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It's finally time for the ultimate showdown. Who will win the crown?
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poketale sans
Anti: "this world is MINE, these people are MINE"

Me: "I'm with ya Anti"
Ziruto Z
What DANTDM IS IN THIS!!! But hes the most pg, no take that back most g rated youtuber ever!
Katie Zoey Lathers
Why aren't the gay scenes in there? Lol
IIomq savageBitchII
Its official both of them are logan paulers
Cora Dovelight
Dan interrupts Anti: FUC-
Broken Drago
Anti vs Dark who will win

The answer is...

NightmareGaming lol idk
During the forest episode dark and anti had an argument
Dr Creepshow
Darkiplier seems like a calculated serial killer and Antisepticeye seems like a psychotic killer
Rose Flames-Inky Devil
Video: starts zooming out
starts leaning back in seat
Ortutay András
Ok, I lost it at TomSKAR.
The Monster Mercy
Sky the Skeleton Fell
Jada Jefferson
I just saw dantdm
This hurt me as a person
Zane Caffrey
What did I just witness
Tori Larsson
Idk know they knew dan when I saw him I couldn’t believe it!!!
Maialen Murua
this waiting for my legit video.
Kayleigh Brockhus
Ar you rich??
Makennah Preston
Danisnotonfire is nowonfire
Kawaiitube Youtube
OMG aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh can’t tell if I’m happy or scared or excited for what happens next
I love how Mark has that video game glitch outline and Jack was doing the glitch move thingy.
Sans The skeleton
Hey someone make a animation about a real battle just anti and darkiplier instead of this abomination of a video anyone agree
Jewel Mine
alright so THAT'S IT! I NEED TO DO A THEORY RECAP SINCE MINE PROBABLY WAS LOST IN WAVES AND WAVES OF COMMENTS! Firstly, we need to give this place a name. I say we could just call this Horror Core as kinda the alter ego side. Once just give it a name we will then see what is their government system like and who is a leader in their world. I believe in this chance Dark and Anti were fighting over ruler of their world so lets just call them the politicians (Hillary and trump) but now we need to discuss who is their leaders in like the air force or their army and assassination ways. So heres kinda a way i think their could be a politician system and for the air force thing we need to decide that on our own. Here's the list.
*Horror Core's govenrment
Leaders: Dark/Anti/Chica
First lady's: Death-wiish and Dark Amy (AKA wiishu and Amy)
Air Force leader: unknown
Assassin: Jimmy Casket
Torturer 1: Natemare
Torturer 2: Javott/Jessica casket (Girlfriend of Jordan/Venturian/Jimmy)
Navy: Shark yo-ho
Marine leader: Beastmaster666
Pyro Leader: ABlazingPhil
Pyro assassiant: Daniel
Now this may not be a really good recap but i evidently will get to a full explanation of their society in their home what we will call Horror Core. Also props to my friend Jeff who made Horror Core and gave me the idea to name it that so credits to him for giving me inspiration.
Wolf Fighter
I loved when Logan Paul when and when dantdm whent hahaha Logans so funny
Panic Kitty
None of this looks more real than Jack and Mark
Angelina Nichols
Anti is stronger - reasoning: when faced with death (even though already dead :/) Anti smiled, while dark showd fear. if anti is really as strong as he claimed, he wouldnt have to fear death, hed just come back in time. As dark showed fear, we can infer that he is not strong enough to come back - conclusion: chica betrayed dark and allowed anti to rule the people

Alexander Nathaniel J Drake
Anybody here hear Anti say "The fuck?"
Dat gamer Bro
The power of editing
Omg, that was funny.
I died at the Grizzly voices part
Ashliee Smith
Mia Hamm
That was good
shadowlynxd aja
This world is mine
And this body too
I like death
And evil stuff
Its mine mine mine mine mine

Please help me
That Defacer that plays Minecraft Minecraft Channel
WELL THANKS 4 Th3 n19h7 73rr0r5 m@rk1pl13r & j4(k53p7ic3y3 I also have a dark side one way worse than anything ever befor
Btw this 1st line says thanks for the night terrors markiplier and jacksepticeye.
Plush Babyjaguar God
Logan is in this!!!!!
Darkipliar is scarier.... sorry... and he does not have an overused tone/filter in his voice

Edit: after I watch the whole video .....compared to jack
I can't be the only one that was the smallest bit freaked out by DannyDarko, right?
Carol Calhoun
A old throwback video to start it off.
I like how jacks body keeps shaking and being staticky at the beginning.
Alician Shard
This so idiotic,

I love it
Ortutay András
Would you rather fight Dark or Anti.Btw whoever you choose is the one your less scared of
pj wasn't killed though?
Maja Matej
Wtf did i just watch 😂😂😂
Wait. What? What about PJ? How come he didn’t die?
Is that Dan and phil or Dantdm?
Race Animates
This is awsome XD the mashup omg
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