Robert Jean
for the first time in my life, I am ashamed to be an American! I hope Trump and anyone associated with him gets what they deserve!
Diana Pizarro
I love, love, love you John Oliver!
Sean Patrick
Your videos are the worst part of my day. Total. Absolute .garbage. Gfy!!!
simon Coulthard
Im not searching for criticisms of trump's competence here, its a concerned question about awareness - does trump really fail to see the severity of his explicit linkage between the investigation of his links with Russia, and his firing of Corney? And if so, how has he been successful for so long? And again, before questioning his competence, the guy was elected president - you can't do that with money, luck and bluff alone
Julian Evans
I wish Britain's vile right wing leader was as gumptionless and Moronic as the US's. Even our cretinous electorate wouldn't fall for that.
Fred Buck
Appeal out surely breath scene consciousness distant many snap.
Muhammad Hoosen
In that full interview with NBC Trump said that he personally isn't under investigation when he asked Comey and that only his administration is, can someone please fact check that
Yodo Wardeere
Some times I look at trump and think that I'm so smart and would make a good leader, now I think I'm just not that dumb
President snowflake!
Of all the dumb things that your current president said you are mad about this one - "It's better to have nice relationship with Russia" ? And you are saying that he is a Russian spy or something, because the guy is sane enough to realize that and he is doing something about it. Like having an OFFICIAL meeting with OFFICIAL members of the OFFICIAL Russian state. You have fallen for that propaganda trick used for centuries - show your people an enemy and they will forget what BS their government is doing. Logic first, emotions second.
Turbo bullshit
The new voice suits him
Don LeQacker
Trump is lika a small child... that's why people are forgiving him so much... if a real intelligent person would say such things people would be outrageous...
Julio Reguero
People please, the clown is really unqualified to be POTUS. He's so stupid that you have to laugh sometimes about the things he does or say. What a circus. Maybe we should learn Russian, just in case Putin takes over the White House.
Houda Zee
Trump's signature literally looks like it's written in Russian cursive.

Jimmy Guitar
Maria G
Bob Best
well done mr oliver.
my profile pic is a close up of my penis
"...with a much hotter daughter." 😂😂😂
Chris R
Anyone notice how on these videos (which are, presumably, slightly speeded up) Trump sounds like Joe Pesci...?
"Funny how? Like a clown? I amyooze you?!?"
JTN 저스틴
Me: Trump couldn't possibly just resign from office. I mean, the words or the formality needed to even prepare for a resignation speech is way to difficult and complicated for Trump to...

Trump: I can totally resign from office. See, I'll do it right now. I Donald J. Trump, hereby resign effective immediately. See, I totally can... wait.
Chris O
Comey's soul left his body, walked out of the room, turning back to him and said "are you coming? Because frankly I'm done..."
-John Oliver, 2017
Melissa H
Trump doesn't understand that most of the people working for him have sworn loyalty to America and the constitution, not to him. He doesn't understand it.
A drummer
as a nation and as a people....are you americans ashamed of yourself yet? you probably should be.
Michael Endsley
A bunch of Trumpettes are commenting about Hillary again....she lost, get over it already....right now we're all talking about the Mango Monarch ,his jesters and the Russians, and why he fired the FBI director...Please try and keep anyone gets Hillary out of that is beyond me
The man cannot hide his stupidity! And he is the President of the United States????? Disgusting, disloyal, devious, dishonest, deranged, delusional, deceitful, despotic donald!!SICK!
Comey tells Trump he's not under investigation and gets fired for incompetence.Hmmm
That actually would make sense because if Comey couldn't see the blatant treason right in front of him he would have no business as FBI director.
George State
1st question is the only one i couldnt have answered Yes before he got into office..
the 2nd and 3rd are simple.. u americans are that stupid and even more .....
Maaike R
And the way Trump fired Comey screams powertrip. If it was a business decision he would have fired him in a businesslike manor. This was Trump sticking it to Comey and threaten the FBI cause they are investigating him and Comey refused to kiss the ring.
Keith R
trump also was insecure with the fact that Comey TOWERS over him at 6'8". He'll appoint a woman to replace Comey, someone he sees as subservient to him.
radwa awad
the answer to all the 3 questions is yes .
He said "Loyalty to the US is a great idea" rofl. Because there was
nothing to the investigation, of course Trump wouldn't mind it going
forward as usual. I'm glad Oliver wants to cancel the inaccurate white
house briefings too. I'm just wondering why he didnt denounce his buddy
Hillary for blaming Comey for losing.
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