10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation

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This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments. 
0:00  Jet engine in a jar
0:52  Traveling flame
1:16  Soapy water and gas
1:50  Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction  
2:58  Brake fluid and pool chlorine
3:24  Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction  
4:01  Fire snake  
5:13  Elephant toothpaste  
5:52  Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
7:33  Flammable hand sanitizer

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Yuni ._. Draws
lol, i got worried for a second because i thought it hurts your hands
WhiiteInk Art
Experiment 7 should be renamed to "Summoning a plant from Hell"
Cellette Gipson
so cool
Natural Beauty
Bringing the fun part of science to everyday life is nice
Im Wet
This dude really summoned the fire snake devil
Akhtar Rock
good job
Teena Saldanha
i have got some good videos in my channel search for teena saldanha
Human Being
Human Being
Omg...does the 2nd one hurt?maybe i will hv 10 comments here.:D
Human Being
Om...nty for the 1st ine...the jar will break 😱😰 and im svared of fires :c
ivan esposito
il mr muscolo ha l etichetta italiana, sono italiani per caso?
red baron games
thanks to you we cant have hand sanitizer in school
Manuel Garcia
does that hurt
Mufaka CSGO
This was a very traditional indian video. Thank you for the nice minecraft video
Adeele Luik
You can do a Smoke Snake, here is what you need (This reaction liberates a lot of heat. Be aware of the fiery glass!):
Protectors (To protect yourself), 100 ml of sulfuric acid, 10 grams of sugar, strong glass.
1) Put the protecting goggles on.
2) Put the sugar in a strong glass.
3) Add a glass of sulfuric acid and carefully mix it.
4) Wait about 10 minutes and see how the Smoke Snake crawls out of the strong glass.
Katja Baer
Does that burn his hands?? Because I want to try it
The number nine look like from resident evil
Vanna FTW
Should've called it 10 Amazing Science Experiments for pyrophiles, not that I complain :D
BLUECELL GT // BlueXenonite
At The Pool

Kid: Daddy, can I drink coke?
Dad: Ok.
( Kid drinks coke, but hasen't fully swallown yet )
(( Accidentaly swallows pool water ))
U guys know what's gonna happen, because pool water has Chlorine
David Schmidt
HS, you might also want to add a pinned-note regarding having good ventilation. Some of those fumes can be quite irritating to lung tissue if breathed in.
My jaw was all the way on the floor the whole video from amazement
BY 7:11 im like "that was sugar?!?!"
Marwa Safa
How do u take off the flammable hand sanitizer off ur hand plz answer do u wash it with water
Princess Ebony 4real1990
I,ths thes fake?😀😀😀😀😀
muazam syed
Damion Errington
science is so awsome😀
Helen Fotopoulou
We used to do the elephant toothpaste in my chemistry class all the time... It was a total pain to clean up afterwards.
ingrid mulkens
the firts one is more like an fart LLOOOLLL
Sasha Braun
does the hand sanitizer trick hurt
really cool experimentation
Emo Kitty Says BLEH
4:39 looks more like a kraken than a snake
Emo Kitty Says BLEH
lol 3:45 looks like a bong
Jai Fischer
Has anyone actually tried No.3? i want to but i dont know if it will actually burn my hand
I did 10 but when I tried to pick it up it burned my hand
Cheesy Zip
Does the fire hurt?
Marketa Kopecka
1:34 Does it hurt?
Jayanta Mukherjee
I love this...... It helped me alot... thanks☁💟💟☁💟💟☁
Amēlija Estere Geida
cool video
Can l do the things at home.
Is it dangerous"
Sowmya good experiments Sowmya
good experiments
Alexis Ortiz
love this vid
Clelia M
Angey Moore
Has anyone actually tried the last one? Does it burn?
Seeno Gaming
11 things to do when bored, including watching this video :D
Isabel Chavez Sandoval
guay is súper cool Andrés nice
Grubby Tipper
and cool
Grubby Tipper
this is dangerous
The Random Family
He set his hand on fire twice
Mohamed Mohamed
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