Winter Sparrow
I actually compared Despacito and Ryan's punny dub, and they sound pretty similar after a few times. Clever Ryan, you.
אור רז
Dear ryan can you do BTS of BTS
Creeper Catgirl
i like the song
James -Marill/Ducky and more!
I so get the EveRy Airlines Joke xD.
5:30 ok legit im done
Sofia Penalosa
dear Ryan dip your toothbrush in the toilet and then brush your teeth with the exact same toothbrush
4:44 my new fav song.
Fazli Samad
So paco is troublemaker
Lindsey Le
Dear Ryan can you do a tour of your new house
Zyaan Saggus
Dear Ryan drink bleach

And swallow
Why don't we Fan
Dear Ryan, can you you do the don't judge me challenge
Vartena Panoyan
Dear Ryan,

Can you Do The smack cam
Sarah Naugle
I always blow on my ice cream.
I also blow my ice cream
Roo Titus
can you backflip off a hill/cliff
James A
Dear ryan, can you complete all tge dear ryans you havent completed?
salim Ullah
Dear Ryan, to a remix of big shaq "mans not hot"
Palmer Kostrzewa
Dear Ryan, can you do YouTuber impressions
Haley Foster
Pingwolf Youtube
dear ryan can you ignore my comment?
Rockstar Oraha
Dear Ryan can you do a backflip
Dear Ryan do a hand stand on a friend
Fantastic Fufu 11
Dear Ryan can u get a new haircut
crazymazy 89
U need to train ur Chug muscles to do it
I laughed so hard when ryan's explanation went sexual
Ƭɣ 。
This, puss-y toe
JavozREKZ / REKZboss
I don't get the chocolate cake
Lettuce Reporter
Dear Ryan, can you make a diss track on ricegum🔥
Soaron Wolfbane
6:10 so true
JM the gamer
Dear Ryan,can you give all you have for a homeless
Prinkle Games
Dear Ryan can you make a new dance move
tadeo gaytan ram
Puedea hacer un video en español
tadeo gaytan ram
Christian's reviews,Gameplays,and more!
One time I was on a trip, it was in a car. My mom told me to give my sister water. I drank half of a a water bottle in like 10 seconds I gave it to my sister. The water was to much. I threw it up into this canister thing that had chocolate sticks in it. We ate it all. IT WAS ALL LIQUID.
Jad Daoud
dear ryan, can u do a parody of it’s evreyday bro
Ultim8_tk Lol
Dear ryan, can you make a review of the new IT?
Jacob Federici
Trys the 1 second water challenge " think of the africans"
Caden Le
Dear Ryan can you put mentos in coke and drink it
Ashari Singh
Liza is home cringing about those puns
Crazy Cousins 217
Someone please read this coment
Maddylin Gutierrez
Dear ryan can u do a liza koshy impressions
baka kun
Dear Ryan can you remake dna of bts
Marcus Ly
I don't know the lyrics so I'll say Dorito
I am getting freakin hungry so I need burito
I am going to the store to get some cheeto
Rexza Uchiha
Dear Ryan, can you kiss dog's butt?
Doris Santos
Wear Ryan can you do a parody of jigsaw the movie
Dear Ryan. Shave your head.
0of •-•
I don't like chocolate cake ((:
Cokapoo101 Tyler
dear rayayn can you do another theory
Dear Ryan can you kiss sean
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