10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation

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This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments. 
0:00  Jet engine in a jar
0:52  Traveling flame
1:16  Soapy water and gas
1:50  Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction  
2:58  Brake fluid and pool chlorine
3:24  Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction  
4:01  Fire snake  
5:13  Elephant toothpaste  
5:52  Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
7:33  Flammable hand sanitizer

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bjr sinpa ta chéne , je mabonne
Style PB
Ajay Kumar
Alexiskittles 1-1
how isn't he burning his hand????
Chandra Randolph
that last one was cool
Vortex Gaming
I did he hand sanitizer one and it hurts how do I make it not
Leanne Panerio
is it in time lapse?
Jacob Crum
in the first one .. alcohol like drinking alcohol or rubbing alcohol
Hamza Riaz
Is it safe to use the flame on hands?! In the last experiment.
Iguana :3
What hand sanitizer do you use?
Alia Abdoune
its verry dangeeeeeeeeeeerouuuuuss
Ramazan Çalıskan
Son deney pek inandirici gelmedi
sudhakar kulkarni
very interesting experiment
0/10 for the first one, still can't melt steel beams
Clément Dubet
What is the music ?
The song looks like "Welcome to pelf village - Dementium"
tigla huff
7:51 ok now i have super power
Sasha T
Where are you hiding prince frenchi?
Iszul Rxz
wahh... that no 7 like somethings came out from another things. like teleports
hamza zaher
I try'd number 10 it Burned my 🤚 😡😠😢
Fidelis Okali
The black screen is back!!!!!!!!!!!!
Addyson Christopher
Does the fire hurt
Random Trends
Just too good experiment in this video. big liked.
Not Alive
If i wanted to try number 3 what gas should i use? or does it even matter?
Squishy World
that was cool
Arun Kumar
amazing video wery nice
Bing Selamet Waldy
are that not hurt your hand
rahul kumar the gamer
these tricks are so easy
hAshM.2000 !!!
واو رووعة
Md Anam John
7 should be called how to open the gates of hell
Keke Lauren
#9 How demon eggs hatch
Icecreambrownies Forlife
Yo the sugar was like some paranormal activity shit 😂💀
Chihaya Furu
The fire snake is like a never ending shit
Jonathan Alvarado Sandoval (386JonAlva)
how do you do that
pero que mierda estas asiendo?no tiene sentido
Amal Alkubaisi
Any one muslim
zayen abdulwahed
alwin cyriac
is the last one is real
11233455 weruiop
Poké Legend
does the flame thing hurt
Funny tube
yes i'll try it
pham giaphong
akshay wayase
Xx Iván xX
I loved the summoning on the 7th place xD
Legocreator Production
Number nine is how to summon a strange and alive thing with heart
Evans Allison
nice video
Legocreator Production
Number seven is how to summon one more gut
Iries Ghisijawan
last one tho
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