Cemil Bey
Nice one
Cemil Bey
Cemil Bey
nice one
Cemil Bey
Carl Frock
That guy's cute. 😉
엣헴엣헴! 나무위키에서 순례중인 씹선비오~ 엣헴엣헴!
[미쿠쨩 다이스키~♥]
Lethal Weapon
who would've thought the BBC can give great comedy? 😂
the situation in congo is not to be brought in your comedy sorry did not find it funny
Leedle Leedle
Thank god it said parody in the title, seems like other videos attempting to achieve the same thing are getting negative feedback by oblivious viewers.
BT -7274
this needs more views
Sami7 Z
Fuckin dickheads lool.. this was hilarious
Eric T
This dude is fine! Can I marry him!?
Yes No
hp k
Unattainable 1976
Glenn Daly
haha very funny 😃
Cosmo Kim
Unluckily Kelly's daughter and baby were impeached by her mom from the BBC TV. We korean pple totally welcome impeaching the president Park, but strongly hope that the cute daughter n baby should be reinstated soon.....and You know what the little daughter said to mom? "Mom why do you treat me like this"...sorry Im not good at English as a Korean.
lol very funny. I was not expecting the guy to vrab the toiler paper a d the e ding is very original. I made a little parody of the original video that I would like to share: https://youtu.be/sMSVXPDiUYw Hilarious
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