Star Trek Beyond - Bloopers

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Source: Bluray (upscaled to 2k because of Youtube compression)

Kurt Tomlinson | Compositions
I like Pine's Shatner impression.
I can see an in character Jaylah asking, "What is T.J. Max you speak of?"
4:34 way too much bloodflow
Lahaina ExPres
omG too damn gooood!!!, all those bloopers xD xD xD
Rebecca Innes
Can't wait for the 4th movie
Grace Paisley
"It's too short."

"That's not the first time first girl that said that to me!"

Damn! I had to stop the video on that one!
John Canavi
Jaylah: "Why has he not used his weapon yet?"
Kirk: "He wants to find somewhere to inflict maximum damage..."
Me: "...Like the weak spot of that giant enemy crab..."
Entire cast and filming crew looks at me like WTF
Me: "...You seriously don't get that reference? Aw man, ok."
"Captain, we are not engaged to f*ck"
So now the bloopers are the ones creating the fandom, huh?
Isashi Nigami
the planet of fibonanam. fiobnam. nfibnfonam. fibonian? fibinan. fibonam.
Omega Gaming
"what we require is a diversion....

Wonderwaffle mapping
Moaning to whiskey, you learn something everyday
Alexandru Ionescu
3:37 - Star Trek the game in a nutshell.
Alexandru Ionescu
"What we require is a diversion...

Exhaust plorts
Kirks hair is so dope
gero siciliano
who else loves hearing Spock swear?
These Star Track outtakes aren't as good as the Star Trek ones.
Tabby-in-the- TARDIS12
"Now look, you gave Nurse Chapel the Gangorian Clap."
"I knoow."
"....She's not happy about it, Jim." XD I'm dying
1:14 I lost it. xD I love Simon so much.
Sarah L
haha if you've ever been in a show of any kind: a movie, play, musical or whatever you know the struggle is real when it comes to keeping a straight face, especially when other people screw up or something unintended happens during a scene. And of course as soon as you spot someone else starting to lose it, you lose it too even if you're not sure what they're laughing at xD
Elliott Lockwood
2:54 But we're still... TRAPPED... Mr. Sulu. Full impulse. (He's not wrong. It's spot on).
jason wise
I love Zoe's laugh
Only bloopers I can watch and watch and watch... it is so funny! Antons laugh :(, Engaged-qoute is used on What's app and the drinking noises are an Insider between me and my mom. 👍🏻
Marquise Smith
she has a funny laugh 😀😁😂
batcoon gaems
fuck i need that bar set
nicola facciolini
Who killed Anton Yelchin ?
Jack Mioff
Haha, Anton checking out her a$$ at 3:10
RIP Anton
Wolf Alpha 900
"We aren't engaged at all, Spock! We're just friends!" At least the directors seemed to give them some grace during all of the mess-ups.
Benabes0778118310 Meriem
bravo sofia
'Three movie deal'????

Does that mean no more films :(
F Brown
"Captain we are not engaged, FUCK."
Best of the new movies
Marisa Carr
"What we require is a diversion..." silence "BIOTCH."
Felicia Steele
Spock saying "Biatch" is my new aesthetic
Maureen Tuohy
As far as I'm concerned the whole reboot is a blooper!
3:42 that laugh tho :D
Jeep came up with the most lethal blooper of all though....
Sophie Comrie
I LOVE wheezy laughs. Chris Pine's got me good
He needs a distribution deal
Jade The Messenger

Bones: "stick that back in there."

Spock: "ughhh..."

War Gamer
He needs a distribution deal cracked me up
Oh the whisky!
War Gamer
This made my day
Captain FUCK!
Love Chris Pine as Kirk
Just saw this movie for the first time today (my friends all said they hated it so I avoided it in theaters). Anyway, I thought the first half was actually not too bad, but the second half had quite a few "Oh, come on!" moments (like [SPOILERS] when the loud rock music being played over VHF made the bad guy ships blow up instantly - millions of them, etc.). Not terrible, in my opinion, but the weakest of the three reboot Star Treks, for sure.

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