they can't handle the crying & the pressure. she was the one that decided 2 have children, so she shouldn't complain, that's her problem. if i had a child, it's bcuz they were accidents, which thank god i don't. motherhood must suck.
My mom has depression and anxiety. Now I feel bad, but I also have depression and anxiety.
John White
Alexis Morgan Pestorious
This is so powerful
this is amazing. beautiful and real
Emma Rey
I have OCD as well, I'm so proud of her to speak out about this. So proud.
hot momma
Donishia Denmark
keep your legs closed dumb ass
Christmas Bunny082
my mum had this after she had me 😢😢😢
Be careful. Observe your moms and dads carefully. My mother passed away when I was 6 or 7 because of a mental issue. We left her alone for a couple hours and BOOM she was gone...
Charissa Bazunu
Keep fighting and buy a fidget spinner!
Judy Paranish
I know how she feels. I hope she feels better soon
Karen Baxter
So true...... and even mom's without postpartum depression look like those pictures so I am sick of pictures showing us with make-up and smiling and the housing looking fabulous....... DREAM ON !!!!!!! So to the guys out there who start looking at the pretty personal assistant at work thinking my wife used to look like that and now she looks tired and fat due to motherhood and terefore somehow she let you down by getting out of shape and not taking care of herself I simply explain to men that if U marry the personal assistant one day she too will be pregnant and looking pretty ordinary. ....... Furthermore as I told my husband when we married that if he ever remarries then his new wife and him can raise our 4 kids if she wants to play 'mommies' and I guarantee the novelty of motherhood will wear off pretty quickly because reality has set in. She will look pretty hagged and he won't want her and he won't look as impressive once the reality of 4 kids set in....... Why is a mother ALWAYS abondoned with the kids? Coz he says he is earning the bigger wage he might say........ Too bad I would rather be broke and force him to leave his high-powered job so he can raise kids as most women have had to do at some point in their life. Perhaps then the women left behind can get higher education and get a good paying job and do what these men have done all their lives...... Anyway my smart husband knows my views on this so thankfully he is not looking around for another woman coz he knows he will have 4 kids to raise also in the equation.
EllieEliOllie &mommy
I also have OCD and I have three kids, just had a baby too. It's really hard
Must be sooo hard sitting at home all day, meanwhile on construction sites.
Yasmin Tejada
this is just like my life story
Elizabeth Karen
Itsaxela Youswastight
That's horrible your baby was smiling and you were just cry ing and wining uhhh your a mother cheer up
buttercup 2
I suffer with ocd post part dapreshion and bipolar and i am a baby sitter all
At 14
Sighs Internally
surprise surprise someone with those glasses is an attention seeking whore
Not depressed enough to keep her from have a photo shoot.
Megan Krug
I suffer from Depression, anxiety, OCD, and a rare sound sensory disorder called Misophonia.
Nicole Cadieux
Stay strong your going to be an awesome mom
Marlene L
Literally everyone has OCD, ADHD, anxiety and depression these days.
Rachelle Sierra
She is so brave!🙏
Abdul Lodro
She should get a fidget spinner
Judith Ogboru
She looks like Dove Cameron. I wish her well in life.
And show some boob to get extra attention
kings gaming
That's bad showing soo much skin to a little girl
Leah Pettit
I am a 13 year old girl with the same stuff that she has and all I have want to be was a mom and many said I could never be mom because what I have so thank you for this it means so much😥😥😥
Your Majesty
I think having kids would make me happy
im tryna see the whole tiddy
Kylee Comer
I suffer from anxiety, and I've made up my mind I'm not having children or getting married because I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint my family.
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